Solo Tactical R/T 8×36 Monocular with Reticle Focus

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  • The Solo Recon Tactical Monocular with 8x magnification and a 36mm objective lens is a great choice for observation and range estimation in a lightweight and compact package
  • Fully multi-coated lenses with anti-reflective coatings, the Solo R/T provides excellent light gathering capability in low light situations. The flared eyecup blocks extraneous light and folds down for use with glasses
  • A large focus wheel and the smaller reticle focus allow the user to properly focus the image and reticle to their eye for optimal target milling capability
  • The Solo R/T comes complete with a utility clip which attaches easily to a vest or belt for quick access in the field
  • Textured rubber armor provides added grip and durability. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the monocular brings waterproof and fogproof performance



Built to be carried as a standard piece of equipment and be close at hand, the Solo R/T Tactical monocular gives a closer look when needed.

It features the Vortex R/T Ranging reticle with reticle focus for accurate range estimation and calling shots.

The generous eye relief and a large exit pupil deliver optical performance normally reserved for binoculars, and the premium roof prisms and fully multi-coated optics deliver a bright, clear view.

Completely waterproof and nitrogen gaspurged, the Solo R/T features textured rubber armor and a convenient belt or webbing strap clip.

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  1. Home Deep Peaux

    it’s not super clear at longer ranges. But it gets five stars for the value.AT $100, this is a super value, esp wth the MRAD reticle included.We used this to spot hit at a long range tactical shoot, and we could tell hits and misses, and sometimes where the hit was on clean steel, at distances up to 900 yards. Much better than the naked eye.Will NOT replace a decent spotting scope, but then again, this is a scope you can carry everywhere as you move around, whereas a regular spotting scope that is not gonna happen.FoV quite decent, too.UPDATE: After taking it out of its pouch, yesterday while out training, all kinds of parts fell out of the pouch all over the ground. Like something became unfastened or unscrewed, and all the eyepiece lenses fell out from what was holding them assembled.Optic useless, and with very little use and handling overall. I’ve only taken it out of the pouch for initial review and once or twice on the range. So I don’t know if this item is super flimsy, or I just had an outlier poorly assembled unit, but at this point, caveat emptor. I guess you get what you pay for.Let’s see how standup Vortex Optics tech support is.

    Home Deep Peaux

  2. ECHO444

    I’ve had a 10x Vortex Solo for a few years and have no complaints. I wanted to get a second one for my range bag so thought the RT model would work nicely… not so much. The build is similar to my Solo but the focus on the RT is terrible, it is very stiff and you can hear the tubes grinding against each other. It’s so bad that I am wondering if by some odd chance I just got a bad unit. I sent back to Amazon… I may just get another Solo.


  3. DH

    Wow. This little thing is cool as hell. Super bright and clear, compact size, perfect mil scale reticle that’s number marked at every 5 mils for easy reading, and even has 4 quick reference silhouettes inside for fast ranging of human size silhouettes at 300, 400, 500 and 600 meters. EXCELLENT for the money. Worth every penny. Would definitely buy again if I lost this one or something….


  4. Drysk

    During my research for a monocular I repeatably was confused if there was a reticule marking range estimates (Mrad) or not.This does.Construction:Very solid. This is in no way cheaply built. Conforms to the hand nicely too.Controls:You have two controls, image focus and reticule focus.image focus is obvious but the reticule focus is for some kind of past complaint that the reticule would be blurry.Basically – set it so it’s perfect and never touch it again.Carry case:This made me laugh when I saw it. It’s “custom” all right. Doesn’t mean it’s good. nudge it a bit and your optic might fall out. Nice big open spot to let the environment scratch the lens.The belt loop is a snap on loop. Not sturdy for a pound heavy monocular. If you’re climbing and it falls loose, your consolidation is it’s in the case as it falls I suppose.My advice?Sew the loop so it’s permanent.Turn the case inside out and sew patches of cloth on both sides closing the gaps. I had some leather lying around (black leather) and sewed it on. Looks 10x better and 100x more sturdy. Beats buying a new one and after all, it is “custom” made for it. Too bad they didn’t spend an extra 20c on cloth for each one but oh well.Reticule:Uses Mrad measurement. Basically you need to know the height in yards and how many mrads it takes. TargetHeightx1000/mrads.very accurate. Tested it out on some houses (using 10ft for a story) and cross referenced with Google Earth – correct distance.If you hate math, go for the cheaper non reticule sponsoring monocular. I think they’re $90.Optics:Very clear. It’s harder to tell what I’m looking at as quickly as binoculars and harder to see with at night vs binoculars.But remember you’re using 1 eye vs 2.With that in mind, These are perfect flawless optics. It reflects very little of the sun which is great as it reduces glare and bright reflections.Pro’sFor price – very well made.Unconditional, transferable lifetime warranty.Accurate distance measurement.ConCarry case is cheap and needs work.Summary:for the price, if you’re looking for great optics, this is great in every way that matters. I would buy a new one if this ever broke.Which I wouldn’t have too, because of the warranty.


  5. Karl D. Kessler

    I really like this monocular, it feels substantial in your hands and we’ll constructed. The image is clear and bright and the reticle will definitely be handy. My only complaint is the focus ring is very hard to turn. I hope this loosens up over time, because a couple turns and your fingers hurt. Also, my case is neoprene and has no belt loop. It would have been nice if they included a molle pouch for it instead.Update 4/25/17 Focus ring has worked the stiffness out, so I bumped it a star and all is perfect.

    Karl D. Kessler

  6. Zsolt Radakovits

    Great scope, fine optics, works fine in grey zone also. I have only thing why it is just 4 stars, on my one the far-far position is over the focus, I can feel a kind of endpoint, but can be easily overturned. Then refocusing required. It have to managed just once, I use it on infinity. Sealing is great keeps the setting, unchanged even after several weeks use. Working fine in 4-27°C, what I was able to test so far. I really like it. I can warmly offer it.

    Zsolt Radakovits

  7. Fred Lord

    Excellent unit that does not stand out and once focused, is quickly deployed..Clear and large vision. Good eye cup protector.

    Fred Lord

  8. raoul

    Il prodotto è solido e di qualita’ . Ha una sola pecca ..la messa a fuoco è davvero dura .. Spero che si allenti nel tempo .Per quanto riguarda i pro ,arriva con laccetto, custodia per la cintura ed un utile manuale (in inglese) per capire come applicare la formula .Le lenti luminose con trattamento antiriflesso ,il corpo compatto del giusto peso e la sua impermeabilità lo rendono un oggetto da portare sempre con se per attività outdoor.Buon acquisto.


  9. PK

    I now have 4 Vortex products and every one of them is a superb quality item. This particular one is made of rugged, solid materials that clearly are meant for long days in the field. The glass is of very high quality, producing bright and sharp views of wildlife or any other subject. Barrel distortion is minimal. Being ex military, I am very familiar with the mil and how to measure distances with it; the reticle pattern is well thought out and very accurate. Highly recommended.


  10. Gast

    Nicht nur für Prepper, auch für Naturbeobachtungen beim Wandern sehr gut.Wesentlich kleiner und handlicher als ein Fernglas, und viel hochwertiger als die bisher bekannten Monokulare.Wen man mit dem Strichabsehen umgehen kann, sind Entfernungsbestimmungen ausreichend genau möglich.Die Vergrößerung ist 8fach und fix, das reicht auch für dir meisten Anwendungen, vor allem macht sich das Zittern nicht so arg bemerkbar wie zb bei 12fach.Mit einer Verstellung stellt man das Bild scharf und mit einem zweiten Verstellrad stellt man das Absehen scharf.


  11. martin pêcheur

    Je viens de recevoir ce produit.Mon avis est mitigé : je ne suis ni emballé, ni déçu.Je vais commencé par les – :- réticule MRAD toujours visible, pas de moyen de la retiré ou de la faire disparait par floutage ;- dureté des molettes de réglage mise au point et mise au point réticule ;- coque caoutchouc qui se distant à cause de la dureté des molettes ;Les + :+ légèreté du monoculaire ;+ facilité d’utilisation ( après quelques vas-et-viens des molettes encore trop dures) ;+ qualité de la vue ;+ Luminosité ;Livré avec :’ (Nouvelle) pochette souple en Néoprène et non en toile tissée plastique ;’ Une (seule) mini lingette en tissu (microfibre ?) ;’ Un cordon assez long pour le passer autour du cou :’ Un manuel en’ anglais !!!Je reviendrai prochainement vous dire si je l’ai gardé, satisfait ou renvoyé.- – -J’ai retourné ce Solo 8×36 R/T en échange d’un Solo 8×36 à cause de la réticule toujours visible.Je tient à ajouter à propos du vendeur : Luzern-Fr qu’il a accepté l’échange et remboursé les fraisde ports retour.ATTENTION,J’ai acheté l’unique Solo 8×36 R/T. Après ma commande, ce modèle n’était plus disponible à l’achatchez Luzern-Fr.Je l’ai retourné en signalant à Luzern-Fr que cet exemplaire avait 2 défauts majeurs de fabrication :1) La coque caoutchouc de la molette de mise au point décollée.2) Une grosse poussière en haut à gauche sur l’optique de la réticule.Luzern-Fr ne m’a jamais répondu à ce sujet.Apparemment Luzern-Fr n’en a pas tenu compte, remettant tout de suite le monoculaire en vente sans préalablement l’avoirretourné au fabriquant!Pour info :le 7 juin 2016, j’ai reçu le Solo 8×36 et la coque caoutchouc de l’œilleton : dégagement oculaire qui s’est décollé dès la seconde manipulation. La colle “néoprène” est mal appliquée et forme des grumeaux.Que penser de la qualité des produits vendu par Luzern-Fr ?Je vous déconseille fortement ce vendeur !

    martin pêcheur

  12. johny boy

    Pour la deuxieme fois j`evalue quoi encore et les autres sont meme pas encore arriver je commence a etre irriter de vivre tout ces problemes avec votre systeme de reconnaisseCOMON!!!

    johny boy

  13. Alex

    Surprised after having read reviews before buying. I’m not an optics snob, but I found the clarity to be desired. I’ll be saving up a bit more for a Bushnell Legend or something else.


  14. Amazon Kunde

    Super Monokular. Das mrad absehen ist sehr hilfreich. Die Qualität und Robustheit sehr gut. Der angeschraubte Clip hat die passende breite um das monokular an molle befestigen zu können.

    Amazon Kunde

  15. Giuseppe

    Ottimo monocolo, specialmente il rapporto qualità/prezzo. Buona luminosità in tutte le situazioni. Le ghiere di regolazione fuoco e del reticolo sono un pò dure, ma va bene lo stesso.