Shark SV1106 Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Upright Vacuum

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  • Dust cup capacity 0.64 quarts; Cordless convenience
  • Powerful pet hair pick up
  • Swivel steering for easy Maneuver
  • 2 speeds settings optimized for carpet & bare floor
  • Extra large, easy to empty dust cup



The Navigator Freestyle Premium Cordless Vacuum provides a quick, convenient clean-up on all types of surfaces, from one room to another. It not only offers superior cleaning on both bare floor and carpet, but it has strong suction power and an extended run time.

Armed with advanced swivel steering for excellent control when maneuvering around furniture, the Navigator has a powerful motorized brush that lifts embedded pet hair from carpets, making it ideal for pet owners.

The extra-large dust cup holds more dirt and debris so you can empty it less frequently. And the top- and bottom-empty design makes it easy to empty without interacting with the dirt.

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  1. thoroughbred21

    I waited almost a year to write this review. This is the best little vacuum cleaner in the universe. Everything about the design is thoughtful. Convenient to take apart and empty, put back together, remove and clean the filter, recharge. Ease of use is unparalleled due to light weight and rotating head. All my life I have hated vacuuming, and I still don’t adore it, but this little cordless machine takes away 88% of the intrinsic aggravation. Does carpet or bare floor depending on adjustment of a step-on button. I have 3 hair-shedding pets and it takes care of everything efficiently. It does not stink while operating, it is not particularly noisy, and it has a friendly vibe.


  2. Maggie Hanus, Soap Bartender

    I loved this little cordless vac….until it suddenly DIED yesterday. I’ve only had it two months and I’ve used it on my bare floors about a dozen times or so. I think it’s the charger, not the vacuum, but you can’t use one without the other. You pay shipping to have it fixed (both ways mind you) and so I’ll probably just see if I can purchase just the charger somehwere. By the time I pay $14 each way and then be without it for weeks and weeks, it’s hardly worth it. Why is everything so shoddily made these days?!! I also bought the Hoover Linx at the same time for our shop and the charger on that one died too in about a month! I do have a Dyson (a REAL vacuum) to do the deep cleaning every month, but this little cordless was SO handy for quick clean ups in-between the major cleans. Right now it’s just another piece of junk….sigh…..

    Maggie Hanus, Soap Bartender

  3. KT

    This is my second Shark Navigator Freestyle The first one died just over a year ago after a couple of years of use. I liked it enough to buy another one. It worked great while it worked. I have long hair and a dog, and it cleaned my hard floors and one small carpet well. I don’t even use it that often as I also have a roomba, maybe less than once a week on average, and my house isn’t that big. It now turns on but the brush won’t spin, so it doesn’t pick up anything, not even dust. This is my 4th vacuum (2 sharks, one Hoover lynx and a Hoover floor scrubber) that has died in approximately 5 years. I am thoroughly pissed off that I have to keep replacing them when they are not abused or overused. I will never buy another Shark (or Hoover) product again in my life.


  4. Cristen Lotak

    There are exactly two things I like about this vacuum – the portable size/weight and the fact that it’s battery operated. That is where the love ends. I don’t think I’ve written a “bad” review before, but my annoyance about this product has compelled me to do so. Our home is 90% wood flooring with one decent sized low-nap area rug – seems like we should be a perfect fit for this type of vacuum, but I find that there are more things it WON’T suck up than stuff it will and this is very noticeable with bare feet on a wood floor. My list of things this vacuum won’t suck up -1. Cheerios (or similar small pieces of cereal/crackers/what-have you.) We have a child and these items are at least 50% of the reason we vacuum in the first place. It might fling it, even break it…but it really doesn’t want to suck these up.2. Sand or rock chips – we live on a gravel road. Little tiny bits of rock and sand end up around our doorway…this vacuum appears to suck them up, only to spit them back out elsewhere in my home as I continue to vacuum. I think they just get caught in the brush. I’m not talking big rocks here…just teeny little bits of sand! I’ve tried with both speeds of the brush – the higher speed just flings them everywhere.3. Small scraps of paper – see number 1. We have a child. Why are these tiny lightweight bits of paper so difficult to vacuum? I can go back and forth over it 20 times and MAYBE it will suck it up if I hit it just right.4. The straw that broke the camel’s back today? A plastic swing tag. You know, the kind that holds a price tag onto a new shirt – only minus the actual price tag. Just a tiny, insignificant piece of plastic and it WOULD NOT SUCK IT UP. I tried every angle. I tried for longer than I care to admit. I would have wasted less time and energy by getting a broom and dustpan (for all the above, really!)I will say, this this thing WILL suck up pet hair fairly decently. That’s really all I have to say that’s positive about the suction. We tried troubleshooting as much as we could – emptying out the vac regularly, etc. No dice.So, onto the next problem – somewhere around the third week of usage, our unit came apart right where the floor portion meets the upright portion (photo attached.) There is nothing that broke from what we can tell – just sort of a plug that pushes into a groove (with no locking mechanism), so very easy to put back together, but now comes apart every time we pull the vacuum back towards us when vacuuming our area rug. It’s literally so loose of a connection, that we now have to push it around (no pulling!) on the rug to vacuum it which seems like a heck of a lot of fuss considering it still doesn’t suck up the stuff. We purchased this as a replacement for a vacuum that never gave us trouble until it just died one day. I just bought a newer version of that vacuum here on amazon. I’m done with this thing!

    Cristen Lotak

  5. Erin L.

    If this vacuum was the star of a movie it would receive an Oscar. It’s that awesome. I kept going back and forth on if I should pay almost $100 for this thing. But I finally did it. It’s the best little vacuum! I have a small house with wood laminate, carpet & rugs. It works amazingly on everything. There’s no cord so it’s so easy to go from room to room. Plus it has this swivel thing and it’s lats way flat and I can go under the couches, beds, tv console every thing. It’s just great. I won’t tell you how much I had to empty out the canister. I guess my previous vacuums were terrible. Also. I have 2 cats and a dog. This gets up all the fur! It’s so worth it.My house is small only 1300sqft but I could still get thru each room on a charge. I did find myself going over my carpets again and again because the canister was full. 😣😩 I swear you won’t regret this purchase!

    Erin L.

  6. Integra

     Well, considering it just died on me yesterday, which is a little over a year since I purchased it (August 2016), I am going to have to give this a 1 star review for not being durable. It also scratched our bamboo floors in a few places but that could be overlooked by being extra careful and IF it kept working. Overall, if it does last for more than a year you can’t really say it’s a good product. I guess I am out of luck with the warranty being 1 year…


  7. Catherine B

    Adulting so hard, I got excited about buying this vaccuum. It is super lightweight and WIRELESS. I love the fact that I can just swoosh around with this thing without having to change the plug in all the time. I have a fairly large 2 bedroom apartment and the charge is just perfect for that. The only downside I can find is that the bagless container isn’t very big so you need to empty it fairly often. (I empty it once per vaccum session of my apartment). Seriously though, I’m like the lady in the Swiffer commercials when I use this thing. I love it!

    Catherine B

  8. Ev

    Works very well on carpet and hard floors. The only issue is that it wouldn’t be suitable for areas with lots of carpet. The dirt compartment is very small and needs frequent emptying. Other than that it cleans up good. Very light weight and versatile. I do find that it takes a while to fully charge and I don’t like how the light still blinks once it’s charged, it’s very bright and annoying at night. So I take it off the charger once it’s done. Also it doesn’t come with any crevice tools, so it’s strictly a floor vacuum. Which is fine for me but may not be for everyone.


  9. heather N

    This vacuum is a total piece of garbage. It has almost no power, it won’t even suck up kids beads that were spilt on the floor. It does not work on hardwood floors at all. It also does not work for pet hair, clogs ever 2 minutes and it is really hard to clean out when it does clog. Basically, you have to take the vacuum apart and unclog it so much that you end up with a messier floor then you had to begin with. Such a waste of money and time I wish I could return it but I didn’t do it in time.

    heather N

  10. Stacie F

    Was in the market for a smaller, cordless vacuum for quick jobs – without having to haul out a larger vacuum and fight with the cord.Many of the stick vacuums were not well made and was just a dustbuster with a detachable handle.We have used the Shark brand in the past and were happy with the quality – this one followed suit. Well made, great suction and light-weight. Not quite sure how long the charge lasts as we haven’t used it for more than 20-25 minutes and it still had charge left. Easy to clean and love the charger that goes on the floor so you just place the vacuum right back again. (no bending over). The on/off feature as well as tilt are all on the power head as well so there are no buttons to worry about and all foot operated.Great purchase.

    Stacie F

  11. MALCOLM G.

    I did my homework before buying this Shark cordless vacuum and it lived up to the good ratings I saw.After receiving and setting it up in 5 minutes and then charging I realized how great this vacuum is for the price. It really does a wonderful job in picking up dirt and pet hair. It is so easy to remove the canister and dump the unit but one of the best features is the weight balance of the unit as the centre of gravity is low and this makes vacuuming less strenuous (very important for my wife).


  12. The Teller Of Truth

    This is a decent machine for the price. The suction is good on both settings. I like the fact that I can slow down the beater bar so that dust on the floor doesn’t go flying backwards as is the case for many vacuums. The only issue I have is that damn bright blue light on the unit. Why does it have to be so damn bright? The damn thing blinks constantly which lights up the room it is in. Had to put duct tape over the light so that it wouldn’t annoy the crap out of me. Need to move that light, make it much smaller or make it stop blinking when the unit is charged.

    The Teller Of Truth

  13. Chris

    I recently moved to a new apartment. My old vacuum which was bulky and corded was on it’s way out so naturally I went looking for something that was cordless. This is by far the best thing I’ve purchased for my new place. It brings me joy to vacuum now.


  14. sinead

    Works fine but terrible at sucking up the dirt on carpets and tiles alike. It is lightweight, slim and neat in design but the function is awful. Would not recommend this and would not buy again! Easy to empty the container where the dirt is sucked up and doesn’t require bags which I liked. Had all the features I wanted by the basic one of actually vacumming.


  15. Lou Barnes

    I bought Extended warranty but I have not been sent any confirmation that I’m registered with it. I assume I wasted my money with the extended warranty. There was mention of warranty on the bottom of my invoice but that section was not printableThe vacuum is great. Came complete, very good suction, charges well, lite, easy to clean, came quickly.I recommend this vacuum

    Lou Barnes