Vortex DiamondBack 20-60×80 Angled Spotting Scope

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  • The Diamondback 20-60×80 Angled Spotting Scope is a superb choice when you need a heavyweight performer in a light, compact package.
  • XR fully multi-coated lenses combined with a retractable, built-in sunshade give the user excellent light transmission and a clear image.
  • A twist-and-lock collar allows you to move the scope for various glassing positions. The adjustable eyecup twists up and down to maximize comfort during use.
  • Other convenience features include the smooth, easy to use focus wheel and a powerful zoom eyepiece. Eye Relief: 20-16.5 mm
  • O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the Diamondback delivers waterproof and fogproof performance. Rubber armor enhances both durability and grip for the user.




Born into the bloodline of our popular Diamondback family, this spotter delivers outstanding performance, clearly a superb choice when you need a heavyweight performer in a light, compact package.

The Diamondback optics guarantee a bright image throughout the magnification range and, as true to all Diamondbacks optics, the rugged construction stands up to rough use in the field.

  • 20-60x Magnification
  • 80mm Objective Lens
  • Dielectric Coated Porro Prism
  • Nitrogen-Filled, Water and Fogproof
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  1. R.Mellino

    So I looked at one of these in Cabela’s the other day and thought it was incredibly clear and sturdy. I went home and ordered in on Amazon (because of my amazon card and it being a bit cheaper) but I ended up ordering the 20-60x60mm version.One thing Amazon really needs to do is stop showing reviews for a product when there are 4 different variants because it can throw everything way off. For example this scope shows two different versions but when you click between the 60mm and 80mm they reviews are not filtered to which one; so there is a chance most of these negative reviews (if not stated) are for the 60mm version.The 20-60x60mm came in the mail and I realized I had looked at the 80mm version in the store and not the 60mm I had ordered. There is a huge difference that I noticed almost immediately (besides size for the smartasses reading haha). The focus knob felt kind of cheap along with the rest of the scope. I set it up on my tripod and looked outside for a bit with it, pretty clear under 40x but once I hit the full 60x and tried to focus, it was impossible to get a clear picture. The 80mm one I looked at in the store had a much sharper image and seemed to focus better as well as be built better overall.I bought this because I joined a new club that has a 200 and a 300yard range so I need something clear and powerful to see. I didn’t even get to the range with this because it basically failed my in-home test run. I’m returning the 60mm for the 80mm and giving it another go.I’ll update the review once all goes through.UPDATE 9/11/16 !!So I’ve had the scope a few weeks now (and I have 5 days left to return it, yikes).As mentioned, I swapped the 20-60×60 for the 20-60×80. The scope works great from 25 to 100 yards, it’s super clear, but after that it’s very difficult to get a clear focus on certain things at maximum zoom; in my case that would .223 and .30-06 caliber holes on Glow Shot targets at 200 and 300 yards. I took it to the range today and could barely see a damn thing through it with it set as clear as possible at 300 yards and it was a very clear day. It go frustrating quickly and between that and my rifle scope becoming just as mediocre as the spotting scope at that range, I realized I need to replace both.If you’re not going over, say 150 yards or so, this spotting scope could be a great deal, but anything over and it won’t be clear if you’re super critical of your view.


  2. j

    this is a very good scope for the money. I’ve looked through probably a 100 rifle scopes/spotting scopes/binoculars/sight glass/camera zoom lenses, and you get a feel for what is actually ‘good glass’. this does qualify as good glass. i use it primarily for shooting and astronomy, it works awesome for both. i have the angled version witch makes it easier to look vertical. i can track bullets hitting steel at 500yds at the range, then go home and check jupiters stripes and easily see the 4 big moons, then swing over to saturn and be able to clearly make out lines in its rings. my best advise when using this scope, buy a quality tripod with a ball mount head. much more enjoyable to use when the tripod and mount are rock solid but able to be adjusted smoothly.


  3. david tregre

    Used at gun range to sight my 5.56. At 100 yards you can see pattern clearly. At 200 yards you can see pattern with splatter targets. At 300-400 yards you can see hits on a steel target.

    david tregre

  4. Keith Thomas

    Great for the price! I bought it too see the 2 and 300 yard targets with my 308. Would help to have a shoot n see target at 300. But I can still see the holes. I’m 53 and see pretty good. Very clear and easy too adjust especially the focus. The 80 mm makes easy to locate the targets. It comes with a very nice case! Made you leave on when using. I was going to spend more but I didn’t need to. This works great !

    Keith Thomas

  5. Kindle Customer

    With so much hype about the excellence of scopes costing in the thousands I had reservations about a scope in the lower tier price range, but this cope is clear, bright and 85-90% sharp at 60 X magnification. I did not notice any chromatic or color aberration or blurring of the image at that magnification. I did notice that I had to slowly and carefully adjust the focus to get a sharp image at 60X, but that was not a detriment or a negative, just an awareness of the particular characteristics of this scope. I can’t imagine that a $3000 scope could be $2500 worth better than this one for $499. Perhaps a professional with excellent vision and a trained eye might be able to discern the difference, but for my money this scope is awesome. It has an adjustment to rotate the eyepiece to the right or left to allow easier viewing by others. The scope comes with a double layer case that is lined with a satin type clothe and a thick outer covering that feels like a soft leather, but is some type of synthetic leather material. There is a zippered opening at the objective lens end to allow use of the scope while still in the case, there are carrying handles and a shoulder strap and bothe lenses are protected by heavy duty lens caps. This is a great buy and a great scope.I wasn’t disappointed, nor should you be. The addition of hook and loop tabs on both the zippered objective lens cover and the viewing end allows you to fold the cover back while still keeping the scope covered. Even though the scope is waterproof, its purging with nitrogen to prevent moisture intrusion, the ability to use the scope with the cover on is a bonus, an advantage over other scopes in its class and an additional selling feature. Very cleverly designed and manufactured. Highly recommend.

    Kindle Customer

  6. Daniel

    Very pleased with this scope. After purchasing and returning numerous scopes, decided to spend more money and did not regret it. Scope is very easy to find game and target. Eye relief is exceptional, compared to other scopes that I purchase and returned. I use it on 500 yard range with ease.


  7. Jeffrey R Cooper

    Absolutely top class service from this seller. I made changes to the delivery addresses from Italy to the UK on a Sunday night. They responded within the hour and delivered to the uk. very impressed with the service and the scope. Very high quality.

    Jeffrey R Cooper

  8. Kev

    Very excited to have this scope. I’m an avid bird watcher and had the opportunity to look through many scopes. This scope is not as good as the best but it provides great bang for your buck. Excellent build quality, lots of features and very light. At 60x zoom the image quality is quite useful. I believe Vortex products are superior quality at reasonable prices.


  9. Justin Bones

    really nice for the price, but definitely dark at Full power, and blurry on Low power. Somewhere in the middle is where this works best.

    Justin Bones

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very clear optics even at 60X magnification, light weight.

    Amazon Customer

  11. C Davie

    I haven’t used my spotting scope enough to give a full review but I love it so far. Light weight and clear. Easy focus and set up on my Vortex tripod. Fits perfectly in my Badlands 2200 backpack.

    C Davie

  12. Amazon Customer

    The light emission is better than I expected. Used it for the first time on a cloudy day and was able to distinguish characteristic on whitetails at half a mile with no issues at last light.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Amazon Customer

    I’ve only used it for shooting targets out to 100 yds but it worked great and fit on both my tripods.

    Amazon Customer

  14. Amazon Customer

    very nice scope and has clear optics. The cover is way to tight when you put on the bottom mounting plate.

    Amazon Customer

  15. Peter Zwickel

    Unbelievable for the price point.High quality optics with extreme capabilities and warranty.

    Peter Zwickel