Shark Navigator Pet Pro ZU62 Upright Vacuum – Bagless – HEPA – Pewter Gray Metallic

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  • Dust cup capacity 2. 8 quarts; The vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself; The zero m self cleaning brush roll delivers nonstop hair removal
  • Powerful upright vacuum suction to pick up embedded debris, stubborn pet hair, and more
  • Lightweight design allows for easy maneuverability and portability
  • 3XL capacity for long cleaning sessions with fewer interruptions to empty the dust cup
  • Anti allergen complete seal technology and a hepa filter trap dust and allergens inside the vacuum cleaner




The Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro Upright Vacuum has been designed with pets in mind by integrating multiple cleaning technologies into one upright vacuum.

Pet hair on carpets and floors doesn’t stand a chance.

The Shark Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro has 3XL capacity for uninterrupted, whole-home cleaning. The Zero-M self-cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal.

With an integrated extendable hose, your cleaning doesn’t have to stop at the floor—vacuum stairs, furniture, and tight spaces with up to 12 feet of total reach.

When you’ve finished vacuuming, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter keep particles trapped inside the vacuum, out of the air you breathe.

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  1. Amaren

    We had a Kirby that I just hated! It was heavy, always smelled like burning rubber, and kicked back debris constantly. I got rid of it and bought this. I just used it and after already running my iRobot minutes before, it pulled out nearly a tank full of pet stuff from the living room alone. I love the different floor options and suction control (that brush roll has some power!).. I’m really looking forward to the roller not getting wrapped up! I’ve always been a fan of shark but the Kirby chick yanked my heart strings and I made a bad choice. Never again. Now the kids have no excuses since it’s lightweight! It even did along the baseboards without a fuss!! Very pleased (so far-it’s literally minutes old) bonus- I can clean rugs I’ve havent been able to in a year bc the Kirby would eat them! This is magic!Update- I used the hardwood setting and vacuumed up cat litter in our bathroom without any kickback!Update update- i still love it a week later! Probably more now. If I could marry it and it could financially support me, I would!Update update update: it’s now 3 was later and we are still very happy together. I took this to work and it did fantastic. People were seriously amazed that this wasn’t something super expensive or commercial oriented. The roller bar underneath did fantastic. No tangles and it was easy to remove things I accidentally ran over that I shouldn’t have. Oops! We had a carpet of used staples removed and I forgot about it as I sucked every one up without any fear of getting pegged in the legs. This seriously beats any vacuum I have ever owned, Kirby and dyson included.Update- 3 months later abs the roll brush stopped working. I contacted shark and they sent me a new one after sending back my old. So keep your box bc it’s super hard to find a vacuum shaped box to return it in!


  2. Kgrem

    I just received 30 minutes ago and assembled in about 1 minute with no need for instructions. I tested it on one carpeted room about 12X14 and it seemed to work very well. I just vacuumed yesterday with the shark nv752 and I filled the dirt cup with hair. I have 2 German Shepherds + 3 cats, so some hair may be new, but not this much in one day. I love my old shark but I have to empty the dirt cup 8-10 times when I vacuum the whole house. 80% carpet and 20% hardwood with throw rugs. Not as much fine powder was picked up as I am used to with the nv752 but maybe I’m getting it down from vacuuming yesterday. I put pictures so everyone can see the difference in size of the dirt cup. That is 90% why I bought the new one. The old one still works fine, I have to say! It was just getting old having to stop halfway through a room and go empty the canister. Also the nv752 has crevices and nooks that would hold the hair and I would have to hand pick some of it out of the cup. If you don’t have pets then go with the 752, it works great but If you do have pets then this one is much better. The brush does seem to pull much more hair and doesn’t have to have the roller cleaned and cut out hairballs and such. It is a little hard to push, but if you turn the dial to relieve some of the suction it is much easier but that is a good thing, it shows how much suction it has. This could be a premature evaluation as I have only done one room so far and not any hardwood floors yet. If I have anything negative or updates I will update my review. I almost got the pet pro model but it seems the only advantage was a motorized upholstery tool plus almost $100 more. Oh almost forgot, It is quieter than the other as well.


  3. OLT

    This is my very first Shark vacuum. In my lifetime I’ve had Kenmore, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Hoover, Dyson, and Oreck vacuums, always on the lookout for The Perfect One. Canister vacuums have always worked best for me when using attachments such as dusters and crevice tools, but uprights are more efficient for cleaning floors and carpets.Well, this Shark has the floor cleaning efficiency of uprights, but the ease of use of the hose and accessories is almost as good as that of a canister. And with an extended reach of 12 feet when using the wand attached to the fully-extended hose, it’s easy to reach all the way to ceilings (of reasonable height).The vacuum can be lowered flat to the ground to get under some furniture, but the clearance is only 10″ at best, so I don’t find that particularly useful. I can’t get under sofas, armchairs or even beds at my house. There is an attachment you can purchase separately called the “Under-Appliance Wand” which can be used under furniture, in addition to under appliances.Suction of this vacuum is very good and can be regulated from minimum to maximum on the Suction Control slider at the top of the handle. One thing I’ve noticed is that the suction even when using the hose and attachments is very good. A couple of my other uprights had poor suction in comparison.When you want to clean with the hose and accessories, it’s an easy-breezy change from using the floor brushroll. Just either (1) press the “handle release” button to detach only the handle and attach your tools there, or (2) press the “wand release” button to detach the wand from the pod and attach the accessories to the wand. Where you detach depends on how far you need to reach, naturally.The machine comes with three accessories: (1) duster crevice tool, (2) upholstery tool, and (3) dusting brush. Other tools are available to purchase separately, such as the under-appliance wand mentioned before, the wide upholstery tool, and the pet power brush. (BTW, there are only two posts on the vacuum to store tools, so you’ll have one odd-tool-out. Make sure you keep it in a place where you won’t lose it.)Set-up is easy. Use is easy. Suction is good. The power cord, IMO, should be 5 feet longer. It’s only 25′ in length. I prefer a bit more reach. As for the brushroll, it has about an 11″ surface-coverage width and that works well for me.So, in general, I like this a lot. It’s still not The Perfect Vacuum, so only 4 stars from me. But the ease of use of the tools and hose is definitely a winner here. Other features are (1) 1150 wattage, (2) 16 pounds in weight, (3) 3XL-capacity dust cup, and (4) overall size of 9.8″ x 12″ x 45.3″. There’s also a handy-dandy handle to lift the vacuum and carry it to where you want to go.


  4. Faby

    Tengo 8 gatos y esta aspiradora es una maravilla.