Penn Squall Lever Drag Reel

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  • Penn Squall Lever Drag Conventional Baitcast Reel 40lb / 420yd



  • Sql50ld
  • Sql60ld

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Lightweight yet powerful lever drag fishing reel with graphite frame and sideplates ideal for near-shore trolling;

Dura-Drag system virtually eliminates snags and hesitation, even under extreme drag settings;

Switchblade lugs provide added line stability and remain flush with the frame when not in use;

Smooth cranking with 6 stainless steel bearings and double-dog anti-reverse;

Forged and machined aluminum spool with line capacity rings marked at 1/3, 2/3, and full capacity;

Penn Squall Lever Drag Conventional Baitcast Reel 50lb / 370yd

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  1. Dave H.

    I waited a good year or so to post a review on this real, bought the 60 Size in Left Hand, cause I’ve used spin-cast my entire left and I’m muscle trained to reel with my left arm/hand.Purchased this as my first offshore “Trolling” Reel, and when I use it, it’s getting abused because I use head boats that cruse at 10 to 15 knots on the ocean for 3 hours at a time before making their first stops for what ever it is in season. I’ve had fair amount of success with this reel and haven’t had any “mechanical” issues, just the “idiot” owner issues not knowing how to use the drags correctly causing backlashes during trolling on a hook-up, lost a giant Wahoo because of such mistakes, but that’s how we learn!It wasn’t until May of 19 where she was really put through her paces, trolling and sharking. Paired with 50lb Ande Monster Mono (After wasting money on braid with back-lashing, again, my fault), hooked up to 3x 150+ lb Black-Fin Sharks, now being left-handed all my life on spin-cast, man handled the hell out of them with no major fuss and they where the larges “fish” species caught to date with it. Paired mine up with an Penn Ally ALLBW50100C60BB (not cheap but sooooo worth it), and just love the presentation of the gold color and functionality.Could you buy cheaper stuff, sure… Do you want quality stuff, then buy this and don’t look back! And be ready for High-Fives and stepping into the world of “big fish”!Buy Buy Buy!!!

    Dave H.

  2. R. Horn

    Picked up this reel for a trip to fish Tuna. This is my third Penn reel. I used a scale to set my drag at about 16 lbs and and loaded it with 50 lb braided line. Used this the other day on a full day fishing trip for Tuna and was my primary rig. My 20 lb line setup wasn’t up to par, as the fish broke my leader line. So I stuck with this reel and a 40 lb leader. Brought in 2 skipjack and a yellowfin.The drag worked well. The fish actually pulled out my line easily, they were good fighters. I had it in the strike position and still pulled like heck. I did back off the drag setting on the boat as I felt I had too much drag. The full drag feature works great, as I threw it in full drag and pulled those Tuna to the boat!

    R. Horn

  3. Danny

    I have the 60ld spooled with 100lb braid. So far I have caught one small bonito and two 25-30lb dorados. The reel has held up great other than a small grinding noise after the last fishing trip. I think it is partially because of the guy that used it. He piled up the line on one side of the reel, but it seems to still be working fine other than the noise. I set the drag at 20lbs for the strike and I have not had to go above strike as of yet. Still waiting to test it against a big tuna or marlin, but I have no doubt it will hold up just fine. I recently topped it with 100 yds of 80lb mono to make things easier with tangles so more to come. If you are on a budget this reel will do the job for very nicely for anything 100lbs and below. I highly recommend it!


  4. T. Mora

    I purchased a Penn Squall SQL60LD, as pictured on the Amazon page. The one I received looks like the one in the photo I included. What gives?

    T. Mora

  5. karder

    I am not a professional fisher, but I enjoy the occasional trip out on the Florida Atlantic coast. This reel has helped me a lot.It has high line capacity, acceptable weight (not too light but not too heavy either) and works very well for medium size fish.Pulled up a 35lb Barracuda few weeks ago with this. Worked perfectly.But beware, saltwater will kill it unless you properly rinse it after each use with fresh water. If you do this, I see no reason for why this wouldn’t last a lifetime. Also, Mono line seem to tangle itself a little too easy, but with some practice, you’ll master it.I like PENN and Shimano and after this purchase, I like PENN even more.


  6. Old Dog

    I use it for Rockfishing in CA. Too bulky for jigging bars all day (for me), but fine for other purposes like shrimp flies or live/dead bait. Picks up line fast and smooth even with a pound of weight. Decent drag. Holds a lot of line. Pretty good reel for the money. Haven’t had it long enough to comment on durability.

    Old Dog

  7. Amazon Customer

    I got this real to take down monster white sturgeon, and this reel has been so great! The Lever action is key and the full drag makes a big difference over my old reel.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Hops&Hooks

    Awesome reel! I have always used the Shimano TLD15, but they have not fixed the known issues with this reel for years so I tried these out. I love how smooth they operate, the non-reverse bearings, the dual level clicker, and the spool fill lines to help put on the proper amount of backing.


  9. noel otoole

    Great reel, great value, 20lb cod and Pollock from 300ft wrecks no problem.

    noel otoole

  10. Gianni

    Come al solito AMAZON perfetta. Sono riuscito a ritirare tutti i pacchetti 🎁 perché sono malato e sono tutto il giorno a casa 🏡 altrimenti sarebbe stato un problema. Speriamo che in seguito ci dia altri servizi come internet e altro. Altre aziende come Linkem dovrebbe copiare da Amazon ma pensano solo ai loro guadagni illeciti. Grazie


  11. Carlos F. Aguilar Espaa

    Este es un muy buen carrete de Penn. Squall es una línea reciente de este fabricante (y para mi gusto, un gran acierto), y en su tamaño 50 es ideal para pescar pez vela, dorado, wahoo… y hasta un marlin pequeño.

    Carlos F. Aguilar Espaa

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