Nitrocat 1200-K 1/2-Inch Kevlar Composite Air Impact Wrench with Twin

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  • 1295 flubs of loosening torque
  • Kevlar housing for durability
  • Patented comfort grip, trigger and power management switch
  • Patented quiet technology at 86 decibels
  • Patented forward/reverse switch
  • Smooth twin clutch mechanism for breaking tough bolts loose
  • Weighs only 4. 5 lbs.
  • 8000 RPM
  • 950 impacts per minute
  • 2 year


The AIRCAT 1200-K is a 1/2″ Impact with a Kevlar housing and is part of our Nitro Cat brand of impacts.

It produces 1295 ft-lbs of loosening torque using a smooth twin clutch hammer mechanism.

It’s designed for breaking loose tough bolts on heavy duty truck shops.

There several patents on the 1200-K. Patented ergonomic handle for user comfort.

Patented quiet tuned exhaust lowering the noise to 86 dB. Patented forward/ reverse lever.

Other Specs as follows. Requires a minimum of 8 CFM at 90 PSI measured at the air inlet while the trigger is fully engaged to operate properly.

Minimum hose size is 3/8″. It has a 2 year .

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  1. A Real Tech

    This has to be the single best air gun I’ve ever come across. I’ve used a lot of them, I’ve been around cars and working on them since I was 10. This is by far the quietest and most powerful in its form factor. It’s also quite light due its kevlar composite body. I never realized how heavy my IR was until I picked up again after using the Aircat for a few weeks. I noticed the torque particularly on a Mercedes whose lug nuts needed to come off. I wanted to see just for fun how much more torque the aircat had. So I used my IR and it took off only 6 lug nuts. The remaining 14 came off with the aircat no problem, didn’t even sound like it struggled. I didn’t like the switching mechanism at the back. But it’s grown on me. Unlike my IR whose 5 settings for torque can be flipped around completely and you never really can feel what setting it’s in, the aircat is very clear about what setting your in, if a little unclear as to how much torque you’re getting at those settings.I use it for everything. Removing hubs and bearings using the Hub Grappler kit, rotors and drums from the drum remover tool, frame work, brakes, and suspension work. It may be TOO much torque for some things…I definitely don’t use it on overly rusted bolts and nuts until I soak them in penetrating oil and even then, if it doesn’t come out easy, I reach for the torch. But it’s made my life a lot easier and I recommend it over pretty much any other air gun.

    A Real Tech

  2. Phil

    This thing is the BOMB!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable torque to the point where we bent a ratchet we put on the end of it to remove these bolts. Definitely worth the extra money from the standard 200-300 lbs of torque9-14-18 Follow up….still the bomb. Brake Caliper bolts that no other gun could move and it went instantly. Don’t wast your money on other name brands, this one is the best I’ve seen in a factory setting or working on cars.


  3. Amazon Customer

    I had an older impact that couldn’t take off the rotor nut on my 99 Integra. I read reviews of this impact and decided to give it a try. The delivery was quick. When I first got it, I had some doubt because of the size of the impact and weight. Would it be enough to take off the rotor nut. First try and the nut came right off. This is now my favorite impact at a decent price.Pros:- light and easy to carry using one hand.- quiet and impact vibration is low.- easy flip switch for forward/reverse and power controlCon:- trigger control is too sensitive. Will take some time to adjust for control.- Wish box was a bit bigger to keep impact with with attachment.

    Amazon Customer

  4. PBJ

    I work in a import dealership and was looking to replace my 20 year old MAC impact gun. I only have about 5 more years til retirement and did not want spend $400 to $500 for a new gun off of one of the tool trucks. I found this while searching extensively for alternatives and I was impressed with the reviews. I bought this about six months ago and have been 100 per cent satisfied with it. It is very quiet and is deceptively powerful. I have not found anything it can’t loosen yet.Update: Have been using this daily for over a year now and still no problems. A couple of other techs in my shop have purchased these and are likewise happy with this tool.


  5. Justin Peterson

    I’ve been working in shops for 4 years. This thing is reliable as heck!Its light, powerful, quiet, powerful, and only costs $170Did I say this thing is powerful?I worked on lots of semis! When I couldnt bust lug nuts off with the 1″ gun we had, I grabbed this thing at it would work everytime!Just buy it already.

    Justin Peterson

  6. Bill

    This is the real deal. Unless you are working for Terex, this tool should be your favorite everyday wrench. It’s solid, light, comfortable, quiet, and powerful. It gets the job done, even on a smaller compressor. I’ve been using a pneumatic impact for 25 years, and this is my pick at this price. I especially appreciate the low impact option for F, just enough torque to install but light enough so you can still put the torque wrench on. Enjoy this baby.


  7. Jason

    I don’t want to leave bad review because the gun is awesome I bought two but the one I got from amazon had an issue with the hole that you screw the air plug into keeps spinning, anyone else have this issue? I thought that it was reverse thread to tighten but it just kept turning. But I do own one and it’s SICK can’t wait to get into it. this is nicer fit and better sounding than the IR but I do like both. Anyone deciding between this and the IR you can’t go wrong with either but I’ve used the IR 231 and that thing is a beast!!!


  8. Al F.

    Let me start off saying I’ve been a forklift mechanic for going on 18years. For the last 15years I’ve owned only 1 Matco brand composite 1/2inch drive impact gun. The hammer mechanism finally broke rest in peace it was a good gun. Now I really did not want to drop another 500bucks on another name brand impact. After some research I decided to give Aircat a try. I figured for the cost what the hell. Now I tested this gun out on a 30,000lbs lift capacity forktruck with 20 lugnuts per drive wheel that are torqued down to at least 500ft lbs and it blasted them of easily. I was amazed so I zipped them back on at the highest setting on the gun but only bumped the trigger twice after tight then put a torque wrench on the lugs yep 500ft lbs. I’m very impressed now I’m not delusional to think this impact gun is gonna last me 15yrs(cause nothing is built to last nowadays) but if I get 3-5years use out of it I’ll be happy.

    Al F.

  9. Fran

    I had one of this for 3 years and it was great! but it finally started lose power. So I bought another one, sadly this new one feel like the other one (like the 3 year old one)…. it’s not as firm and powerful as my old one… this one shakes a bit and honestly just feels like one of those Ingersoll rand. Something must have change in the components. The box was different than the old one too. I have been buying this for my coworkers and everyone loves them aside from the last 2 I bought one for me and one for a friend. That I bought in the summer of 2016. But all the other ones I bought previous to those have been decent and powerful.


  10. AJ

    Love it !!! what else can I say works like it should and fast … this one replaces my older Aircat 1000 (tigger gave up the ghost) … this one is much faster and stronger.


  11. Jodie

    I got this as a gift for my husband for Christmas. He is a mechanic and works on Super heavy-duty vacuum trucks all day. In his words it works “great”. I know when I was comparing this to more expensive models it appeared to be just as good if not better then the higher priced ones. He’s very happy with it.


  12. Wilco334

    This is the best impact gun I have ever used. Will turn bolt my 3/4” gun won’t. It’s quiet and light. I’ve had it for about a year and it’s just as good today as it was when I took it out of the box.


  13. Shaughn Thompson

    Light,Comfortable and very quiet!have used ingersoll’s for 25 years 231’s , 2135’s , 2151qt’s , The Nitro has all the power and just as quiet as the ingersoll’sit was a toss up between Nitrocat and a 2235 ingersoll. power for dollar spent . I decided to try the NitroCat.This gun is very deceiving the more it needs power the more it deliver’s !I would recommend this gun .30 years experiance in the trade .

    Shaughn Thompson

  14. Chad

    had way more power than my Snapon MG725 did out of the box. the Nitrocat is so quiet you hear the impact of the socket on the bolt or nut rather than you do of the actual gun itself. very impressed. I seen that MAC has gotten their own version of this impact at double the cost now. Overall the Nitrocar is hands down best gun on the market for the price.


  15. Retired Tradesman

    Very quick delivery. Delivers good power. Heavier and noisier than my TQI series Ingersoll, but a lot cheaper. If you really like to waste money, this gun can also be had in a Snap-On box!

    Retired Tradesman