Technivorm 69212 Cup One Coffee Brewer, 10 oz

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  • Single cup Pod free Coffee maker
  • Easy use, one button Operation and 4 minute brew time
  • Brews a 10 oz. Cup of Coffee in 4 minutes
  • Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf and phthalate free plastics
  • Backed by a 5-year Manufacturers





The Moccamaster cup-one is a pod free, Single serve, coffeemaker. The cup-one features a specially designed brew-basket to steep Coffee and produces a 10oz cup in just four minutes. The cup-one has a removable cup holder which allows you to fit different size Cups under the brew-basket. Once the cup-one has completed a brew cycle, The Coffee brewer shuts off for your convenience. All Moccamaster Coffee brewers are handmade in the Netherlands and backed by an industry leading 5-year.


  • Single serve Coffee brewer includes a box of 80ct #1 filters and a Moccamaster mug
  • Easy use, one button Operation and 4 minute brew time
  • Removable cup holder allows for various sized Coffee mugs
  • Made with durable metal housings and BPA/BPS/bpf & phthalate free plastics
  • Pre-immersion drip-style system ensures the perfect Coffee bloom, produced by an ultra-precise, natural pulse action. Use 2 level scoops of Coffee when brewing A10 oz. Cup (water up to the level indicated on the water reservoir).
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  1. Atunah

    I have come a long way and back when it comes to coffee. Growing up in Europe, we just always had the normal coffee machines for the family and enjoyed coffee at cafes.Once I moved to the US, I got whatever cheap ones from the store. Probably a Mr Coffee, I can’t remember now. At some point I was drinking much more tea than coffee so a full pot was just too much. So we tried the pod machines, Senseo first, then Tassimo. Of course it ended up being the Keurig system that took over. I never really liked any of those coffees, too thin, to flat. I missed good european coffee, by the cup.At some point I got the Aeropress, which we still have after 10 years. Over the last year I wanted to get more fancy so I tried all the pourovers, Kalita, Beehouse, I tried the Clever Dripper. Clever dripper and aeropress were fairly easy and consistent, the pour overs though like Kalita was only good maybe 1 out of 5. I constantly tried to fiddle with the grinds on my Encore grinder. I gave up. So I saw this one cup maker from Technivorm. Most of the reviews to be found are for the full size model, which is of no use for me with needing only 1 cup in the morning for 2 people. And maybe another in the afternoon. I didn’t want to go into the pods again as I buy freshly roasted coffee and grind fresh.The fact that it is made in the Netherlands and the 5 year warranty pushed me over the edge. I ran a cup of empty through to clean it out and then made some nice coffee from a local roaster. Oh yum, heaven. Every cup after that has been great, better than any of the pour overs I had attempted before on the Kalita and Beehouse. And they are consistent and the same every time. No more fiddling with grinds once I found my setting. Easy mornings with a fantastic cup of coffee now. I am really glad I got this smaller model from this brand.Mostly I make the amount to the line, which is 320ml (10.8 oz) water and I use 20gr of coffee. Two level scoops that comes with the machine gives me 20gr every time. I used a scale to test it, but since it was always just about right, I don’t bother weighing anymore.I have made a larger cup too, works fine. I think I could make up to 14 ounce, I haven’t tried 16 ounce, I think that would go all the way to the rim of the water holder. So I think 10-14 ounce is about reasonable.My machine came with the ceramic cup and a stack of moccamaster branded to go cups.I bought a bunch of the filters so I have them in the house. Cheaper in bulk. The hole I have no issues with. I just blow it out after rinsing and before I put the filter in, I hold it up to the light or window to see if its open. The level during brewing is well below the rim of the filter.Best coffee making gadget I have ever bought. I wish I had never tried all the other things and saved the money to buy this instead out right. But I had to fiddle with different things. Done with that. Its the only way I make coffee now and I packed away all my other gadgets besides the Aeropress.It feels and looks solid. Some of the parts can be purchased on their website I noticed.Its also really cute sitting on my counter. I do wish they sold the colors in the US. They do have them in Europe.


  2. DC

    This a great little single cup brewer. I got this when my in-laws came to stay in our guest suite. He drinks regular; she drinks decaf. This on-demand single cup brewer kept them both happy. When they left town, I moved it down to the front house. After a decade of making manual pourovers, vacpots and polished immersion brews in the morning, I really appreciate the convenience of an automatic brewer. The quality in the cup is quite good. I typically have multiple specialty coffees on hand at a time. This brewer shows them all off quite well. If you want to get super nerdy and rinse your filter in advance you can, but I don’t find it necessary, either to eliminate the filter taste or preheat my cup.With that in mind, I would like to address some of the common complaints that I came across prior to purchasing this machine. First, the brewed coffee that this machine makes is a perfect drinking temperature. Using the stock Technivorm cup, it’s a little on the hot side immediately after brewing. But it settles into the ideal drinking temperature range within minutes. If you use an oversized, massive mug, you might want to preheat the cup before brewing. Another solution to that problem would be to use an insulated glass mug. If you are microwaving your Coffee with this machine, there’s some user error involved.Second, there’s absolutely no reason the cone should be overflowing because the outlet hole gets plugged. To get a good filter fit in the cone, fold over the seams on the filter. Then pay attention when you put grinds into the filter. Bob’s your uncle. If you aren’t rinsing the filter out after every brew, you’re just inviting rank coffee oil buildup. Take care of this brewer and it will take care of you.Third, it is actually quite easy for me to lift the lid of the brewer with one hand. The plastic is molded with a pinch point. Look for the crescent moon shaped negative space and grab the raised tab. The lid is light and balanced enough that most people should be able to one-hand the lid, as illustrated in the photo.As a nerdy home barista, this brewer is just great for my needs. Best of all, my wife and mother-in-law are equally comfortable using it. It’s super analog and pretty simple. But it brews a great cuppa. For best results, grind on demand with a non-whirly-blade grinder and use Third Wave water. If you weigh your beans, a 20 gram dose is about perfect.


  3. Mary Jo DiBella

    This may make you laugh but it’s true.I am old enough to remember a time (long before Keurig, long before drip coffee makers) when I would wake up in the morning and stare at the coffee percolator (Mom always had a glass one) and think ‘come on, come on, come ON’ because it took forever and I needed the cuppa…Now I’m there again. This coffee maker brews an excellent cup of coffee. Really the best single cup brewer I’ve ever tried. But seriously, I feel like I want to make a quick cup in my K-Cup brewer so I’ve got some coffee to drink while I wait for this one to finish.You also want to be really REALLY careful when you put the dry ground coffee in the basket, because if you get even one single grain of coffee outside the filter, you will end up with a flood. That single bit of coffee will plug the tiny hole at the bottom and you won’t get coffee in your cup, you will get coffee all over the counter. Ask me how I know. hehEven so I am rating this 5 stars because WOW that is one good cup of coffee!

    Mary Jo DiBella