Shark ION Powered-Lift Away IC162 Upright Vacuum – cordless – HEPA/Foam Filter – Limestone

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  • Powerful suction for whole-home cleaning: Dirt, debris, pet hair, and tough messes
  • Up to 50 minutes of runtime with a removable battery, which can be charged in or out of the vacuum – handheld power mode
  • Powered lift-away enables three versatile modes of cleaning: (1) upright vacuum mode for deep-cleaning carpets and floors, (2) stick vacuum mode for convenient under-furniture reach, and (3) handheld vacuum mode for cleaning hard-to-reach areas around the home and car
  • DuoClean Technology, invented for cleaning fine dust and large debris on carpets and hard floors. One powerhead, two brush rolls.
  • 2X dust cup capacity vs Shark ION F80.
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA filter captures and traps up to 99.99% of dust and allergens based on ASTM F1977 of particles 0.3 microns and larger.
  • Freestanding upright storage



Upright performance, cordless convenience. * Say hello to power, capacity, and versatility in a form you’d never expect.

The Shark ION P50 includes all of the upright features that consumers know and love, now in a cordless vacuum cleaner: Powered Lift-Away, DuoClean, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, a large dust cup, and up to 50 minutes of runtime**.

The ION P50 is a whole-home cordless cleaning solution. *Based on overall cleaning performance vs. Shark NV105. **In ION Power mode measured at the handle.

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  1. William G.

    Other reviews have focused on accessories and the craziness of the Shark ION P50 packaging – and the general confusion about attachments, so I’ll just focus here on the pros and cons of this versus its nearest competitor – the Dyson V8 Absolute and V10 Absolute.Pros:1.) It just does a LOT more than a Dyson, due to the flexibility of HOW you use it. With the Dyson, you’re always connected to the canister portion. Whether you’re using the carpet roller or the hard-floor roller, you’re always attached the same way, with a canister in the way. With the Shark ION P50, you can use it like a regular vacuum, or pull the handle out and use an attachment there, with the battery/canister/roller portion still on the floor, – or completely separate the battery/canister from the roller, and walk around with it that way. It literally is the every-vacuum.2.) I love the easy-to-read battery indicator on the top of the battery. Compared to the Dyson V8 Absolute I have, this is much easier to see at a glance, so there will be no surprises.3.) Battery life is considerably better than my Dyson V8, and better than a Dyson V10 Absolute, too.4.) Replaceable battery! YAY! Dyson still doesn’t offer replaceable batteries for their V line, which is… well… not ideal. You can replace the battery in the ION P50 in less than three seconds. I also really like that you can charge the battery IN the vacuum or by itself, out of the vacuum. That’s special because it means you can charge two batteries at the same time if you purchase an extra battery and charging cord. Great stuff. With the Dyson line, when you’re out of battery, the whole unit goes on the wall mount or plugged in on the floor.5.) It stands up! It’s a small thing, but Dyson V-line vacuums don’t stand up unless they’re leaning against a wall. The ION P50 stands right up. I really also enjoy that it locks into its vertical place for standing up without any trouble at all. No pushing the handle hard or straining it to get to stand up. It’s a great system.6.) Headlights. I. Love. Headlights. With the vacuum on, the headlights automatically come on, and that is really nice in darker rooms or in room corners. The Dyson has… no lights.7.) A front bumper! The front of the ION P50 is this really squishy, transparent rubber. This makes bumping into stuff much more fun than the Dyson with its plastic front on the fluffy roller/carpet roller etc.8.) For tile and carpet floors, the double-roller is ingenious. Switching between the carpet/hard-floor mode is very clever, with just a touch of a button. For wood floors? See cons…9.) Removing the handle from the canister portion can be done with one hand. You press the button, which releases fully the handle – and then you can pull it out. I like that you don’t need to use TWO hands to push the button and pull the handle simultaneously. Very nice.10.) Emptying the canister is a total joy. No fuss whatsoever, and the gunk just drops right out the canister. Much less fiddly than any Dyson V-line vacuum, and you’re not attached to the battery/head while you do this, also – unlike any Dyson.11.) Need to vacuum under a low bed? By removing the canister/battery portion, you can get the handle near perpendicular to the floor with the rollers still attached. This is much lower than any of my Dysons, and make vacuuming under my low bed really easy. I love this ability.Cons:

1.) It’s heavy. At around 12lbs, that makes it TWICE as heavy as a Dyson V8 or V10. The difference is noticeable, – and for older folks this really might be a make/break deal. I’m in my 30s, and the difference is still really obvious to me. It’s jut not as easy to push it around, though – compared to large corded vacuums, this is super easy to move around. I’m used to my Dysons, though… Yes, there are far more options of use with this over the Dyson V-series, but it’s heavier, and that’s something that will either work for you or won’t.2.) The Wood Floor Situation. Yes, the Wood Floor Situation is something that is something I can’t really get over, and is my biggest complaint other than the weight. You see, while this vacuum has a fluffy roller and a carpet roller, the carpet roller is ALWAYS on, even in hard-floor cleaning mode. For tile – this is fine. For wood floor? Less fine. I have a lovely oak floor on my main floor, and hairline scratches are one of my biggest irritations. This is why the fluffy roller on the Dyson V8/V10 etc is so great. It’s like it caresses your floor clean. With the ION P50, while the fluffy roller is engaged in the hard-floor mode, it also engages the rather stiff-bristled carpet roller, too. This was surprising to me, as I wish I could disable that.Now, my lower floor is a combination of tile and carpet, and for that – the ION P50 is perfect. A touch of a button switches between the hard-floor mode and the carpet mode – much more convenient than my Dyson where I’d have to switch head. My upper floor is all carpet, so again – the ION P50 is great for up there in carpet mode. Just… the middle floor I will have to keep using my Dyson’s fluffy roller. Downer.3.) With the hard-floor mode enabled, I didn’t notice a major difference in the vacuum’s ability to be pulled back and forth. However, with the carpet mode enabled – on carpet – it’s noticeably (and I mean noticeably) harder to pull the vacuum back toward you. It moves away from you easily, but pulling back is far, far more work than with the Dyson V8/V10. This is something to bear in mind again, especially for older people.4.) There are some accessories that don’t come with the ION P50, such as the Charge & Go Floor Dock, or the Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool (and quite a few others). For carpeted stairs where’s there’s less mobility, I really like the smaller motorized roller that my Dyson V8 Absolute has. There’s no such thing included with the ION P50. Boo.One other thing:The on/off button is a toggle, not something that needs to be held down like the trigger on the Dysons. This is either a pro or a con depending on how you use a vacuum, but it’s worth mentioning.Overall, there are some really, really great things about the ION P50. I really like it a lot. But I also really like my Dyson V-series vacuums, and I really like having both (that’s a lot of liking things!). That’s really not practical for most people, given the cost of both, but that’s just the way it is. If you have hard WOOD floors, I’d say your mileage may vary in terms of how well it will hold up to the stiff bristles. The bristles are pretty rough, and I would not want them scraping across my oak wood floor, that’s for sure.For tile and carpet (and laminate etc), though? The ION P50 is a very compelling proposition.Overall, 4 out of 5. Recommended with a caveat I can’t ignore…

    William G.

  2. Quinn

    I have a Kirby and just moved to a house with all hardwoods or tile! As much as I love my heavy, lunky, ancient vacuum, it was to much to change levels all the time to not destroy my rugs (or vaccum). I researched a lot! I wanted the mop/sweeper that’s advertised, but didn’t want to clean it after every use. I looked at the D brand options too. I decided I want cordless and liff away, I want to not dread getting it out, and I want something more powerful than my dustbuster. This thing is my new bff, I guess that means I’m finally growing up (don’t ask my age, it’s in the middle range). This does not have the non tangle roller, but it does have a nice deep groove on the roller and between me, the dog, the cat, and the occasional fosters, there’s a lot of hair here. I do have to cut that off occasionally, the groove makes it nice as with a sharp pair of scissors I can slice it and pull. Gets everything on flat surface including kitty litter. Rugs I have to use the booster and go slow to get the dog hair off, but it does come off. SO EASY to take apart, can lift away and go under things, grab the handle, grab the long connector, grab the canister and either part. It literally drops back on. I actually tried to make it way harder than it was, then i realized, place and drop =click done. I am going through a medical treatment so I don’t have my normal energy or strength. It is heavier than a dustbuster, but totally doable to take the whole thing up or downstairs. Canister is lighter once off, I can sit it on stairs or carry and sweep them. It’s really not bad because the weight is distributed well so it doesn’t throw me off balance. I’m going to Shark to get the attachments, it has them for car, keyboards, motarized hand tool for hair/furniture, dusters, stand chargers, etc. Oh! That reminds me, 3 ways to charge, plug in, battery stand, or battery, so you could get an extra battery if you want to keep going. Timing was accurate, booster takes you to about 20 min, standard 40-50 depending on how much to detach/switch between floor and carpet. Super easy to dump. Shocked how much it picks up! I watched for Amazon price changes (sometimes just for a day) got $100 off and bought a steamer that does floor or liftsaway too. Way more sanitary than the mop and easier to clean (hi washer). Very happy with purchase.


  3. Kurtrice Roberts

     It is so easy to use! I had a Kirby for 6 years before this and what an upgrade. It is light. It is really easy to maneuver. I love that there are no bags. Just vacuum and dump it. I can do my stairs now by just taking it off the stick. I didn’t give it 5 stars cause I am not super crazy about the battery life. But in all fairness I am use to plug in and go and I have 3 floors to do so I could see why it doesn’t last. I checked consumer reports before buying because I was set to get a Dyson but Consumer Reports say they die quick and I want something that last. Consumer Reports rated Sharks the best stick vacuum. We shall see. I’m a happy camper.

    Kurtrice Roberts

  4. Sunshine

    READING REVIEWS 1ST ARE A MUST! After research on all of the Shark Cordless Vacs, I was sold on the fact that a cordless upright will STAND UP! More PROS than CONS in direct comparison to Dyson. I feel I paid a fair price $299 for such an effective tool. I am amazed at what more was picked up immediately after I just used my Eureka (w/annoying cord) upright for the last time. Seeing what is instantly suctioned through the easy to empty dust cup is a plus and cost saver (NO BAGS)! I’m pleased with the battery time, design and easy assembly. Just buy another battery if you have a lot of space to cover. Would’ve rated 5 stars if the Boost button did not have to be “press and hold” during use. I tend to take better care with this investment in appreciation of its effectiveness ☺


  5. R. Ong

    Vacuum works well but battery life is much less than advertised. I probably get about 30 mins of life vacuuming hardwood floors and a couple rugs.The vacuum itself is designed very well. Having th battery and debris canister off the handle makes the vacuum much lighter. And you can take the canister off the main stem to get under furniture easily.

    R. Ong

  6. AB – Calgary

    We were concerned ordering this unit since it received a very poor rating from Consumer Reports but so far we are very pleased with the unit. Perhaps Consumers had a defective unit? We like the large battery which easily powers for an hour, the large and easy to dump dirt canister, the suction and the flexibility to use the vacuum several different ways. It seems to work especially well on hard floors when it both cleans and dusts the surface.

    AB – Calgary

  7. Daniel

    Excelente aspiradora, muy versátil y fácil de usar y limpiarEs ligera, la batería es lo único que es pesado y no es nada graveSólo le falta un aditamento para aspirar espacios muy pequeños En general muy buen producto. Hicimos comparaciones con Dyson y no le pide nada


  8. Larry Brown

    We bought it to replace a Dyson – as everyone does. BUT the shark is very cumbersome and and unfriendly to use. The fact that you have to remove the canister and carry it around with you when you want to vacuum under furniture is a complete no-go.

    Larry Brown

  9. Keith Mckitterick

    love it way better my dyson and cheaper

    Keith Mckitterick

  10. Amazon Customer

    Sent a NEW replacement. Vacuuming heavily soiled areas is difficult. Flicks sand out of the front and over the vacuum. Really weird.

    Amazon Customer

  11. Michelle Owen

    Love that it goes from hardwood to carpet with a button push, easy to empty and love having a cordless vacuum! I use it so much more than a corded one.

    Michelle Owen

  12. Angelina Marti

    Buenísima ! Práctica ! Maniobrable!

    Angelina Marti

  13. Beto

    Me gusto diseño


  14. Jaafar

    It’s a little heavy but great nonetheless!


  15. Rizwan Baksh

    Excellent , best vacuum!

    Rizwan Baksh