Nikon ProStaff 5 12×50 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  • See the outdoors up close in bright, lifelike color thanks to fully multicoated lens and prism system
  • Large 50mm objective lenses enhance viewing capability in lower light, lower contrast situations accompanying dawn and dusk
  • PROSTAFF 5’s turn-and-slide eyecups and long eye relief provide a comfortable view for everyone, even when wearing eyeglasses



The Prostaff 5 binocular line features, multi-click, turn-and-slide rubber eyecups, long eye relief, waterproof/fogproof performance and a lightweight and rugged, yet sleek and comfortable body.

The dependable Nikon Prostaff comes in four different models to choose from ensuring you will find one to meet the needs of your next outdoor adventure.

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  1. Rockymtnrockhound

    These are great, I have been through two other pairs of Nikon binos in the last year and I think these are absolutely the best for my needs.Let me start off by saying that I use my optics for spot and stalk hunting in the west. I bought new 8X42 aculons last year and was very satisfied with them throughout the 2014 season. Eventually my desire to get a higher power set grew so I would not have to lug my spotting scope around as much. So I sold my aculons and bought 12×50 Nikon extremes, They were great optics and price wise until I found these for only a little more. When I compared the weight I was amazed that the prostaffs were almost half the weight and way less bulky. I returned the extremes and have been satisfied with these. Anyone looking at Nikon should really give the prostaffs a hard look, if you don’t have the money for the monarchs this is the best way to go. the extremes are great but if you need to hike with your binos or carry them with all your other hunting gear the prostaffs can’t be beat. I also tried to fog theses up and couldn’t, this was a big problem with my aculons on cold mornings. for the power and objective lens combo these are worth way more than you pay..


  2. Young Farms

    Honestly I like the 8×50 better. But these are clear. You can see quite close. I’m more of a hunter and use these in my ranch and I can see out to 300yrds no problem. I can spot a bird out that far. It has very good eye compensation and focal adjustment. I recommend the 8×50, them seem the same and they’re cheaper! I have both.

    Young Farms

  3. gma7

    Great binoculars, able to see the whiskers in a bear!


  4. Vlad Pitt

    very fast focusing, even in low light, love clarity and the 3D like images, due to magnification the depth fo field becomes shallow which renders 3D like quality, at maximum magnification it becomes a little unsteady which is to be expected, but still quite good.. exceded expectations…Highly recommended.

    Vlad Pitt

  5. KingDL1

    They work well for me, I use them watching college football. If a player goes down I like to see what seems to be hurt. They keep things so quiet these days. Excellent Quality and easy to use.


  6. Marvin R. Guenther

    very nice binocular I was impressed with how light they were super clear and a decent eye relief ,as always Nikon quality impressed me. they are also very compact for 12×50 glasses

    Marvin R. Guenther

  7. jeff zawadzki

    I have owned several cheaper binoculars, bushnell tasco etc…. I had a pair of 12-22 zoom nikons that were ok to say the least. These are amazing, even with my glasses on the picture is wide and clear. No they’re not Zeiss or Steiner but these are not thousands of dollars either. Hands down one of the best bang for buck binos anyone could own. I recieved them today and the first use was spotting deer at night with a bright light. I seen deer at over 500 yards that we never ever dreamed of seeing in the past. Dont hesitate these are worth twice the cost!!!!

    jeff zawadzki

  8. JCJ

    We use them to watch wildlife on our property (we don’t hunt) and to look along our fence line from time to time. We like them a lot and are able to see a nice, crisp picture through them.


  9. DK

    i have a pair of prostaff 7 (step up) and monarch 5 (two steps up)there is a reason this is a cheaper line.with cheaper optics and cheaper coating you lose contrast, gain chromatic aberrations and overall image quality is not there. you dont have that “OMG HD picture” you get with higher end binos.10×42 in prosfaff 7s would be a MUCH better bino for the same amount of money and the magnification you lose is compensated by the quality. it is the same exit pupil and same apparent fov.


  10. Wayne Farrow

    I shoot competitive Archery I depend on my Binoculars to see the scoring area on 3D targets to know where to aion and also when shooting Field or target archery To see my arrow placement in the target to know where I am hitting.at up to 80 yards, and these Nikon Binos are AWESOME. Super clear and bright!! Awesome value for the money spent!! If I were to lose these Nikon Binos, I would not hesitate to buy them again. The best Binos I have ever had.

    Wayne Farrow

  11. Kathi

    Fantastic Binoculars I ended up with the 10×50 as the 12×50 would probably need a tripod. but the 10×50 is so nice. very clear and easy to focus. Perfect for us.


  12. Amazon Customer

    Very clear viewing. Nice and light. Good price.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Michel Rochon

    Binoculars are impressive, a very good value.

    Michel Rochon