Penn Squall 2-Speed Lever Drag Reel

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  • Reel, RH, 3BB + 1RB, 4.2:1 / 1.8:1
  • Alum spool, Braid 1995/50 1660/65 1435/80, mono 1395/20 1035/30 595/50
  • Reels saltwater lever drag. 4 stainless steel bearings
  • Lightweight yet powerful lever drag fishing reel with graphite frame and sideplates ideal for big game saltwater fishing
  • Quick Shift 2-speed system easily shifts into high or low gear
  • Dura-Drag system virtually eliminates snags and hesitation, even under extreme drag settings
  • Double dog ratchet system prevents handle from reversing



  • 30vsw- 1035yd/30lbs
  • 50vsw- 890yd/50lbs

The PENN Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed is basically a graphite International and comes in the 3 most popular big game sizes.

Made from graphite for its benefits of being both lightweight and corrosion resistant.

The Quick-Shift 2-Speed and Dura-Drag systems have been perfected in our International reels and the technology has transferred down to the Squall platform.

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  1. Alaskan Charter Captain

    This reel is beefy! feels great and look good. I purchased 4 of these and strictly use them for Halibut fishing. Initially they operated very smooth and was nice to have the 2nd speed to crank the boys from the deep water. All that being said, I purchased them after my charter season ended hoping that they would be a great addition to my outfit. Unfortunately, after less than 3 trips one of my reels 2 speed would not remain engaged and was needed to be pulled out of service. feeling bummed and disappointed I keep the other 3 in the rotation. I was hoping it was just a isolated incident….nope I am down to 2 working Penn’s. Not sure what is going on with the quality of these reels I have an older Penn that is almost 15 years old and still going strong. I have been a loyal Penn user but I will no longer purchase anymore. If you plan on fishing more than a few days a year I would not recommend purchasing them.Okuma products have been amazing!

    Alaskan Charter Captain

  2. NaNi

    Super smooth drag. I was in the market for upgrading my tackle for trolling and dialed it down to the Penn Squall and the Shimano TLD. After some research i came to the conclusiob this was a better trolling witb a significant less price tag. I will be testing them offshore in the next couple of weeks and will update accordingly.


  3. Bubba Mac

    Love this reel. I’m updating my whole fishing setup with 5 of these reels. Super loud clicker and the graphite makes it really light compared to the all metal internationals. Some other reviews say that the graphite wont hold up to larger fish like Marlin or Tuna but we catch those on the single speed large senators with less drag, and they are primarily graphite so I have no doubts at all that this reel can handle large predators.**Update**I have just caught my largest fish ever on this reel. This reel stood up to the challenge of bringing up this marlin. I’m 6′ 210lbs and this marlin is bigger/heavier than I am. My guess 250 at least. 100% satisfied.

    Bubba Mac

  4. Steve L

    These reels are exactly what I need for chasing tuna in Mexico. They are working great, but will need to see if they pass the test of time.

    Steve L

  5. Eric Brodd

    So, I bought this reel 3 years ago and I am by no means a fishing expert. I fish off of Okinawa, Japan for Mahi, Wahoo, and Marlin. Until a few weeks ago, I’d only caught MahiMahi with this reel, but it’s true test came around two weeks ago, whenI caught the 10 ft 350 lb Pacific Blue Marlin in the associated pictures. This reel performed admirably, and if I had more experience, I would have set the drag a little tighter, but that is on me. Solid reel at an okay price that will get the job done provided your line, swivels, knots, and lures don’t fail you first.

    Eric Brodd

  6. Pablo

    This is my second squall reel. It is a great all around reel for bottom fishing big saltwater game. I like the fact that it is lighter that the international V or VI series but it still comes with a sturdy frame and internal components like the 40lb braking drag. The other advantage of the plastic frame is saltwater corrosion is definitely not a problem.


  7. William Willis

    Never seen this reel, but I’ve bought a model 30 of a different brand, this thing is twice the size!!! I’ll use it eventually, but not for the grouper, American reds. This is for the goliaths

    William Willis

  8. Justin Hazellief

    This will be our go to reel when buying new ones from here on out. We used it for high speed trolling for wahoo and also caught more dolphin on it than I can count. Schoolies didn’t even require us to come out of trolling speed to reel them in and flip in the boat!

    Justin Hazellief

  9. Mahmoud

    Great reel carry a lot of line, classy and strong enough to catch monisters, light weight I liked it too much, price also is good and affordable.


  10. dawny

    Lever drag either on or off hard oo adjust tension when snagged resulting in lot of birds nests


  11. RW

    I bought 2 of these and can’t say enough about them. I use them strictly for halibut in southeast Alaska. I have them filled with 80lb Sufix 832 Braid over Sufix Superior 80lb mono backing. Love the loud clicker for the halibut on circle hooks. Set the drag light and they take the bait/hook and swim away… you can hear the clicker from anywhere in the boat, simply load up the lever drag and set the hook. The lever drag is knew to me and I love it… I’ll never own another star drag… EVER. The two speed is a nice feature. When into a solid fish (largest I have handled on these reels was only 85lb), kicking it into low gear really allows you winch on the fish once you’ve played them out a little.I have them paired with Amundson Savvy Halibut Jigging Rods.Bought these in May of 2017. Used on 2 trips in 2017 and 1 in 2018. During the 2018 trip the gear button stuck in one one of the reels. Its stuck in low speed. Meant to look into warranty that fall but forgot. Just did the first trip this spring and although it work, the low gear sucks for bait checks and smaller fish. To be honest this reel likley had 10 halibut caught on it before the button jammed. Looked into warranty, and was surprised to see PENN reels only have a 1 year warranty. SHIMANO offers 2 year and OKHUMA offers 3. Could of had Visa cover it if i would have acted in the fall of 2018 but my own fault there. I’ll be looking to fix it on my own with Mike’s Reel Repair as a parts source. Bottom line, nice reel and they have come down substantially in price since 2017. Great bang for your buck. But ensure you use a credit card that offers additional extended warranty as the one year offered by PENN is about as weak as it gets.


  12. Iker

    Es el segundo que compro y puedo decir que es un carrete bueno. Saca piezas de 15kg como si nada. El freno es facil de usar y con la segunda marcha saca piezas de 15kg (alalunga) como si nada.


  13. Amazon Customer

    The 2 speed, in particular the low speed for retrieving heavy fish is very nice. Makes a lot of less stress for anyone with back and shoulder problems. Would be much better with level line guide as line tends to pile up on spool unless directed with fingers.

    Amazon Customer

  14. andrew

    Great west coast halibut reel!! Used with my trusty tld 20 2 speeds and I find myself grabbing for the penn more and more! Great drag and loud clicker


  15. enrico

    Ottimo , veloce e rapido nelle spedizioni, conoscevo già questo articolo e trovarlo a questo prezzo è eccezionale