Shark Apex Life-Away Upright Vacuum with DuoClean and Zero-M (AZ1002)

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  • Dust cup capacity 1.5 quarts; Shark’s ultimate cleaning experience; Featuring Shark DuoClean, Powered lift away, and Zero M technologies
  • DuoClean Technology: Dual brushroll system deep cleans carpets and directly engages floors for a polished look
  • Powered Lift Away : The canister detaches to extend the reach of the cleaner head, including under furniture
  • The vacuum that deep cleans now cleans itself. The Zero M self cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal. Cleaning path width-11 inch
  • Advanced Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology plus HEPA filter



The Shark APEX full sized upright vacuum delivers Shark’s ultimate cleaning experience.

Equipped with Shark DuoClean technology, it grabs large particles, pulls in piles, and directly engages hard floors for a beautiful, polished look.

Powered Lift Away gives you the ability to detach the pod and clean under furniture and above floor areas with the push of a button.

The Zero M self cleaning brushroll delivers nonstop hair removal.

Zero M removes long hair, short hair, and pet hair from the brushroll.

The LED lights on the handle and floor nozzle provide visibility in dark spaces, spotlighting hidden debris.

With Advanced Anti Allergen Complete Seal, dust and allergens are trapped inside the vacuum.

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  1. Courtney Maple

    This is the second Shark Apex I’ve bought (the first was the green version, without the Zero-M) and now I’m having the exact same issue as I had with the first. It is super easy to put together right out of the box- and I love how heavy duty they feel (because some vacuums feel cheaply made).The issue I am having, and had with the first is that it will just stop mid-push. The whole thing acts like it was unplugged and just goes dead. The first vacuum I thought there was a shortage in the wire piece that connects itself to the vacuum on the side. I took it back to Lowes and decided to order on Amazon (faster shipping). I’ve had this one about two weeks, and I cannot even do the hallway of my home (not a huge space) without it turning off. I called CS for the first one and they wanted me to pay them $20 to send me a new cord – I paid over $300 for this vacuum, and didn’t use it for more than a few weeks. NO WAY am I paying another $20 for them to send it out. He also mentioned that if the motor gets hot, it automatically shuts off. I don’t know if that’s whats happening here- but if I were vacuuming huge spaces or for long amounts of time I’d understand. I just had my vacuum on for 5 minutes to do my tiny hallway and couldn’t even get that all the way done before it started turning off.So now I’ll have to send this vacuum back to Amazon- and although I love the amazing suction it has- it isn’t worth the hassle to buy another one.I am pretty disappointed because I had so many people tell me that Shark was better than Dyson.. =/ I guess I’ll have to figure that one out for myself!

    Courtney Maple

  2. John Davis

    For a very expensive vacuum I expected better performance. The Zero-M technology did not work at all. After using the vacuum 3 times I had to remove cover and cut out all the hair and fur by hand. Don’t pay extra for the “technology” it doesn’t work.

    John Davis

  3. Rapo

    We just bought the Shark Apex and the thumb switch below the words ACCESS BRUSH ROLL was not attached to anything. When we looked at the back, one of the two tabs had broken off. The whole part must cost a nickel. We called SHARK and they said I’d have to BUY the whole roller for something like $89 and that was all they could do. UNBELIEVABLE


  4. Tanya R McMahan

    I purchased this product back in November 2018. It is just now the beginning of March 2019 and a piece that connects the roller is broken. It’s a little black plastic connector piece that allows the roller to roll. Since it was such a new purchase, I called Shark to see if we could get a replacement connector piece. I was told that they only warranty the motor, and I would have to purchase a new roller. The roller works fine and does not need to be replaced. All I needed was the little black connector to the roller replaced. It should have been at max a $5.00 purchase, but no, I could not just purchase that piece. I was told that they do not sell that by itself and that I would have to purchase a whole new roller. The roller replacement would cost me $89.00 and the shipping will be $20.00. After tax, the total would be $111 and some change. This is ridiculous and I told them this. After a bit of back and forth, they did cut the cost in half and waived the shipping. Then after I agreed to the purchase, I was told that the roller was back ordered for three to six weeks. This tells me that this is a common problem with this device. That the replacement is in such demand, it has a three to six-week backorder. After this incident, I will probably not purchase another Shark device. Their warranty is not complete, and they do not back replacing faulty pieces of equipment.

    Tanya R McMahan

  5. JMK

    The Shark APEX Upright Vacuum is a nice vacuum that has some features that I really like. Upon arrival, it was super simple to put together. It came with instructions, however it was together in 5 minutes & instructions were not needed. We’ve had a Dyson animal for 10+ years, but this is the first Shark vacuum we’ve tried so I can try to help compare the two.The biggest difference that it took me some time to get used to is the swivel. At first use, I felt like it was working like a self propelled mower because it just seemed like it wanted to go. Moving forward was easy, pulling back to a bit of effort (but no more than the Dyson or other vacuums). The suction worked well. It has 3 settings: thick carpet, thin, & Hardwood floor, & you move a switch on the handle & the setting lights up. The hardwood setting is great. I have scatter rugs & runners in the kitchen, & I felt like the Dyson works better on those, but they both do good on carpets & larger area rugs.I think the best feature is the detachable canister. This makes vacuuming the stairs 10x easier, & this feature scores higher for this vacuum vs the Dyson. Sure, you could purchase a smaller vacuum, or a handhold separately, but it’s nice that this one has it as a feature. The HEPA filter is good, & I’m looking forward to see how well the bristle guards & comb work because we will be using it to pick up hair & pet hair too.There is room for 2/4 included attachments on the vacuum. It doesn’t really make any sense why this is. Either put all the attachments on there, or include a bag to put them all in for storage. As is, we have 2 random parts sitting on a closet shelf & hoping they don’t get misplaced.Regarding noise: this one says it has “Noise Reduction Technology: Expertly tuned to reduce noise and soften pitch.” It’s not quiet. It’s not crazy loud, but I do not think it is any quieter than the Dyson. About the same to me.The cord is thick & very long. Measures approx. 360″/ 30 feet.Overall, I think this is a nice vacuum. The biggest challenge for me is getting used to the swivel. I suppose this would be easier for someone who has used vacuums that swivel before.Would I recommend? YesWould it make a good gift? YesI hope you found this review helpful. Happy Shopping.


  6. Stan Z’d

    First the Bad. It is a little heavy but that said easy to push around. Some my find the pull of the brushes on a carpet a problem along with the weight. So if you have a small stature (I am over 65 male) I would get another model.Now the good. I love this vacuum. It is cleaning my carpet to such an extent that I am stunned that my old cleaner was that bad. The canister just keeps filling with stuff and my carpet is looking better for it. The swivel head is great for moving around stuff. And this thing is quiet you can talk to someone with out yelling at each other. The canister is easy on/off for those times you need to use it and the head lights are bright useful for those dim areas. the front roller really does help gobble up large stuff and does a nice job of cleaning my kitchen floor as well. In closing Dyson who.

    Stan Z’d

  7. DGCKelowna

    This thing sucks. Holy. It made my carpets look like new. I have a 3500 sq/ft house that is about half carpet and I had to dump the canister out 3 times. It wasn’t hair or debris, I think it was dirt, dust, and most likely skin cells (barf). Anywho, awesome product.


  8. Robyn Whyte

    Best vacuum I have ever had.Easy to use light weight, so versatile!

    Robyn Whyte

  9. JHA

    A little heavy but we are so glad to have this in our home. With a fluffy dog, a good vacuum was needed and this one definitely does the trick. Worth the money. A little heavy if you have stairs, but you can always use the attachments


  10. Darren Amberson

    My wife and I think this is the best vacuum for the money!

    Darren Amberson


    This made our carpet feel new again.


  12. Jadwiga Gawron

    This my favourite vacuum. We recently got rid of our Dyson in order to purchase the shark Apex. We did our research and boy this vacuum can suck. It was able to take out dried out stains on my carpet, I haven’t had any problems with hair getting stuck on the wheel because it has the separate hair detangler attached. Changing from hardwood to carpet is amazing, with just the push of a button. You don’t need to change the head or anything. Emptying the garbage is super easy, no bags. It can easily go around cornets. I’ve got 2 toddlers and this vacuum is beyond fantastic.Cons: the reason I give it 4/5 is because occasionally the cord does get in the way of vacuuming as well the other attachments have a terrible spot on the vacuum, they always fall off so we’ve decided to take them off.Besides that it’s a great vacuum.

    Jadwiga Gawron

  13. Dry Sox

    Vacuum is very, very powerful. I vacuumed with my old vacuum, and then immediately used the shark and was absolutely amazed how much hair it picked up still. Quieter than my last vacuum as well. Only drawback, the hose is a bit annoying when using the attachments. As for hair getting caught in the brushes, it’s a vast improvement on other styles. Yes, a small amount still did manage to wind up in the roller, but compared to other vacuums I’ve had, I was very impressed with the result.

    Dry Sox

  14. Sergio Fautsch

    Pésimo producto, desde el principio tuvimos temas de funcionamiento, se apagaba a la media hora (sobrecalienta) y perdió potencia, se marcó a shark y no tienen servicio en Mexico, Nadie se hizo cargo, producto a la basura.

    Sergio Fautsch

  15. Cheong Yik Lee

    I like the fact that majority of the pet hair didn’t stay on roller and different settings on floor to hi carpet with the strong suction. This vaccum is so much better than the Dyson.

    Cheong Yik Lee