YETI Hopper Portable Cooler, Gray, 30 Qt

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  • Leakproof, tough-as-nails cooler that delivers superior ice retention
  • Increased cold-holding power, made loading (and unloading) much easier, made hauling more comfortable, and improved visibility
  • Hopper two 30 is still 100% leakproof and ready to tackle the wild, now with a wider opening for easier access
  • Tapered body makes extended hauling more comfortable
  • Detachable shoulder strap and three different sets of reinforced handles give you plenty of carrying options


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The YETI Hopper Two 30 is the first 100% leakproof, portable cooler that’s built for the long haul and can keep ice for days;

The updated design of the Hopper Two means your contents go in (and out) more easily;

A tapered body makes extended hauling more comfortable. Inside(inches) : 9 × 14 × 17;

Features a waterproof DryHide Shell and nearly indestructible straps will stand up to an abundance of abuse in the field;

HydroLok Zipper (a design borrowed from HazMat suits) is completely leakproof, eliminating spills and locking in cold. Empty weight is 5.5 pounds

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I bought the YETI Hopper TWO Portable Cooler (30) for a mid-summer drive from Vermont to Florida. I decided it buy it because I needed to keep the contents of my freezer cold for the entire trip. Followed the included instructions exactly: pre-cooled it overnight before I loaded it. Made sure the ice to content ration was 2:1. Filled all air pockets with ice. Pulled the zipper HARD to close it (to make sure it was fully closed).I had to lay it on its side because of the way the car was packed, but I figured that was ok since there were no warnings not to (plus., the zipper still had the “100% Leakproof” tag attached to it).We drove for 12 hours in 90 degree heat. The car was air conditioned and we never opened it once. When we arrived at our destination there was water everywhere! Most of the ice had melted and the water seeped through the zipper.This a YETI? Wow. Not impressed.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Russell B Brown

    YETI Authorized is selling defective/knock-off merchandise and not giving refunds

    Russell B Brown

  3. Soft Furnishings Designer

    I purchased this item though expensive because I believed it would do the job. Well, it does not. I have used it on several Two day trips and it does not keep the food inside cold. So I purchased a second Yeti liquid coolent and used two frozen blocks in the Hopper leaving too little room for the food. Never opened the Hopper in the two days I was away and when I opened it at the end of the second day both blocks were thawed and the food was warm and I had to throw them away. I am so disappointed with this purchase. So now I am told I cannot return it and it is a piece of junk as far as I am concerned. I tell all my friends at the Yacht Club not to purchase it or any one of the other offerings from Yeti.

    Soft Furnishings Designer

  4. F g Chilson

    Very heavy, difficult to pack and unpack, hard to zipper, ice pack takes a lot of interior space and doesn’t keep items as cold as it claims. I would not buy this item again.

    F g Chilson

  5. ME

    This is a very well constructed cooler and is good looking. It does what it is supposed to. However, this Yeti is obnoxiously overpriced. I found a similar cooler that was 1/8th of the price an kept ice for almost as long. While it may not hold up as well, I could replace it every couple of years and still save money. Yeti also only has a three year warranty. For $400 I expected a lifetime warranty. Finally, while the 40 is a massive thing of beauty, Keep in mind that when you fill it up, it can be extremely heavy. I bought a little two wheel cart for it. Last gripe, the cooler that is 1/8th the cost comes with two bottle openers attached and a dry pocket to store things. Yeti has these as options and it will cost you about another $50-100. Yeti should be an all inclusive package for the prices they charge.


  6. Adam

    Love this bag! Holds ice for days even in my hot black car! Built tough and quality craftsmanship.


  7. W. T. Hanley

    I bought this product specifically for a automotive trip I was taking over a three day period. I kept the cooler in a refrigerator for two days at 37 degrees prior to loading it. I put 2 frozen Yeti ice packs in the bottom of the cooler, loaded it with 8 bottles of water which were chilled to 37 degrees. I then packed in 4 frozen bottles of water into the spaces between the chilled bottles. Now I admit that this does not follow the product instructions for “two-to-one” ice to beverage loading but, if I did that there wouldn’t be hardly any room for beverage. The cooler never left the car interior for 56 hours where the ambient temperature was 72 degrees all but nighttime hours when it was high 70’s. It was only opened for 30 seconds at a time to remove two bottles of water. After 56 hours the frozen packs were all thawed and just cool. This cooler is no better than other coolers that cost 70% less. It is also much heavier and difficult to unzip the opening. A complete waste of money.

    W. T. Hanley

  8. Kindle Customer

    I expected this cooler based on all of the hype to actually have ice last for more than a day. Inside of an apartment at 70 degrees a full 15 -20 lb bag of ice did not last over 24 hours. When opened, just a bunch of cold water. Disappointed

    Kindle Customer

  9. tooflawless

    I got the hopper 2 40 to try out and wow its huge! So I returned it and downsized to a 2 20, perfect size for me, my wife and 2 younger kids food and snacks. This soft cooler is awesome. Keeps ice for a couple of days, very durable. Going to probably invest in a yeti 2lb ice pack. (picture-2 20 in the front and 2 40 in the back


  10. Leigh Hatt

    I give kudos to the construction of the products very durable and easy to carry around. I do a lot of boating gone for days at a time. all the Yeti coolers I purchased 65qrt, 35qrt and the Hopper. I was disappointed for the price you paid the ice did not last any longer than any other brands.I pre cooled the coolers with multiple sacrificial bags of ice and despite not opening the cooler for the first 2-3 days the ice was melted. The ratio of ice to product was followed as per the directions. I used more bags of ice between 3 coolers in 9 days than any other brand. 19 bags of ice.. Keep in mind 2 coolers were out of direct sunlight the whole trip as well. I really loved the size of these coolers the construction and light weight. but I was looking for something that would use less bags of ice not more. :(On a positive note-these coolers would be fantastic for 1 day trips maybe 2 but not for a long haul.

    Leigh Hatt

  11. corey

    I bought this for my brother in laws 40th birthday! He seemed to enjoy it, I guess next time I see him what he actually puts in the cooler will be the ultimate decider of how much he liked it. I’ll keep ya’ll posted


  12. Amazon Customer

    It’s a YETI. Nuff said. You could stick an ice pack in there and a week later it’s still cold. Nice looking, holds a ton and for under 300 delivered it’s a fair price.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Amazon Customer

    I mean, it’s a Yeti! They’re amazing! Got mine for probably $130 than what you would pay for in store, so that perked my interest!

    Amazon Customer

  14. Terri-Lynn Sukkel

    Important to note that this cooler has to be cooled before use. Best if not opened often. Did keep ice cubes frozen for 2 days. Other cheaper soft sided coolers would be just as good if above steps followed.

    Terri-Lynn Sukkel

  15. Cathy Yorke

    Amazing cooler, super fast shipping, great price!

    Cathy Yorke