Penn Conflict II Spinning Fishing Reel

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  • Rigid Resin RR30 body and rotor
  • CNC gear technology
  • 7+1 sealed stainless steel ball bearing System



  • 2500
  • 4000

The Penn Conflict II Spinning Reel is built to perform, featuring seven sealed stainless steel ball bearings for smooth action and HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers for outstanding control.

This reel has been PENN lightest spinning reel ever to be produced, with its RR30 Rigid Resin body and rotor.

The CNC Gear Technology provides a durable and smooth gear train to withstand severe water conditions in saltwater and freshwater applications.

The Penn Conflict II Spinning Reel is sure to last for many years of fishing.

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  1. MB

    I’ve been out fishing with this reel several times now. I will say that the action on this reel is very smooth, that is until the slightest amount of water makes it into the body. My reel (2500) had a rear cover (PN 1447858) that didn’t seat well which allowed for water intrusion causing major issues to the point that you can’t reel in even a few ounces of weight. I’m talking a drop or two of water. Long story short is that the original issue of the poor fitting cover was left unresolved with Penn even after I corresponded with one of their product specialists. In the end, I had to order a simple $4.00 part and disassemble and repair/regrease myself. Very poor design and poor customer service. I’ve even reached out to a local fishing guide who is one of their product testers. He was all excited to help but again after a couple of weeks I hear nothing. Poor poor poor customer service.


  2. Anon

    This is a solid reel and seems like it will last a long time. The reel is very smooth and I have no problem with casting distance running braid. Almost all of my reels are Penn and I upgraded from the Fierce to this recently on my go to medium setup. I’m still running the fierce reels on other rods and those reels are exceptional for 90% of applications, so if you’re on the fence and money is a concern or you don’t fish in demanding situations, go with the fierce.Two things this reel does better than any reels I’ve ever owned (this is the highest quality freshwater reel I have ever bought, so I expected benefits out of it):1. The anti reverse handle stops dead in its tracks, it doesn’t have any reverse give that a lot of other reels have before the lock engages. This gives it a more solid and confident feel.2. The drag is extremely smooth and very adjustable so you can adjust drag mid fight and fine tune it. With other reels there are times where I’ll have to fiddle with the drag as they have a steeper adjustment band.One thing that was really appealing to me before I bought the reel was the claim that the reel is designed for braid and it spools line tighter to compensate for smaller line diameter. To be honest, after fishing with this reel for hours, I don’t think this is much of a factor at all. The difference is hardly noticeable between this and the fierce when it comes to castability.I have had problems with wind knots but I don’t want to blame the reel exclusively since the jury is still out on this. There are a lot of factors that cause wind knots (new line, amount of line on the spool, lure weight and of course, wind). It was also first time using the braid I spoiled this rod with. I will say that after reducing the amount of line on the spool things got better. When you’re spooling this reel, I recommend leaving a little more of a spool lip than normal, which shouldn’t be an issue if spooling with braid – you’ll get plenty of line on there.


  3. Jason

    first time with the reel. went to Charlestown breachway in RI and hooked up with decent stripers 24-28 inches. reel was very smooth felt good. Love how light this reel is and am very happy with the purchase. I would recommend this reel to anyone looking for a lightweight setup


  4. Brian M. Lear

    The spool and internals seem really good. The spool is metal. But unfortunately, the body and reel seat are poor quality injection molded plastic. I had the reel attached to my rod in the back of my truck after a day of fishing. When I got home, the reel seat was just straight up broken off. It was not a very rough ride and I’ve had cheap-o spinning reels on rods in the back of my truck that lasted years. This one broke the first time it rolled around in the back of my truck.Stay FAR AWAY from this reel if you intend on throwing it around and abusing it. It’s not really a workhorse in any way. The reel seat should be far stronger than it is.

    Brian M. Lear

  5. QOTN

    This is what my husband asked for for Christmas, and he loves it. BUT you should know in advance that the bail does not flip automatically, you must flip it manually. We didn’t know tis and thought it was broken. We were very happy when we learned that it was designed that way to eliminate one more part that could break and need repair or render the reel useless.


  6. Justin

    I have used this reel a few times now and I can truly say that I love it! It has the Penn quality you’d expect in a much lighter platform. I will say that I purchased this reel for kind of a dual purpose. I planned to use it for both fresh and salt water. I have only used it in fresh water so far, but for those wondering … it does make a good bass reel. I got the 2500 model and loaded it with Power Pro 15 lb. test Super Slick V2 (Moonshine color) and it casts a country mile. I currently have it on an old Ugly Stik 2 piece (6’6″) rod and it works perfectly fine, but I will eventually get a high quality 1 piece rod for it.


  7. Beverly May

    very smooth action, effortless reeling,seems like usual great smooth Penn drag,light weight.I got the 4000 for me and the 3000 for spouse,loaded both with sufix 20lb braid.underspooled the 3000,Doh ! pulled of the lime green sufix and used the remainder of my 300 yard camo as backing, reloaded the green,perfect.have only practice cast and not fished with them yet,will change that very soon.will update review

    Beverly May

  8. Mat-NZ

    I was lucky enough to hold one of these reels in the local fishing store. What really sold me on this reel was the weight and construction as I plan to use it softbaiting for snapper from my kayak around the coast of New Zealand. It feels a bit more solid and resistant to rust than my Daiwa BG but I would recommend opening it up and giving it a good grease and oil on the metalwork as the factory job is light. Great little reel.


  9. Francisco Díaz

    La marca PENN es una de la mejores a mi punto de vista en el tema de carretes este modelo en particular es muy ligero, y muy veloz al momento de recoger la linea el freno del carrete es muy excelente, yo lo uso en agua salada y es una maravilla, nada mas al termino de tu jornada de pesca te recomiendo darle una baño con agua dulce para quitarle el exceso de sal y evitar la corrosión.

    Francisco Díaz

  10. Oktaylinho

    Die penn ist einfach unglaublich.Unzerstörbar


  11. Joubier

    ancun probléme