Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel

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  • IPX5 Sealed body and spool design
  • CNC Gear technology
  • HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers




  • 2500
  • 3500
  • 4500
  • 4500bls
  • 5500

The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel continues to improve upon the Spinfisher legacy with a full metal body and side plates that keep the CNC Gear System in precise alignment.

The Spinfisher VI features an IPX5 Sealed design that keeps saltwater out to ensure reliably smooth performance.

The oversized bail wire prevents the chance of failure in the heat of reeling in your catches.

Line capacity rings on the braid-ready spool display how much line is out, and how much is left.

The Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel is suited for inshore, nearshore, offshore, and surf angling. Get out there and hit the waves!

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  1. K.K

    I got size 4500. As everyone knows, this is a reel with excellent seal against water or/and sand with outstanding drag power!! Many of the review online mentioned about the weight of this reel is heavy. But I haven’t feel it is way too heavy to throw lures all day long. Probably it has to do with way I cast, I use the weight of the reel to cast, and this size 4500 is smaller side of Spinfisher vi. Anyway, I highly recommend this one to both beginners and veterans.


  2. bignevadabob

     Feels like a solid reel especially for a long cast reel. Other long casts like the shimano ultegras feel super delicate. Unfortunately the reel I received made a grinding noise when the handle was cranked. Penns quality control is severely lacking.


  3. Amazon Customer

    The reel was defective when I got it.The first time I casted out and reeled in the reel was scrapping inside as I turned the handle.I took off the spool and inside the spool was worn thru to bare metal the gold finish was gone in a 1 by 1 inch section. I have 5 of the “v “ models with no problems but this VI was defective from the beginning so I returned it.Amazon should check returned items before sending them out again….

    Amazon Customer

  4. Steven wilfing

    I bought the 4500 size for my eight foot st. croix triumph rod, I’ve had the reel for about three months now and I have been the crap out of it. I’ve probably caught at least a hundred blue fish including ten over 15 pounds. The drag is very smooth and handles big fish beautifully. On one outing I accidentally dropped my reel in the water, this didn’t seem to affect the reel in anyway.

    Steven wilfing

  5. Mark

    Great reel. I use the live liner feature for surf fishing and it works great. Engage the live liner drag while in the sand spike and after a strike, start reeling and the normal drag engages. Much easier than my Battle ii where the drag is set light in the sand spike and after a strike you fumble tighten the drag to fight the fish. Word of warning, forget to set the live liner while in the sand spike and if a ray or shark strikes, you’ll be chasing the rod down the beach. I also like that the new Spinfisher VI is sealed; no matter how careful you are, reels get wet at the beach.


  6. Wilk

    on Spinfisher VI 6500ll Live liner mechanism failed


  7. Matthew Clark

    I haven’t fished with this reel, yet, so I can’t speak on how it performs. However, I did want to say that I am quite impressed with this hardware (I got the 4500 live liner). It’s very solid, very smooth, and I’m sure it will perform just fine.The most significant influences on purchasing this reel was the all-metal body and the IPX5 rating. All of my fishing is done wading in the bays along the gulf coast, and sometimes I’ll get waist-deep or more. It’s nice to know that the occasional dunk in the saltwater won’t ruin my reel (until I can rinse it off with fresh water, of course).It might be several months before I can get down to the coast to fish for redfish, flounder, and trout, but with this new hardware, I’m surely looking forward to it!

    Matthew Clark

  8. Jeff E

    I’ve caught slot Redfish, Spotted Sea Trout, and Flounder on this Spinfisher VI 2500 reel. Plenty of drag and line capacity for just about everything you’ll catch inshore or nearshore in Florida, including Bonnethead Sharks.One of the major selling points for me was IPX5 rating. It doesn’t take much saltwater to start corroding parts, so keeping saltwater out and grease/oil in was a big selling point for me. These reels aren’t cheap, so I want them to last.

    Jeff E

  9. Emrah

    Well,As a mechanical engineer, I liked the reel overall. Well built , like a tank. The seals are thick and do the job for splash.Not for dunking in the water, but more than enough for surf fishing. It is smooth. The baitrunner mechanism is really good. Much more stable and simple than Shimano.Goods:- Dimensional precision- Smoothness- Baitrunner mechanism- All metal, like a tankBad:- The ball bearings and the anti-reverse bearings are not standard and difficult to source. I wanted to upgrade them in the UK, but no chance. I just changed the grease inside the ball bearings which are chrome steel. Ant-reverse has plastic springs. Good for corrosion resistance, but not my type. The only bearing you can find standard is the line roller bearing. I guess this is an important point for servicing.- The blue grease inside is horrible. It is sticky and its viscosity is high. It is OK, but with a better grease (SKF), the reel is much more smoother. Also, the factory over greased the reel and some irrelevant parts.- The spool skirt thickness is so thin, It is OK, but would be better if it is thicker.- The black paint is horrible, but on the other side, is is easy to repaint.- The back-up anti-reverse system is so fragile and week, Its spring is so thin. As this is a back up system, it doesn’t matter.For the price point, it is an excellent reel. The only reason for taking away one star is the non-standard ball bearings and the anti-reverse bearing used in this reel. If you are looking for a baitrunner for surf and salt water, this is the one. As a mechanical engineer I service my reels regularly so I prefer standard sized bearings in a reel. Overall 4 stars.


  10. Bisto Kid

    Certainly well made, but having used it a dozen times, I still cant get to grips with having to try and strain to release the bail arm if I have brough the swivel right into the eye of the top of the rod. Other fixed spools have a lever to allow backing off, but with this reel you can only do this by the front plate clutch.

    Bisto Kid

  11. Disco

    Nice reel lovely quality but no spare spool and they are really expensive so I would not recommend because there is so much competition out there who will include a spare spool


  12. James MCQUISTON

    Minted reel!! I bought the 4500. The live liner is just the same as having an adjustable bait runner. but it has 4 settings that are adjustable tension


  13. Amazon Customer

    Superb reel so far and apparently sealed from salt water

    Amazon Customer

  14. steven r kay

    Best reel I’ve ever had.

    steven r kay

  15. Terry P

    Bought the 5500 and using with 8ft daiwa kenzaki boat road, fantastic match only disappointment was it was christened with a dogfish…….!!!

    Terry P