SKILSAW SPT67WL-01 15 Amp 7-1/4 In. Sidewinder Circular Saw

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  • Lightest weight professional circular saw in its class at 8.6 lbs.
  • 56 degree bevel with positive stop at 45 degree allows you to complete a variety of cuts
  • 15 Amp motor ensures power for demanding cuts
  • Dual-Field motor dissipates heat, allowing the motor to stay cool and last longer
  • 10 foot cord minimizes hanging on sheet materials



Introducing the lightest pro circular saw on the market, the new SPT67WL-01 SKILSAW SIDEWINDER, from the company that invented circular saws.

Legendary SKILSAW worm drive inspired technology has been integrated into this SIDEWINDER with our best-in-class Dual-Field motor invented specifically for saws.

The combination of the lightweight housing and unique Dual-Field motor results in a saw that lets you power through the toughest days on the jobsite, year after year.

The 15 Amp motor ensures power for each demanding cut. Add the 56 degree precision beveling capacity and true grip to the list of benefits.

The SPT67WL-01 is backed by the SKILSAW Stay True Guarantee which includes a 1 Year limited warranty as well as a 180 Day money back, no questions asked guarantee. SKILSAW, true to the trade since 1924.

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  1. Nathaniel Cross

    I was so happy to see a tool that was both designed for the professional and priced for the consumer. I have used mag 77s on the job site for many years but neither enjoyed using them (weight), nor appreciate the lack of advancements. I was raised using sidewinder (right blade, transverse mount motor) saws. I understand the advantages of a worm drive saw, but have always preferred a sidewinder. Not just for the weight, but for the balance, the dust ejection, and the convieniece when ripping using a finger as a guide. This is the saw I will be using for the foreseeable future.The good:The metal (magnesium) base, levers and housing lend an air of durability not found in most sidewinders on the market today. I get tired of plastic. Plastic breaks. The bevel degrees are in individual degrees and not in increments of five. I cut a lot of rafters, and being able to Bevell jack rafters or rake walls accurately matters to me. The bevel and depth levers lock down tightly and release easily. Nothing is as frustrating as getting partially through a cut and either of those coming loose and skewing the cut. It’s light, but not so light that it wants to wander through the cut. I appreciate the classic look and feel. It looks and feels like it was designed with the professional in mind, not like a cheap plastic toy. It seems plenty powerful, although I haven’t spent hours upon hours ripping dense material yet, it certainly doesn’t seem lacking.The bad:My only beef thus far is that the depth adjustment lever, which does function well, is very flat, so when you flip it up and loose (about a hundred times a day) lays flat against the motor. The problem is in that the lever is very flat, I have flat fingers, and in our northern climate, am often wearing gloves. It is very difficult to flip it back down to lock down the bevel. If it had an angle or camber to protrude even a quarter of an inch it would work flawlessly, but that little bugger will just lay perfectly against the housing and drive you nuts. I am getting the hang of loosening it without flipping it, but old habits are hard to break. Regardless, every tool has a learning curve, and I will figure it out. The zero degree alignment mark on the base is mildly ambiguous, but that seems to be the industry standard, so I won’t hold that against the tool.Conclusion:A great tool. After several thousand cuts, I love it. SkilBosch (probably Bosch….mostly),have done it right. I have adjusted to the one quirk, cut a lot of rafters and joists, and decided I love the saw.My .02Update July 2016: It died. the motor and/or bearings seized up. Too bad, I really liked the saw. 15 months is not worth the price. I have a Rigid from home depot that has 10 years on it. I’m really disappointed.

    Nathaniel Cross

  2. Brian

    So I’ve been waiting for years to purchase a new circ saw. I’ve been limping along with my father’s aging craftsman saw from the 80s that spits sparks everywhere and gets stuck on sometimes. For a long time I was hoping a nice worm drive saw would go on sale from the other teal guy. But after waiting it out through a few black fridays, I realized it wasn’t going to happen. And after that, I realized as an average home gamer/hobbyist tool owner, I didn’t need the worm drive. So I decided to start looking at sidewinders again. Still hoping the teal guys would drop pricing on their cordless or a nice magnesium corded one, I saw a post on another website that this model went on sale. At the price point I couldn’t pass it up. When it arrived, I was blown away by the build quality on what I deemed an inexpensive and cheap tool. I had to eat my words about how I felt about Skil tools after the first few uses on this thing. Even with the stock blade it powers through wood, feels light in the hand, and feels like it was made to last.


  3. Brian H

    I reluctantly purchased this one to replace my old Skill 5150 which was well over 20 years old and had been a workhorse for me. I was pleasantly surprised with the weight and performance of the saw. I’ve been using it for a few months now and am confident I made a great purchase. I do a lot of home repair and some part time handyman work so the weight of the saw wasn’t a huge factor but the magnesium base does make it lighter. The extra long cord and internal blade lock are excellent features. The biggest reason that I chose this model was the power. I can reliably rip 3/4 plywood without issue and make quick cross cuts all day with power to spare. If you are a serious DIY’er, handyman or any one that doesn’t want to suffer and underpowere’d saw – I can highly recommend it.

    Brian H

  4. Nathan Schmitt

    It’s a great saw for the price. There are a bunch of places where they use plastic rather than metal, but it’s metal everywhere it counts. I’ve used it for about 4 months and couldn’t be happier with how it’s held up, it’s basically like new, bar some cosmetic imperfections from dropping things on it. It has great power and I’ve had no issues with getting through anything from 4×4 posts to tree branches. It handles very well and the measurements and dials make it very accurate and easy to use. It’s fairly light, not incredibly so, but enough that you can cut one handed if you need to. Cuts as great as saws twice the price, I’m glad I went with it.

    Nathan Schmitt

  5. Mr. M.O.G.O.M.

    This is a robust power tool. I have used this saw for dry cutting aged concrete and steel for over 200 hours of opertion, dropped it from highs of more than 20 feet multiple times onto steel floors, and it still keeps working. Great tool.

    Mr. M.O.G.O.M.

  6. Matt C.

    This is a professional level circular saw at a consumer price, which is the reason I bought it. I wanted something that works well and safely and this is it. I’m not using it to cut framing much, more for cutting wood down for smaller projects, though my last project was some fencing. I also picked up a jig for ripping large sheets down as needed though I haven’t gotten there yet.

    Matt C.

  7. Tim

    Smooth, balanced and an excellent cut for the cost. While it’s not an old American made skil saw, there is some decent quality here despite being made in China. Light, balanced and easy to adjust. Didn’t try the included framing blade, but it appeared to be of ok quality.


  8. GEM

    I have no idea about mechanical tool toys. Husband wanted one, I ordered it, and he says he LOVES it. Sorry, best I can say about it. He won’t write reviews.


  9. JSLK

    I got this saw for just an around the house, small project saw… It was a huge toss-up between this one and the DeWalt DWE575SB. So… This saw is lighter than the DeWalt HOWEVER, it doesn’t have the electric brake that the DeWalt has. I’m not a tradesman, by any means, but this saw will do the job and last you, pretty much a lifetime as long as you take care of your stuff.


  10. novapull

    Shipped fast works great. And OMG the power of this saw.


  11. Derrick Rushton

    easy to deal with.

    Derrick Rushton