RTIC 65 Cooler Tan

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  • Roto-Molded Construction, Heavy Duty T-Latches, Freezer Grade Gasket, Molded Tie Down Slots
  • Up to 3″ of Insulated Walls, Non-Slip Feet, Integrated Locking System, Bear Resistant
  • Rapid V-Drain System, No Fail Hinges, No Sweat Exterior, Cool Lift Design, Molded Side Handles



This cooler is all about extremes – from impact resistance and durability to long lasting ice retention.

The RTIC can do double duty as a bench, nonslip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables and vital supplies cold.

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  1. Rachel

    I am a Drill Sergeant and I am constantly in the field and on rifle ranges in the sun. I’ve had this cooler for a couple of weeks now and it’s held up amazing, keeping 20 lbs of ice for about 3 days, with a good bit of opening and closing. Keep in mind, this cooler has been in the back of my Tundra, which has black Linex and it’s been in the upper 80’s and lower 90’s here in SC, which I can say my older cooler wouldn’t have held ice half the day, needless to say 3 days. I’m not a brand name guy but I love a product that works… this product works. I’ll get another if I decide to go with a smaller size someday.


  2. Amazon Customer

    Awesome cooler. Held 78 cans/bottles cobination for a recent party and stayed ice cold for 8 days after. Strongly recommend this cooler at half the price of a Yeti. Works just as good if not better.

    Amazon Customer

  3. ohms

    Excellent… EXCELLENT cooler. I’d definitely recommend this product. I went camping in high 90’s weather and after 3 days I still had the vast majority of the ice still frozen. Its definitely a great alternative to Yeti.


  4. Al

    What a great cooler! Super-tough with thick insulation, a tight-seal gasket, simple latches and good handles. Some nice touches, like notches for hold-down straps, holes for a lock, and rubber feet to keep the base off of hot surfaces. Ice stays in this cooler for a full week!


  5. Jota

    Very happy I didn’t waste the extra money on more expensive brands.Will hold ice for days, even with regular beer fetching. Even in Texas in 90+ heat. We throw freezer blocks in and ice on top. Will keep beer cold all weekend no issues at all…..even longer. If used for food storage while camping (ie limited opening and closing) expect 4-5 days depending on ambient temperature.As with all of these cooler, pre cooling it helps prevent initial ice melting and some water polling, but it’s not necessary. Fantastic for shopping trips where you don’t want to rush home due to groceries….through in back of covered truck with freezer blocks, go shopping, throw in your perishables and go home 8 hours later if you want. Easy way to keep your schedule flexible.


  6. Kerrie Chambers

    Awesome cooler!! We camped for 9 days and 8 nights and we used the purple Xtreme ice packs in the bottom with ice and then froze our meals. We still had frozen food on the way home the next Sunday! We only had to add 1 10lb. Bag of ice the whole time, which really makes it easier so you don’t have to run everyday for ice. We had average temps of mid-80’s through the week during the day and tried to keep it out of the direct sunlight. Love this cooler!!

    Kerrie Chambers

  7. Jerry Davis

    Bought the 65 ltr, took it 3000 miles from S. Texas through Nmexico, Colorado and Utah mountain biking. I did have to add ice every three days, but it is ice cold inside the cooler. When you want to open it, a strong vacuum fights you. Just twist one of the drain valves open just a crack to let in some air and the cooler pops right open. Would buy again.

    Jerry Davis

  8. Victoria Day

    This product is defiantly comparable to the over priced Yeti and Cabala’s Coolers. I bought two 65ct for the price of one 45 ct Yeti. if your serious about your camping game! This is a must buy. It has the heavy duty hand grips, the easy to open rubber latches(Cabala’s is not easy to open), the eye hole for a lock and a drain spout on both sides. And for a great selling point, doesn’t come in just lame plain colors that stain easily(*cough white cough cough*). We went on a camping trip for a full week. When we got back it still had a ton of ice. So worth the investment.

    Victoria Day