Vitamix Ascent A2500 Blender, Red, 2 Qt

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  • Program settings: three program settings for smoothies, hot Soup, and frozen desserts, ensure walk-away convenience and consistent results.
  • You’re in control: variable speed control and pulse feature let you fine-tune the texture of any recipe. Electrical Ratings – 120 V, 50-60 Hz, 12 Amps
  • Built-in wireless connectivity: the motor base is able to read the container size you’ve chosen and automatically adjust program settings and maximum blending times accordingly.
  • Digital timer: a built-in digital timer removes the guesswork with recipes you process manually, helping you achieve the perfect texture every time.
  • Pair with any self-detect containers: add a range of compatible container sizes, building a customized blending system designed to fit your needs.



Three program settings (for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts) automatically adjust to the container size you’ve selected, process your recipes, and stop the Blender when complete.

Built-in wireless connectivity will allow Ascent series blenders to evolve with the latest innovations for years to come.

Variable speed control and pulse feature let you fine-tune the Texture of any recipe. The motor base is able to read the container size you’ve chosen and automatically adjust program settings and maximum blending times accordingly.

A built-in digital timer removes the guesswork with recipes you process manually, helping you achieve the perfect texture every time.

Pair with any self-detect containers, building a customized blending system designed to fit your needs.vitamix Fuels passions. It’s why wear the brand most trusted by professional chefs. But you won’t just find us in restaurant kitchens.

You’ll also find us in home kitchens around the world. Because whether you’re interested in the culinary arts, making healthier choices, or enjoying restaurant-quality smoothies at home-when you’re ready to move on and move up, when you’re ready to invest in your passion, you’re ready for vitamix.built to last: a bargain blender’s not a bargain if it doesn’t last.

We know purchasing a Vitamix Blender is an Investment. But Vitamix blenders are built to last, helping you buy dependable, not disposable.easy to clean: just blend warm water and a drop of dish soap At your machine’s highest speed, and watch it self-clean in 60 seconds or less – no disassembly required.the difference is in the blend: since the number-one reason people purchase a blender is to Make smoothies, it’s important to get them right.

Whether you prefer an icy blend or a perfectly smooth puree, nutrition-packed with veggies or a light, fruity treat, Vitamix smoothies give you a delicious, even blend in every sip.power: we don’t aim to have the highest horsepower.

You don’t need more Horses; you need trained ones. The focused power of our complete blending system causes every component of the Vitamix Machine to work together, creating faster, smoother blends packed with flavor.the universal tool: make smoothies & juices, hot soups, flours & dough, nut butter, frozen desserts, batters, dressings & sauces, non-dairy milks, and more.

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  1. Joyce A.

    Generally speaking, I like my new Vitamix. I spent a lot of time researching which blender to buy because of the high price. I did not take into consideration that the 64 oz container that comes with this model is too big for many blending jobs. Because it’s so wide at the bottom, many recipes can’t be successfully blended – the contents end up splashed on the sides and under the blades of the 64 oz container leaving those powerful Vitamix blades spinning helplessly in the air. Sauces and nut butters don’t work at all and single-serving smoothies and frozen desserts work only if you add extra ingredients and scrape down the sides frequently (making the pre-programmed settings worthless). Several times I had to dump everything out of my new Vitamix and finish the job with my $59 immersion blender.In the end, I spent the extra $150 to buy the 48 oz container (the even-smaller Ascent series containers looked interesting but are poorly reviewed). Everything works much better in the smaller container so I’m happily blending now with the 64 oz. container taking up space at the back of my cupboard.In the end, I feel very manipulated by having had to spend another $150 for good results, but I guess I have to say “well played Vitamix, well played”.

    Joyce A.

  2. Paul S

    I got fat…so I thought it would be good to eat better and try healthy smoothies with vegetables and fruit. I dugout my old blender and found the consistency poor and seeds in my teeth. So I did a lot of research and review reading. I narrowed it down to 5 brands, then 2, then Vitamix. I was really sold on the Professional Series 750 or the new Ascent A3500. I just could not pull the trigger on a $500-$650 blender. The Ascent A2500 has the same 2.2 hp motor, a 10 year warranty, is a fraction shorter than the 750, has a clear lid, a time counter, 3 program settings, and standard controls like the 750. The 750 has been a very popular model. I love the brushed stainless…but that fraction (1/4″) keeps it from fitting easily under my cabinets. The older style with the block centering pad does not look as sleek as the new Ascent series. I like the redesigned cooling system for the Ascent series and the 3 extra years for a total of 10 years warranty. That told me Vitamix was banking on the redesign. The Ascent series comes with the 64 oz container and there are additional accessories in the works.The Ascent series has 4 models which all have the same motor, container, warranty, etc. The A2300 has a 10 speed dial, pulse switch, start/stop switch, and digital timer. The A2500 has the same features and adds 3 program settings for smoothies, frozen desserts, and hot soups and adds $50 to the price. The A3300 is the same price as the A2500 but loses the program settings but gains touch start/stop, touch pulse, and a programmable timer (which allows for setting a count down time). The A3500 adds 5 program touch settings and $100 to the price. No matter which one you get, I’ll bet you’ll love it. A couple of weeks after getting the A2500, I got a wild hair and decided to also get the A3500. They are both awesome and right now I’m enjoying a fantastic frozen margarita.

    Paul S

  3. Andy Jones

    The quality of the smoothie vs our ninja is insane. Ninja smoothies are essentially applesauce, you chew them. Vitamix smoothies are amazing. You can actually drink them.That said, the ascent isn’t perfect. The pour spout is kinda dumb. Much messier than the square ninja to pour out. Also, I bet the taller, skinnier containers vitamix used to have are better for thick smoothies because these wide ones get this air pocket thing if you make them too thick. Also hoping they do a 32oz container. 64oz is pretty big.Just minor things.edit: still awesome. Made some really good broccoli soup. The 48oz container is what this should come with though. I almost never use the 64oz unless I making 2 days worth of smoothie for my wife and I. Unless you’re planning to make batches (and probably lose some of the nutrients with time degradation) plan on spending an extra $100 on the smaller container.

    Andy Jones

  4. Tracy

    I set up the blender and I was unable to get the power switch to operate. I would pull down and hold and nothing would happen. Defective from seller.Update: Returned this one and received a refund. Bought another and the new one works wonderfully. I want to leave this as a one star so that other people can gauge possibility of receiving a defective unit.


  5. Connie

    I love my Vitamix!! I make smoothies every day. I had been using a Nutri Ninja, but they didn’t last but a year so I decided to step up to a Vitamix. Yes it was expensive, but hopefully with a 10 yr warranty, I will be money ahead in the long term. The smoothies are now really smooth; much more so than when made using the Ninja. I was very undecided about which model to buy, but I made the right choice with the A2500. It has the smoothie preset so I can start it and walk away. I use the same selection for cleaning because I know it will stop by itself. And cleaning is so easy. It grinds up anything I’ve put in it, even makes kale stems smooth in short order. I do like having the digital timer because I can see how much time I’ve used when blending for recipes. The lid snaps on easily and releases easily. I would recommend this model to anybody. The container size is perfect too.


  6. kathleen m. cunningham

    So I thought long and hard about splurging on a Vita Mix. I thought about it for years! I can’t believe that now that I took the leap, I miss my Nutri-Bullet! It was so simple and easy to use for smoothies as well as making dressings/sauces etc. The very large container does not allow for making one serving of a smoothie or small portions of dressings or sauces. So, after spending a fortune on this blender I ended up spending another $115. on a 48 oz. container. And guess what, it is still too big to make small servings! So now here I am looking at possibly spending yet another $120. on a smaller smoothie cup and blade. To add to that, the reviews are terrible of the $120. smoothie cups, apparently they don’t work very well! What to do now that I’m already out over $500. and I still haven’t found a way to make it work for me! Big bummer!

    kathleen m. cunningham

  7. Dupi

    We’ve had the older series of this for about 7 years, used it daily until it was finally ready for an upgrade. We choose this option again as we use the smoothie button and the frozen deserts button.We’ve always received excellent service from Vitamix in the past so, continuing to enjoy our blender.We did try the model without the preset buttons but really missed our buttons.New feature: It is a larger jug then before, which we like for our family smoothie time but when making for one person the ingredients splash around too much and don’t always get a smooth texture. I liked the longer jug better.Overall, happy about the upgrade. We always keep in on the counter as it’s used daily so, no issues with storage.


  8. Maria

    Honestly… I love this blender. My toddlers have consumed more spinach in the last week than they probably have in their lifetime 😄the only issue was that sometimes it doesn’t start. I’m not sure if it is a power issue; but for a while i thought I may have had to return it…recently though it’s been working like a charm :)Overall… very happy!


  9. Gail Cumberbatch

    Best blender with multiple speeds if you blend daily. The base is a bit big so you need counter space

    Gail Cumberbatch

  10. PM123

    Great machine. Never owned one before but we are using it several times a day.Soup cycle is superI never liked home made leant butter…until now!


  11. DianisCute

    Amo mi vitamix


  12. Helene J,

    c’est un bon appareil pour faire toute vos purée, smooties et crème je l’adore

    Helene J,

  13. Andrew James Tomkins

    Great product for making smoothies. Put stuff in, blend, drink. Simple.

    Andrew James Tomkins

  14. Matt W.

    Love my vitamix. Very powerful.

    Matt W.

  15. Rushikesh

    Makes delicious soups