Skil 3550-02 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw with HydroLock Water Containment System

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  • Hydro Lock Water Containment System keeps water contained near the blade and reduce clean-up time
  • Sliding Side Extension provides support for tiles up to 18 x 18-in.
  • Aluminum table top is a durable, rust-resistant surface
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts
  • Bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees, giving flexibility for different cut types.Spins the blade up to 3,600 RPM



Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; Hydro Lock Water Containment System keeps water contained near the blade and reduce clean-up time;

Sliding Side Extension provides support for tiles up to 18 x 18-in.;

Aluminum table top is a durable, rust-resistant surface;

Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge for accurate straight and miter cuts;

Bevel cuts tile at 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees, giving flexibility for different cut types.Spins the blade up to 3,600 RPM

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    As a professional contractor, I really didn’t expect much from this saw, as I have tried many saws over the last 30 years to know you need a good motor, blade, and steady plate to cut porcelain and glass without chipping. By the literature, this unit has an undersized motor, non-rubberized plate, plastic ends and body, and no name blade. So, you have to expect that you get what you pay for. However, my goal through the years was to have something portable enough to carry down flights of stairs, big enough to cut 12×12 porcelain and glass tile, strong enough to last more than one job, and absolutely non-dripping!Well, This is the one to buy. There are two models, and this one with water lock is the better model, although twice the cost. So, read the other reviews and you’ll see this all confirmed. What I include here is a workaround and suggestions for improvement.1. The blade guard…Great working device with a rubber seal that keeps water to zero IF you are not cutting a tile. I fixed the screw area problem that attaches it to the table by recessing the screw heads. Next I used duct tape looped over the front air exhaust so water goes back down the table and not up in my face or over the table. It wouldn’t be difficult or costly if Skill added these two design fixes in their next revision, especially for the price.2. The blade…it’s a basic blade, so don’t bother using it. Get a decent one for your tile job. I used a widow.3. The motor…it is a bit under amperage as I know it won’t last as long as my 12 and 15 amp units, and won’t cut as fast. However, I don’t know that one that powerful could fit in such a small footprint, or be as light. I do know a 7 amp would be my expectation and would not add a considerable amount of weight, and would be considered a great value for the price point they had this one for ($135),4. The plastic body is very strong and I had no problems even when stressing it.5. The top…it is like a teflon coated top, but I don’t know for sure. It held up well for the three backsplashes I have done since buying it last month. Time will tell if it starts to rust, but I oil it after every use, so it should be minimized. If Skil were to add a 1mm hard rubber/plastic film, it would be awesome as tiles would still slide,cthe table would be protected, and it wouldn’t be tile against metal.6. The extension arm–yes, it’s plastic, but it is sturdy and does the job well! Don’t try cutting 36″ floor tile as it will bind the saw and give a poor cut–but hey, that’s why I put it to the test!7. The switch..I think it is too difficult to turn on and off each time you make a cut, because of the thick rubber cover it has, but it does the job it’s suppoed to do in making it safe! I would either add a bigger switch to use with gloves, or add a more protruding toggle.8. The unit was easy to clean, but a simple tool storage, aside from drying the unit out and putting it inside the well would be useful. There is room on the tool or the extendion for this to happen.9. Add an extra brush for the blade. I have not seen where to purchase replacements yet!


  2. Amazon Customer

    1. Great concept. SKIL makes great products. Small size, portability, looks like it would work.2. ALL tile saws (Rigid makes one too) that are of the table top variety will be a challenge to work with. As a carpenter I work with SKIL table saws and they are great. However, tile is different and tile should not be cut from below. It will chip. Tile needs to be cut from above. That right there is the main problem of this kind of saw.3. You can’t see what you cut if you want to stay dry. There are cuts that you will make that you can’t set the guide for. A straight cut with the guide set for a certain cut size is fine (except for the last 1/4″ that will chip) but if you cut for a strange corner or for any form that is not rectangular, ie a toilet hole, you will get wet try to see past the guard. If you can even see past the guard because you need one hand to lift the guard and two hands to feed the tile over the surface. Which brings us to the next problem.4. The surface will get gritty and chunks of tile collect on the area that the tile needs to slide over. The tile starts to hang up after a while and you won’t be able to slide it well unless you keep wiping the surface clean over and over. Not efficient to say the least.5. The blade pushes the tile up due to the design of this type of saw. So you have to push back down on it. The basic problem is that you have to exert more force than you should to get a clean cut. That leads to no so clean cuts. If you are ok with 1/8 inch tolerance for a cheap tile installation this saw is OK. If you are looking for 1/32 tolerance this saw will not give it to you no matter how hard you try. At best 1/16th and that is with utmost care.Verdict: Great for an amateur who is fine doing a rental bathroom once or twice a year, not requiring too many tricky cuts. As long as your cuts are hidden by the toilet or base board you will be fine. Exposed cuts will not look professional.

    Amazon Customer

  3. Tpants

    I am a female and although that shouldn’t matter, let’s add that I’ve never used a wet saw before, but I felt it was very easy to use this saw to cut even the smallest glass mosaic tile pieces. After watching a couple of Youtube videos on how to use this specific saw, I was confident that I could tile my bathroom backsplash. I bought a high quality diamond blade as others suggested to cut glass. At first, I kept cutting the tile slanted or leaving just a little chip at the very end. Then I pushed the guide aside (it was more annoying to use than helpful for little glass tile), and decided to push the tile through with both hands, like when you sew, while watching it with the splashguard lifted up. Wallah! Accurate cuts and no chips and I still have all 10 fingers. Of course, I got wet this way, but just a little. My first tiling job turned out pretty darn awesome and it was so fun that I can’t wait to tile my kitchen backsplash next with glass subway tile. This wet saw is so easy to use. I recommend watching the videos on youtube to help you decide or to learn.


  4. Jayjay

    Very Poorly made, cheap construction, mostly plastic. This saw will not hold up to cutting ceramic tile. The Motor shaft drive parts went “out of round” almost immediately, which causes the blade to turn out of balance, and renders the saw un-useable. Checked with several blades to confirm. Same problem with all of them. Would not purchase any SKIL tools again. Very poor quality, a real waste of money


  5. Alfred Lee

    I needed a small saw I could use indoors in a condo during the winter time. Normally use a large tile table saw but this is not great indoors in a finished room. I was hoping this small saw would handle my backsplash tile task. Wrong. The rip fence is extremely difficult to align. If it is off square a fraction the tile binds and jams on the blade or the arm that holds the water guard over the blade. The inch markings on the table are almost invisible and even when the fence is aligned using the markings the smallest error would cause jamming. The saw cut well and had minimal water spray. Too bad it did not have a self-aligning fence.

    Alfred Lee

  6. Mike

    Used this today and it did a great job. I set up the fence to cut multiple cuts the same size and it worked well. the only reason I didn’t give it five stars is that it shoots out a lot of water towards me while cutting. I end up standing to one side.


  7. John MacCarthy

    Like most of these table type saws the fence does not align with the blade until you set it.You have to check the built in measure scale at both ends of table.Fence can be difficult to slide if debris is not cleaned off the table top.Blade is excellent quality and cut consistently.The blade guard is a good safety feature and keeps water spaying around the blade. However it makes itdifficult to see the line you are cutting. Using the fence to set the cut measurement is the way to go.

    John MacCarthy

  8. Steven Gillis

    Purchased for a small laundry room project and it did work for what I needed it. That being said, cleaning it out was a bit of a task, and I’m not sure how well it will work the next time because of this. It’s a good price, and a competent tool, but if I were to buy a tile saw again I would definitely get a sliding tile saw as it allows more flexibility and precision.This saw isn’t bad per say, it did do the job. But I did a 50 square foot room with 12″x24″ tiles and it was a task. I couldn’t imagine doing a normal sized room with this thing. It was cheaper to buy this, even if I do only get one use out of it, than hiring out the installation. I don’t regret buying it, but I’d go with a better one were I to buy a tile saw again.

    Steven Gillis

  9. Serguei Stoukalenko

    Allowed me to complete my first back-splash project. Will definitely do more projects like this. Easy to clean. Not too loud. Cuts really well and precise. I could not have done the project without this tool.

    Serguei Stoukalenko

  10. LapD8811

    It’s a good wet saw for the price. I had aluminium mosaic tile to cut and the included blade did the job. I recommend it for DIY jobs.


  11. J. Reimer

    Good saw overall. My only complaint is that the side that lifts up to cut the tile at a 45 degree angle is on the wrong site. Which forces one to cut with the good side down.

    J. Reimer

  12. Edilberto Diego Alvarez

    Buen producto, equilibrio destacado calidad-precio

    Edilberto Diego Alvarez

  13. dave

    this is an awesome product!


  14. RM

    So far so good, did my whole bathroom and can’t complain, ready for the second bathroom and kitchen.


  15. Amazon Customer

    It’s ok,good value,great for little jobs.Used the saw to install tiles on a backslash

    Amazon Customer