Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven SP101

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  • The ultimate meal making machine with 8 in 1 functionality: Air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate, and keep warm all in one powerful 1800 watt appliance
  • Reclaim your counter space: Takes up 50 % less space when you flip it up and away to store against your backsplash
  • Air fry: Upto 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods; Tested against hand cut, deep fried french fries
  • Xl capacity: 45 % larger USAble pan cooking area vs; The flat surface area of the cuisinart toa 60 and toa 65 pan; Fits a 13″ pizza, upto 9 slices of toast or 6 chicken breasts (6 to 8 Ounce Each)
  • Easy cleaning: Includes a removable crumb tray and an easily accessible back panel for deep cleaning
  • Fast cooking: Cooks upto 60 % faster than a traditional oven with air roast; 60 second preheat; Full meals in as little as 20 minutes
  • Even baking: Upto 40 % more even baking than the cuisinart air fry oven toa 60
  • Digital crisp control technology: precision controlled temperature, heat source, and airflow for ultimate versatility and optimum cooking performance.
  • Toast and bagels done the way you like: use the toast darkness selector to get it just right.


The Ninja Foodi digital air fry oven packs a lot of features and cooking Capacity in a small countertop footprint.

Air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate, and keep warm- all in one appliance- and when you’re done cooking, reclaim your counter space by simply flipping the oven up and away to clean and store.

  • Unique design promotes speed and even cooking results, including 60-second preheat and family-sized meals in as little as 20 minutes.
  • When the oven is not in use, reclaim your counter space by simply flipping the oven up and away to store.
  • A removable back panel allows you to easily access the interior for deep cleaning.
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  1. Texas Sandra Dee

    I am so incredibly happy with this Ninja oven. I have used air fryers before, but felt limited with their small baskets to cook for my family. But, the convenience, short cooking time and ease of clean up encouraged me to try this ninja.You guys!It is amazing. I am so impressed.1st, by the different cooking tools they ship with this. There’s a mesh tray (for fried okra or chicken) there’s a nonstick tray (for pizza or veggies) there’s a slide in tray for nonstick tray to sit on. There’s a crumb tray to catch all the excess.2nd, The interface is simple to use. I read the directions, but honestly, it’s laid out so easy. You could figure it out even without reading them.3rd. It cooks without any off scent. This is the main problem I had with other air fryer. It reeked when cooking. No off smell with this.4th.This unit is bigger! I can actually make enough for my big family!! It’s footprint is bigger, but it lifts up to store in a vertical position. Then automatically locks into place to store it.Also- •There is also an interior light. Kids have loved peering in to look at goods.•After cooking, this ninja automatically keeps everything warm too.•its wise to wipe the glass and everything down after every time this is used.• after you are done cooking, you can hear the fan for almost 10 minutes as unit cools down.•there is a cord keeper on back. So…hello tidy!•the front completely opens to clean itI took some pics of entire unit and the size of it. Also, of the most amazing pizza I have ever made! The crust was so crisp and perfect. My kids and I agreed, it was the best!

    Texas Sandra Dee

  2. Gigi Carabina

    This is our first air fryer and so far we are impressed.I’ll start with the good:- It cooks the food fast and without almost any oil or grease. This should mean the food is healthier. We cooked 7 drumsticks in 40 minutes.- It is very easy to use- It is versatile, can cook almost anything there is to cook. It can even toast bread in a pinch- Looks good and stows away efficiently, without taking too much space on the counterThe not so good:- Cleaning is necessary after every use. We’ve cooked chicken drumsticks and a sausage/vegetable assortment and there was grease residue all over the inside, especially on the top side and on the top heater elements. Cleaning is relatively easy to do, I was using Clorox degreasing wipes and went through about 5 before the inside was decently clean. Some parts cannot be cleaned, like the bottom heating elements. There is no easy way to remove the metal covers to get to them for cleaning. We got some grease on ours the first time we made chicken because we didn’t install the bottom grease catch pan. Definitely use that.- Cook times are slightly off in the booklet they provide. They said 30-35 minutes for drumsticks at 400F (Air Fry) but in my experience they need at least 10 more minutes otherwise the inside will not be cooked. You will also need ti flip the chicken halfway through otherwise the bottom will not cook properly. We used WallyWorld chicken, so your results may vary.-The anti stick pan will warp at 400F. It goes back to its normal dimensions after it’s taken out of the fryerOverall we are very happy with this fryer and will be using a lot in the future. It is very fast, the food is delicious (once you figure out the cooking time) and healthy.

    Gigi Carabina

  3. Hollyanna

    I am a huge fan of the ninja basket style Air fryer and had high hopes for the oven, unfortunately it is a disappointment. I love that it flips up to save space but that’s about all I love about it. There is not enough room inside, there is very limited height and width to even allow for a decent size casserole dish. The outside top gets extremely hot and stays that way for a long time. Everything I’ve tried to cook in it comes out better in my basket style ninja. I will be returning it, and looking for something different.


  4. Stoner

    I’ve owned two other airfryers this by far is the best. The fact that I can turn it up so it doesn’t take up all the counter space is a huge plus! Love the larger tray. I’ve cooked 9 chicken breast at one time! Love all the different options! Way to go Ninja!!!!


  5. Mark Y

     I currently own several other Ninja products ssdi when I had the opportunity to try this new one I jumped on it. This unit is extremely versatile and doesn’t let down. From the box you get the main unit, crumb tray to line the bottom, wire rack for toast, bagels and holding the sheet pan or other accessories, a non stick sheet pan and an air fry basket.It has 8 basic preset functions: Air fry, Air roast, Air broil, Bake, Dehydrate, Keep warm, Toast and Bagel which times and temperatures ate customizable. There’s also an internal light so you can see how things are going inside.The pros:Completely customizable settingsFar more cooking space than most fryersGlass window to view cooking instead of constantly opening the fryerPowerful 1800w of power means fast cookingA full healthy meal in one pan on an average of 25min.Flips up and out of the way giving back counter space.Sleek stainless steel and black housing looks great.Cons:Because of the rack system there is a limit of height, where other smaller units are deeper and can accommodate larger items.

    Mark Y

  6. Alexander

    We have been using it for about 1-2 week(s) now and think it is a great product. Personally, I have only made a few things in it so far (pizza, fries, bacon, and a few other frozen foods), but it has cooked everything well, and cleanup has been really easy. The fact it flips up off of the counter means we do not need to put it away constantly like we use to with our toaster — that only toasts. We own a Ninja blender & indoor grill as well and love all of our Ninja projects.The only complaint I have is the cooking timer starts counting down the moment pre-heat is done, even though we haven’t put the food in. We add 1 min to the clock to compensate, but you either need to wait around for the pre-heat to be finished, or come back very quick once it’s done pre-heating. With the Ninja grill, once the pre-heat is done it notes “add food”, and waits until you open the door/lid, and re-close the door/lid (with the food you’re cooking inside), and then it starts the counting down — this is a better design in my opinion, but not a deal breaker.


  7. Brandi

    We LOVE this oven so far. I baked my shortbread cookies in this oven, and they were way more evenly baked than in my full size oven. I did lower the temp from 350 to 320 and they still cooked faster than the regular oven. We tried a frozen pizza today, lowered the temp again by about 20 degrees, used the air roast function and it was perfect. We have yet to try frozen foods with the air fry function, but it did reheat our Chinese chicken balls and wontons to crispy perfection. Someone else mentioned the timer starts counting down right away after it preheats, not allowing time to get your food in, this is not an issue for us as this oven literally preheats in about 40 seconds so we just put our food in before preheat and let it go. Word of caution though, when you first start using it- lower your temp than what is called for and keep an eye on your food. We are absolutely thrilled so far, though the additional muffin pan and casserole pan that go with this oven are hard to find. Not sold on amazon or anywhere I looked, and the official Ninja website is out of stock still. Also, it really does fit 9 slices of bread and our toast and bagels have come out very evenly toasted too. We found this unit cools quickly as well, and love that it lifts up to give us our counter space back.


  8. HB

    10/10. Excellent product. I bought it when it was on sale for 190. Don’t pay anymore than that. Wait for a sale. Love that it takes up such little space. I’m not a big fan of air frying but it does other things well. Nice and wide for pizzas but not tall enough for tall dishes. Heats up in under a minute most of the time.


  9. Rick

    Tried donuts and they turned out excellent. Got it within 2 days. Wilton donut pans (6 donuts) fit perfectly. Did 12 in two pans, one at a time.


  10. Nicole

    I’ve been using the Ninja air fry oven for a few weeks and really love it. It heats up incredibly fast and cooks quickly. Yes, it’s small. It’s not going to replace your regular oven, the way a smaller convection or counter top oven might, but what it does, it does very well.Follow the Ninja’s instructions, in regards to temperature and time. Any frozen food takes less time and need less heat than packaging states. A little trial and error and a little common sense helps a lot.The option to “fold” the oven up on my counter was the biggest selling feature. I didn’t want a large pot/air fryer taking up valuable counter space. This takes up such a small footprint and gives me back space in my small kitchen when I’m not using it. And cleaning is simple too.So far, I’m really happy with it. Quick, easy, and small. Exactly what I wanted.


  11. Melanie B

    Love this oven!! It is so much easier to cook up a meal in this rather than turning on the stove and heating up the kitchen. Takes a little bit of time to get used to converting times and temperatures but so far everything has come out ok. We are a family of 4 (sometimes 5) and I find it a little small to do a full sheet pan meal, but I have no problem fitting 6 pork chops or chicken breasts on the pans that were included. Exceptionally easy to clean, and I love that it flips up to store and frees up my counter space. It isn’t loud, hardly noisy at all, but takes a little bit of time to cool down before it can be flipped back up. I’d recommend this to anyone, I use this oven and my Ninja Foodi to make all of our meals! Even replaced my toaster!

    Melanie B

  12. Raffaele Gargaro

    Love this product it’s easy to use and it actually works the way it’s advertised. I bake in it, make toast and fry foods in it all without oil. Got rid of two counter top appliances toaster and toaster oven. Now I have more counter space because the ninja oven flips up when not using.

    Raffaele Gargaro

  13. The P.

    I love the fact that it can be stood up on its side so it doesn’t take up valuable counter space when not in use. I have used it to air fry samosas and it did that wonderfully! Haven’t yet used it for much else besides toast. Will update when I have

    The P.

  14. Serj235

    All around well built little oven. The convection feature works great. The only cons I can think of is the small spacing between the top and bottom elements. Because of that issue, it would be nice to have the wire rack and/or fry basket come out mechanically as you open the door so you don’t accidently touch the top element and burn your oven miten or whatever you are using to protect your hand.


  15. Haider Jalal

    This is simply stunning guys. My mom and dad are still amazed after 3 months to find their breads and bagels perfectly done with the right crisp. I’ve made kebabs, chicken, wings and nuggets and fries and they are perfectly crisp. This is sensational!

    Haider Jalal