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Ninja 5.5 qt. Grey XL Air Fryer Max

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  • Now enjoy guilt free fried food; Air fry with upto 75 % less fat than traditional frying methods (tested against hand cut, deep fried french fries)
  • Max crisp technology delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods Upto 30 % faster (Versus Ninja AF100) for hotter, crispier results with little to no oil for guilt free fried favorites
  • Xl 5.5 QT ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 3 pounds Of french fries or chicken wings
  • Broil rack: give meals or sides a crispy and bubbly finish. Cord length- 2.6 feet
  • Functions include: Max crisp, air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, reheat, dehydrate




Meet the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL, a fast and easy way to cook your favorite foods.

Cook and crisp 3 lbs of French fries, using little to no oil, in a family-sized 5.5-qt basket.

MaxCrisp Technology delivers 450 degrees of superheated air to cook foods up to 30% faster (versus Ninja AF100), for hotter, crispier results with little to no oil for guilt free fried favorites.

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  1. tn

    We’ve been using the Ninja 4qt fryer for about a year now and love it. One of the things we use it for is chicken wings. These fryers cook wings to a very crispy finish, as if they were deep fried. The only complaint we have ever had was that we wished it were a bit bigger. Enter the Max XL. Same excellent results as the smaller version with more capacity. The temps in this model go 50 deg higher and this one seems more quiet than the smaller one. Very happy with both of our Ninja Air Fryers. I have attached some side by side phots for folks wondering about size differences.


  2. Matt P.

    I’ve been reading about air fryers for about a year now, but never seriously considered one because I never thought fried food could taste as good unless it’s dipped in a big old tub of hot oil, i was wrong. When I had a chance to order this Ninja Max Air Fryer I decided to go for it and give it a try. The day it arrived I went through the manual and the cookbook (one of those manuals with about 20 recipes, not an actual cookbook), and after finding some room on our countertop, decided to give it a quick try with something we had in the freezer. We were both hungry for a snack, so decided on some tater tots as the initial experiment. I read that some adjustments may have to be made on time and temp, so set it on max crisp and 10 minutes. You can slide the bucket out at any time to check on things, and it stops the clock and all until you slide it back in, where it picks up right where you left off. After several minutes and several in/outs of the bucket, they were done. I’m a pretty decent cook, and have cooked tater tots in the oven and in the fryer (hot oil), and I’ll be perfectly honest, they never tasted as good as when i cooked them in this air fryer. They were spot on crunchy, and still moist potato inside. I was pretty amazed, but not sold on one trial. Next day, decided to cook some frozen fries and Tyson Southern Style battered chicken. Again, not being sure of time and temps just yet, I continually checked them until done (cooked them separately). Once again, they were just as good, if not better then when cooked in the oven or hot oil fryer. Not only were they cooked much faster than any ways I’ve cooked them previously, but the only mess from cooking both was just having to wipe out the bucket. No hot oil to deal with after cooling, no pots, baking pans, or utensils to have to clean, just the bucket. Now I’m starting to rethink the whole air fryer thing. We’ve cooked several other frozen foods in this (fried okra, different fries, onion rings, etc.) and have used the bake cycle as well for some chicken. Every single thing we cooked in it has tasted great, and saved us from the usual cleanup. There are several other settings on here as well that we have not tried yet. I’m getting around to the air roast, air broil, and dehydrate for jerky, and can’t wait to see how they work, but can’t review them yet. I’ve since checked out online other recipes for air fryers, and there is a million+ to try. Also, Ninja has a lot of recipes on their website, but the site isn’t actually updated for this specific model with recipes, although the other air fryer recipes I’m sure will work. This is an amazing machine. I’m old school, and love cooking, and NEVER thought this could cook anything as well as my old tried and true methods, but I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong. I still have a lot to learn about the many uses of this air fryer, as there seems to be so many ways to use it, and recipes to try. But, just from the times I have used it, I’m amazed at how well it cooks, and extremely pleased with how few items I have to clean up after I’m done. I’m absolutely positive this will get a lot of use in my kitchen as time goes on and I get more familiar with it. I’ve set my calendar for 60 days from today to update this review and how it’s going two months from now. Overall, we found this to be an excellent cooking machine, very easy to clean, does have some accessories that look like they would be handy to have on hand (not included), and a great addition to our kitchen. Well worth the money.

    Matt P.

  3. Mary Batt/ Michael Batt

    I air roasted cauliflower with a little oil, garlic salt and pepper. It was amazing. Made pizza rolls first being i didn’t know how to use it and it would be much simpler. Pizza rolls came out nice and crunchy . I was going to get a steamer for veggies , however with this air roast setting there is no need to buy a steamer. I ordered a few air fry cookbooks to give me an idea to what are the possibilities . The cookbook that came with it is not much of one, just a few pages . Very easy to clean. The price is much better on Amazon then going direct to Ninja’s site. Not a fish eater , but i think i will give it a try in this unit as well as salmon patties . Great for keto diet users . The hard part is knowing how long to cook for. I took the pizza rolls out 5 min early or they might have been over done . The machine automatically sets for 20 mins which im sure you can change the time . Just got it today so i have a learning curve to practice. Seems easy enough .

    Mary Batt/ Michael Batt

  4. Gina

     It’s been only a week but at my WW (Weight Watchers) meeting the recommend for the low fat and oil for frying foods.From what I can tell this is an easy way to grill indoors with no smoke. If you are a foodie and like to dehydrate food, bake and other cools stuff def. I don’t have a grill, microwave or convection oven so this fills the void nicely. Even if you have all that it does make cooking, reheating convenient without the cleanup.Decided to get the XL because although is just me wanted to put a whole chicken in and make more than one thing at a time. Most ppl that have gotten one their only complaint is that they didn’t get a bigger one.


  5. Newyorkeyez

    This is a game changer! For someone who does not like to cook, clean the pots, pans, and stove after cooking nor stand by monitoring the food while it is cooking! ME! Thin steaks are cooked to juicy perfection in 4 minutes! Easiest clean up ever. My home and or clothes never ever smell like a restaurant with this appliance. Worth every penny!


  6. Alyssa Bessey

    This by far is the best air fryer!! I got a different brand a 2 years ago and after 1 year it died. So I replaced it with this one. OMG….have used it twice so far and I am impressed and it has exceeded my expectations. So worth the buy!!!

    Alyssa Bessey

  7. paulvi

    what a academy award winner the same as its brother the 4 qt however more features



    I am so happy with this, it is so much nicer than the one I have and so easy to clean. I does a wonderful job on cooking, I use it as much as I can. I would highly recommend this to anyone, it has several functions and easy to operate.


  9. Amazon Customer

    I love this AF so much that I’m considering a 2nd one for veggies/potatoes. It’s either this one or the Foodi grill. Get it. You will not regret it. No oil used at all for the wings and they turn out so crispy. Ninja products is so easy to clean too.

    Amazon Customer

  10. George

    I chose this air fryer because it took up a smaller footprint than other ones. The multiple modes of cooking are great and I enjoy the max crisp option. The secret to using this airfryer though is to shake up the food every few minutes to make sure you crisp the food evenly. Also the fact that you can dishwash the cooking parts made this a top choice over the others.


  11. JON

    This was a gift to family and they love it use it almost everyday, it works super well and the size is perfect for the family ❤


  12. Amazon Customer

    Best purchase of the year!! You can put almost anything in this little machine. Fries, wings, even frozen pizza. Food comes of crisp like it was deep fried without the oil.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Cathy Vena

    I love this product. Easy to use and clean. Use silicone tongs to avoid scratching. Have had mine for two weeks now and have used it almost every day. Been experimenting with different foods. Cook time is the challenge but getting a handle on it.

    Cathy Vena

  14. Brenda

    Never thought I would enjoy this so much. No mess. No odour.


  15. Gatti

    Air fryer stop working in less than 3 months