Oreck AIR12GU ProShield Plus Air Purifier

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  • Truman Cell never needs replacing
  • The 6-stage purification process cleans and re-circulates the air – pre-filter, positive charging wires, partical collection, permanent UV-A light, oxygenator, air revitalizer
  • Lays flat horizontally or on its side vertically
  • Permanent Helios Shield reduces common household odors from the air passing through the filter
  • Three settings, nightlight & remote control




Truman Cell never needs replacingThe 6-stage purification process cleans and re-circulates the air – pre-filter, positive charging wires, partical collection, permanent UV-A light, oxygenator, air revitalizer

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  1. T Turner

    I have been running my purifier for about 2 weeks now (on low speed) 24/7 in the bedroom. To address the popping/cracking sound, I must say I have only heard that sound 2 -3 times and it is not loud at all. I love how fresh the room smells and the sound of the unit running is nice to sleep by. It is like having a fan going in the room except not as loud. I just checked the filters (yet to clean them) and they have a bit of dust but not enough to clean at this time. From the looks of it, I will only be cleaning the filters no more than once per month or maybe longer. I may update this review after cleaning the filters. So far, I am glad I purchased this unit.

    T Turner

  2. DMM

    This purifier works very well. We have several of them throughout the house and they stay working for longer than any other purifier we have tried over the years, and we have tried many. They are a bit costly, but the fact that you can clean the filters and do not have the cost of replacing filters all the time, in time, really helps with the cost. Happy with purchase.


  3. Luisa Hayes

    I live in an apartment and for two months early this year, was hopitalized due to a surgery. When I returned, it was overcome with cigarette smoke from the neighbor downstairs.March in Michigan is often cold. So opening a window and doorto airit out was not an option. The Oreck ProShield cleaned it out to make it livable again. 

    Luisa Hayes

  4. Sherry G.

    I live in the country and dust has always been an issue. This purifier has helped reduce the dust.The room actually smells “clean” its hard to explain but it does.

    Sherry G.

  5. carpenter

    Although it indicates it doesn’t produce ozone, it does. Never worked well and I returned it.


  6. Littlkaren

    Very satisfied with this purifier. Quiet operation and like that is has remote and several fan speeds


  7. dave king

    Good product I have a few

    dave king

  8. Gabriel

    Love it. Using it for a long time and doesn’t needs to replace the filter.


  9. Steve Demarco

    The Oreck ProShield Plus is a quiet and effective air purifier for keeping indoor air fairly clean. The Helios system(UV light) does a good job of slowly reducing odors in small to medium rooms. When the cell is clean it does emit a slight ozone smell and it is safe to have on while occupying the same space.After 3 Months of consistent use the unit has failed from a common fault. Even though there is a 3 year warranty there is nowhere in Canada to uphold it.Even though this is one of the best working electrostatic purifiers I cannot recommend it due to having no way to replace it.

    Steve Demarco

  10. barb reimer

    This is a replacement for an Oreck cleaner I had for some time! This newer model is great for cleaning and can be used horizontally or in a vertical position. I love the blue night light that can be on or off.It works very well as all Oreck products do and I know I will get many years of use out of it! It does a great job of keeping smoke, dust and other pollutants out of your indoor air! I have it place in my living room area of about 300 sq.ft. and does a great job.it is worth the investment in a quality product like Orek! I have tried other pricey air cleaners that don’t even do half the job that this product does! A keeper!

    barb reimer

  11. Amazon Customer

    I had already an older model that I have in the basement which I liked. Have had it for many years. No filters to replace just wash and maintain the Truman cell. This newer model has the UV light which I like. Ordered 2 of these units. Set them up on the first floor. The air feels fresh. I notice the difference right away when coming downstairs, so they are doing what they said they would do. Ordered two more for the upstairs.

    Amazon Customer

  12. Amazon Customer

    Does make the room fresh but does occasionally make a static popping sound.That may freak some people out, including the person I bought this for as a gift. The noise just requires cleaning, but sometimes even a clean unit can get a large particle pulled through causing the sound. So assess whether this would bother you, or whether you are one of the folk who feels that all electrical sounds equate to an electrical fire.The only odd thing is that it does leave a strange smell. It’s not chemical or cleaning fluid in nature, possibly Ozone? The smell may annoy some people. Others seem not to notice it. I do. It’s not a bad smell, it’s a clean smell, but just strange, which is why I mark it 4.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Robert T.

    Upon receiving the product, was very excited to use it as I have used Oreck products in the past. This unit came in a plastic bag that did not belong to the air purifier, it was missing the stand that should be included, and the unit was very dirty as if it was never cleaned. Upon turning on the air purifier it immediately shut off after about 5 Seconds. No matter what I did with the buttons the unit will not stay on longer than 15 to 20 seconds before shutting off again. There is no way this product was tested before it was actually sent out. The fact that it showed up as dirty as it was along with missing parts is very concerning and a testament to some of the other very poor reviews.

    Robert T.

  14. Amazon Customer

    I purchased this item in Feb 2018. Three months later, after cleaning the unit, I plugged it in and there was a HUGE blue spark and the product stopped working.I called Amazon customer service and they gave me the info for warranty repair in my city.I started calling and emailing and have NEVER gotten a reply!The unit is no longer under warranty, so I might as well have just taken $400 and flushed it down the toilet!Although the unit worked VERY WELL for the short time it did work, it was a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!I will never buy another Oreck product again!

    Amazon Customer

  15. NancyLea

    This product is more than I could have expected. Well packaged, no damage, arrived in less than a week.My home smells so clean and flying dust is no longer a problem. I bought this item to improve the air quality in my home to helpalleviate asthma symptoms. Thank you Oreck and than you Amazon!