Okuma – Cedros Spinning Reel 4+1 BB – Sz40 6.2:1

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  • DFD: Precision Dual Force Drag System
  • ALC: Rigid, die-cast-aluminum Frame
  • Patented Elliptical Oscillation System
  • Quick-Set Anti-Reverse Roller Bearing. Machined-Aluminum Anodized Spool
  • Kindly refer to the second Imge for Dimension details



Specifically designed for saltwater use, the Cedros spinning reels feature a rigid aluminum body and rotor, Okuma’s “Duel force Drag System” for extreme stopping power and our proprietary “High density Gearing” with a special corrosion resistant coating.

Combine this with a high-speed gear ratio and a customized aluminum jigging handle and you have one of the best saltwater jig fishing reels on the market.

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  1. Richard S.

    I just bought the 45 S and 55 Sand I had the same problem with both reels. They jam up on retrieval. There is so much resistance that you can’t reel in after casting. It happened to both reels and both were new. I contacted the Okuma Rep who wanted to charge mea repair fee of $50 to fix a new reel. Its past the 30 day return window and I cant even send them back for a refund.This product is inferior – and not worth the $$$ don’t make the same mistake I did.

    Richard S.

  2. MH

    What can I say, I love this reel, so much I bought another one, but larger.I’ve had the CJ40S for years, I have hundreds, if not thousands of hours on that reel. I love the retrieve rate and the handle is wonderful for all day fishing.It’s got a great drag, and so far I’ve used it exclusively in the saltwater for years. All I do is hose it off after I’m done, hit it with my 3M silicone spray (I remove the spool), let it soak, then blow it dry with my air compressor nozzle. Wipe it down. Good as new. It’s given me years of service, and at the price they are you can’t really get much of a better real. It’s like the AK47 of fishing reels, it just works (Much prettier though).I bought the CJ55 and I’m looking forward to trying it out once I have a pole to match it to. I’ve ordered the Rockaway 12 foot pole from Okuma, which I think will be the perfect match for the surf.


  3. Amazon Customer

    Very well made reel. Nothing is cheap on it. Very strong but light weight. Paired with a 7′ 6″ calico jack inshore rod. Cast very far with just a flick of the wrist. I havent needed to double hand a single throw yet. My wrist hasnt gotten tired even after an 8hr fishing day.Handles anything you can catch. I wouldnt be scared to catch a tuna or goliath grouper on my cedros. I mainly use this inshore fishing in FL.Two things I dislike. Anti-reverse, which leads into the next part that the reel isnt sealed.Its better then a slammer 3 in performance such as casting and reeling. It however its worse because it isnt sealed. Probably wont have the same life span. Honestly I bought it solely for the blue wheel. The colors pop. It definitely shows off. Everyone keeps asking me what reel is that and where did I get it.Would love to be sponsored by this company. Okuma makes amazing high quality products for cheapos like me. Buy this and you wont disappointed.

    Amazon Customer

  4. David

    Love the speed.But wish the handle was more like a Penn reel so if could offer more side to side play on your hand while reeling.The wheel type handle is too mechanical and if you dont go in a perfectly aligned circle while reeling it causes torque between it and the reel…and feels like the handle is going to snap when you’re fighting a fish.But I digress, the speed for the price…can’t beat it.


  5. Racer78bu

    This is my second Cedros 55. Got my first 3 years ago and it has been flawless. I fish the gulf of mexico about a month every year targeting King Mackerel,Tarpon, Sharks, and pretty much any other fish that is big and tough that comes near the piers and my boat. Just wash with light mist of fresh water and spray with a water displacement lubricant like Reel Magic. I have not even serviced my first reel and i have a hard time telling it from my new one. Great reel and doesnt hurt that it looks cool. I looked long and hard at other higher end reels before I bought this second reel and fell back on the same reel because of performance per dollar. If you are left handed there is a special handle adapter that has to be changed out(included) before you swap to the opposite side.


  6. forgatos

    Performed very well, but did not last an entire season of surf fishing. I misted it with fresh water after every use, but after a while debris got into it and I was unable to take it apart to clean it. There is one screw holding the body together that is impossible to take out without stripping. But the design is great and the knob feels amazing. Caught a few 30lbs stripers on it with no problem. Super smooth retrieve. Worked great while it lasted. for freshwater, or use on boat this can be well worth it. Wont last for surf fishing however.


  7. topchef

    This reel is an upgrade after my penn gave up the ghost from 4 seasons of use. I am extremely impressed so far, fit and finish are exceptional and the reel feels very nice. Have it paired with an 8’6″ okuma salmon rod for all around use in Alaska, really happy and all in it’s a pretty affordable setup since i got the reel in warehouse deals.


  8. TheOneFishFear

    This is a great reel for 89 dollars. It has to let me down yet I have it on a 180 dollar shimano rod and I have battled smaller yellow and black fin Tuna , Kings , Cobia , Jacks, Reds and Striper to name a few .. and I have the smaller CJ55 s it’s 25lbs of drag is no joke and the fish are no match to my set up with 65lbs power pro and 3 ft of fluorocarbon.



    Compré este Okuma Cedros cj-80 para pescar con cualquier tipo de señulo; pero al momento de utilizar Ranger lure, maus o cualquier otro tipo de señuelos que trabajan por la parte superior del agua, me da una excelente recuperación de la linea, ya que es muy rapido, por cada vuelta de manibela recupera aproximadamente 47 pulgadas de línea. A diferencia del Daiwa Saltist que recupera 52 pulgadas por vuelta de manibela, es poco la diferencia de recuperacion de linea, mas si hay diferencia en el precio ya que es el doble aproximadamente el costo entre uno y otro.


  10. CA

    Excelente carrete.Un gran carrete, de cuerpo solido con una fuerza impresionante, acabados de primera que te enamoraran en cuanto lo saques de su caja.Un carrete apto para pelear grandes especies.


  11. Zeta Flores


    Zeta Flores

  12. JESUS

    en funcionamiento muy bueno, pero en estetica vino un poco raspado, nada que afecte lo bueno que es este carrete


  13. Supergomes

    Lo mejor en cuanto a calidad y precio, en verdad es inmejorable.


  14. George76

    Excelente calidad y precio, recomiendo ampliamente al vendedor.


  15. Martin L.

    Nice and efficient

    Martin L.