Shark Navigator Zero-M Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum

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  • The vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself The Zero M self cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal
  • Use as an upright vacuum for powerful floor and carpet cleaning Or for more portability, detach the canister to go into Lift Away mode to easily clean above floor areas like furniture and stairs
  • Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology, HEPA filter traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner
  • Swivel steering provides effortless maneuverability for cleaning hard to reach areas; Cord length: 25 30 feet




The next generation Shark Navigator lightweight upright vacuum includes the Zero M self cleaning brushroll to deliver nonstop hair removal.

Its lightweight design and Lift Away technology make it easy to clean stairs, furniture, and other above floor areas.

Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology traps dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner.

Swivel Steering provides effortless maneuverability on both floors and carpets, allowing for seamless debris pickup in hard to reach areas.

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  1. Jenni Elle

    Zero clean roll my butt. “Actively removes long hair, short hair, per hair” is an absolute joke.We’ve always used Shark products with our huskies and decided to upgrade this winter from the 5 year old version that we had. We looked at the same original Shark Lift Away that we currently owned and decided on the Lift Away Zero-M (in blue) for $100 more to avoid having to give our vacuum hair cuts. GIANT waste of money and we’re so disappointed that we spent an extra $100 for absolutely nothing.At first I thought ok, the manual says not to be worried if a little hair builds up and it will self clean. Well, after a week of using it daily, it doesn’t work. So disappointed in this company and their false advertising of a pricier product that just fails miserably to live up to the name.

    Jenni Elle

  2. Ibuy itall

    For what it cost, it’s a great vacuum. What I dont like about it: it doesnt hold all the attachments on the vacuum, it doesnt fit under tight furniture, and the anti hair wrap technology is bull chit, I’ve had it 3 days used it maybe an hour total, mostly on hardwood and 1 carpet…the yellow roller in the bottom of the head has hair wrapped all over it. Pretty disappointing since it was a good selling point

    Ibuy itall

  3. ddrallette

    Updated: I will say that even though the hair does get wrapped around the brush it also seems to get a lot off the floor and a majority of it seems to eventually work it’s way into the top of the canister. Added new photos.I paid extra for this because of the anti-hair wrap technology. The manual said that hair would unwrap with extended use so I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt. However, hair definitely gets wrapped around the roll, and it doesn’t seem to clear on its own. I will say that it doesn’t seems to wrap as tightly around the roll as a standard vacuum so if you stay on top of cleaning it off, the roll can stay pretty clean. The vacuum itself is really good. I used it after my Dyson , and it picked up dirt that it had missed. Overall I am pleased with the cleaning it provides; I just feel a little mislead by the claim that hair would not get wrapped around the roll which led me to pay extra for this particular vacuum.


  4. C. Irish

    I love Shark vacuums. It seems they are always at the cutting edge of cleaning products. I got this for my 84 year old Mom who has a larger named brand vacuum but it’s now too cumbersome for her to use.Enter this beauty! I think she vacuumed 3 times the first week she started using this. This is a nice vacuum for seniors. The cord is not too long, which was something that gave me pause at first and the decided it was a good thing! There is a little less cord to get tangled up.The canister is easy to empty and the hose and tools are super easy to use. This vacuum really shines when you use it on upholstery-I have a white dog and his fine hair is hard to vacuum up. This Shark gets it all up off the couch with ease.The attachments are great for staircases as well.The size and weight make this a super comfortable vacuum to use. The suction is great and it has two settings. One setting is for hardwood and the other is for carpet. Each work equally great.Though this is a smaller vacuum, it works like a champ. The filter is easy to clean and all in all this makes vacuuming and cleaning a little more tolerable!

    C. Irish

  5. HardyBoy64

    I really like the snazzy red color of this vacuum, and the streamlined look of the machine. The pivot, however, doesn’t swivel very easily and it’s sometimes difficult to make sharp turns (unlike my other shark vacuum!). The cord on this model is too short, so that’s annoying when using in a large room because you have to move it a lot. The suction is powerful and it does do a good job lifting high amounts of dirt off of your carpet. I love the Shark brand and despite looking like my other Shark vacuum, this model is inferior in my opinion.


  6. Nunnsense

    Had to buy a vacuum for the first time in a number of years. And while I loved my Electrolux, this overall is a good buy for the price. The price by the way is half of my Electrolux cost. What I like best is it is relatively light weight but still cleans well. Not as young as I used to be so weight and size are important to me. And I always used to stay away from bagless vacuums because of the mess in emptying the canister. This canister empties easily in a way you can get it in a grocery store plastic bag, tie it up and dispose of it.


  7. Amazon Customer

    Have bought Shark vacuums for many years and they last forever. Bought this one as needed lighter weight for myself and 91 yo Dad. He loves it too. Have 2 long hair dogs that shed constantly. Can’t believe we now have vac where you don’t spend hours untagling dog hair from roller brushes. Thanks Shark!

    Amazon Customer

  8. Brent Butler

    I’ve used several canister and upright vacuums over the years. When you maintain a household for 40 years, you use up a few of them. LOLThe Shark is by far my favorite of all the vacuums I’ve used. The rotator feature makes it easy to turn it into tight spaces or straight areas like furniture and walls. The container means you don’t have to buy (or run out of) bags. The power cord is longer than most uprights I’ve used. It has plenty of accessories for all the cleaning jobs you’ll need.This model has an interesting feature in that the “off/on” switch also toggles hard floor or carpet modes. A slide control takes a bit of power off if you are on a carpet that’s difficult to vacuum due to nap.To me, it feels very light to use, and is easier to take the canister off than an earlier model I owned.Highly recommended.

    Brent Butler

  9. LJ

    I have lots of long hair and it destroyed my Dyson Stick motor. the shark doesn’t show any hair wrap at all.