Nikon Monarch 5 8×42 Binoculars – Fogproof/Waterproof

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  • All MONARCH 5 binoculars are now built with Nikon’s premium ED (Extra Low Dispersion) Glass for a sharper, clearer and more brilliant field of view
  • Almost an ounce lighter than its predecessor, the new MONARCH 5 is even easier to bring along on your next adventure
  • Fully Multicoated Eco Glass Lenses provide a high light transmittance across the entire visible light spectrum
  • It is equipped with user friendly features such as Turn and Slide Rubber Eyecups, a Smooth Central Focus Knob and Flip Down Lens Caps
  • Built for extreme use, the MONARCH 5 is waterproof, fog proof and has a rubber armored body for strengthened durability



Almost an ounce lighter than its predecessor and built with Nikon ED (extra-low dispersion) glass lenses, the new MONARCH 5 is a serious contender to be the “go-to” binocular for any outdoor enthusiast.

The MONARCH 5 delivers sharp, high-contrast views that are the result of a state-of-the-art optical system. Featuring Nikon’s premium ED Glass lenses and Dielectric High-Reflective Multilayer Prism Coatings, the MONARCH 5 displays exceptionally accurate color reproduction and a clear, natural looking image.

Each of its Eco-Glass lenses are Fully Multicoated to provide maximum resolution and light transmission. The MONARCH 5 binocular comes in black finish and is available in 8×42, 10×42 and 12×42 magnifications. It utilizes Nikon’s high-eye point design to provide a clear field-of-view and long eye-relief.

The long eye-relief ensures a sufficient space between the user’s face and the binoculars’ eyecups to make them comfortable for everyone, even for those wearing eyeglasses. The turn-and-slide rubber eyecups make it easy to find the right eye positioning for extended periods of use.

The MONARCH 5 also utilizes a smooth central focus knob that makes it easy to bring object into focus for fast viewing. Built for extreme usage, the MONARCH 5 is Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed, making it completely waterproof and fog proof. A protective, rubber-armored coating strengthens its durability and ensures a non-slip grip during wet and dry conditions.

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  1. David

    I’m a product designer, and as such, I like to inspect the quality of the things I buy and figure out why certain choices were made. It is my opinion that the eyepiece lens caps were made slightly large on purpose, not by mistake. The injection molding on them are too clean for it to be a mistake, and they’re obviously too large for them to be designed with a snug fit. If you look in the instruction book, some of the first pictures in it show you how to attach the (included) neck strap and how to properly connect the lens caps to the strap. When using the binoculars as they’re intended, that is wearing them around the neck, the lens caps stay in place quite well. When it comes time to use them, though, the lens cap easily lift off of the eyepieces and hand from the strap out of place. When you let the binoculars hang from your next afterwards, the caps fall over the eyepieces and protect them. Since they face upwards, having them protected helps ward off rain, debris, or sunlight shining directly into the lenses. If they were any more snug, they would not work in this way. Yes, it would be nice if they were a bit more snug, as it would make it easier to use them without the neck strap, but that’s the way it is. I also wonder how much they’d wear into the rubber eyepieces if they had a more snug fit. Sometime down the line I may design up and 3D print some more snug lens caps and will post the files online, so keep an eye out for those.Well enough about that, now on to the binoculars themselves. In a word, they’re spectacular. I’m used to some of the older and larger Porro prism binoculars or the smaller, cheap roof prism type. But regardless of style, I’ve never looked through a nicer pair of optics.Before buying these, whenever I was out somewhere in nature, I’d always wished I had some nice binoculars with me, and since I have a big trip coming up, I thought I’d spend the money on a nice pair, and these blew me away. The very close minimum viewing distance is nice, as it makes looking at birds and squirrels a lot of fun. The long distance adjustment works very well, too. Looking past the optics, I wanted a pair that would be small enough to carry with me and won’t be a burden (like while camping), but something large enough to provide good magnification. These are pretty much just the right size, as they’re easily packable, but still large enough to feel good in the hand and have just enough weight to easily hold them steady. The rubber coating has a nice feel, and I think it should be able to protect them well. The objective lenses are set back enough that I don’t have to worry about them taking damage if it bumps up against something flat. The objective lens covers are very nice and snap on tight. The tripod mount threading is nice, as securing it to something with legs really helps with stability.I am looking forward to using these more thoroughly on our trip and will try to post back about how well they work.


  2. luv2read

    These binoculars are phenomenal!!! Bought these for a trip out west. Looked at another highly recommended pair, that were non ED glass. These were about $100 more. My husband really liked the fact they were Nikon and hopeful they will perform for him in low light situations and hunting. I’m sure they will after using them at dusk on our trip. They are very lightweight and have a rubber, non-slip feeling. They are easy to grab and use at a moments notice which is fantastic for my achy, arthritic hands. I wear progressive lense glasses and these binoculars are perfect with them. I have no issues, no uncomfortableness with my glasses pushing, nothing! The clarity with these binoculars is amazing!! Everytime I pick them up, I wish there was a button to click a picture of what I am seeing through them! I thought originally the other pair would suffice, but with the weight and grip and clarity, I couldn’t be more happy!! P.S. I’m at hotel in South Dakota and as I was writing this review, my husband pointed out 2 whitetail bucks from our balcony, an 8 and 6 point…at 6:30pm on a fall night, these binoculars had no problem!!! Worth every penny!!


  3. George Feebold

    I join the others who have rated the Monarch 5 with 5 stars. I have a pair of 10X40 Monarchs that are 12 to 15 years old. They’re great binoculars, but I always felt the 10 power and their weight was making them a little difficult to hold a steady image. After reading many reviews, here and elsewhere, I opted for the newer Monarch 5 8X42’s. The 5’s are lighter, brighter and smaller than my older Nike binoculars. Edge to edge clarity, close focus and even depth of field is really amazing. The light weight and rubberized coating of the Monarchs make them extremely comfortable to use. The lens cap deal is really a non issue, they were designed that way as others have pointed out. I enthusiastically recommend them!

    George Feebold

  4. GrRecrot

    Mind you I only right reviews when a product either highly impresses me or unsurpassedly dissapoints. Guess which one this was. I don’t know where all these glowing reviews come from but the product I got was nothing more then a $300 paperweight. The clarity on this is comparable to a $200 Bushnell M Series. The chromatic abberation control was HORRENDOUS, mind you this has ED glass by Nikon a reputable lens manufacturer, but jeez these were awful, the color fringing was highly noticeable during daytime, made looking through these binos unbearable. The edge to edge clarity is mediocre at best. The eye relief was acceptable but nothing impressive. Also I don’t know why but I found adjusting these binos to my vision unexpectedly dreadurous, I have scopes that takes me 20 seconds to adjust the diopter and ones like this which takes a good 10 minutes of fiddling.The pros: These are solidly built, no joke feel like a tank would not worry about dropping these at all and they are pretty compact for the magnification.These might have been the top dogs back in the day, but they are nothing more then overpriced junk now.Clarity: 8/10Chromatic Abberation Control: 3/10Focus: 6/10Ruggedness:10/10Value:0/10Wanted to add that I bought The Nikon Prostaff 8 x 42 3s wgich was 1/3 the price and it had much less noticeable color fringing, my unit must omhave been defective, but first impressions are everything especially when products are hhndreds of dollars.


  5. R. Gray

    Nice feel, clear optics. Kind of what you’d expect from Nikon. However, the reason I gave it four stars instead of five, is because the lens cap for the rear lens does not fit. It is so sloppy that when you tip the binoculars in any direction the lens cap simply falls off. I thought perhaps it was a packaging error so I sent them back and ordered another set. But the new set was exactly the same. There’s at least 1/8 inch Gap all the way around between the cap and the lens. This is a serious flaw, for which I have contacted Nikon and will update this post if and when I hear back from Nikon.Status update: I contacted Nikon and they say this is the only lens cap that is available and that it will stay on while the binoculars are folded in for storage. Not a very satisfactory answer, so I’ve reduced my rating to 4 stars from 5. I am now on the search for either some other product’s lens caps or a way to modify these. When you have them around your neck going through brush and tall grasses, you don’t want the lens cover to fall off. A snug fit would be much better.

    R. Gray

  6. Carrie Merrigan-Johnson

    I loved these binoculars when I purchased them. I got them to take to my field research station and when i first got there they were FANTASTIC. But After a month of use the Lenses would fog up from breathing to close to them or from the rain – i literally had to have a microfibre cloth with me to use them – not easy in a rainforest but I was like okay at least they work at the moment. Then, it happened, they broke. As you can see the Eye piece completely popped off. This mechanism is supposed to rotate for you to place your eyes on so you can use them properly. It was my favourite feature about the binoculars. Unfortunately, its out of the return policy and because I had no internet at my biological field station there was nothing I could do until I returned on August 14. Besides the issues I had with them, I really Love them! They were fantastic for seeing facial features on moneys which is exactly what i needed. If they added broken this product would have received 5 stars from me no problem!

    Carrie Merrigan-Johnson

  7. gorer

    I like these. They are comfortable and the optics are clear. However, after a year of use I noticed considerable wear on the rubber grip. These aren’t the same quality as the Nikon Monarchs I purchased 10 years ago. I’m a little bit disappointed, but I don’t regret buying them. They are a good entry set of binos for people who are getting serious about binos.


  8. Lauren B.

    Bought as my first pair of binoculars after wanting a pair for a long time to start birding. These are fantastic! I bring them around with me all the time. They’re so clear and quite easy to keep stable. I would recommend these to anyone who doesn’t have a huge budget but still wants quality binoculars.

    Lauren B.

  9. Darrin Rusnick

    I absolutely LOVE them. Everything I expected from them. The only down fall is that the protective lens cover for the eye piece fits too loose and will not stay on .But other than that the image is crystal clear and very sharp. I would highly recommend them. This is an item where the saying “you get what you pay for” comes into play.

    Darrin Rusnick

  10. patrick Monaghan

    Very clear picture from these bins. The ED glass gives an HD quality image that is perfect for distinguishing detail at a distance. Very sensitive to light so low light images seem brighter. Solid build and feels very comfortable in your hands. 8x zoom very good for birding, easy to keep image stable. Only knock is that the rear lens clips are very loose and will come off easily but I never found this to be more than a minor issue. Overall fantastic binoculars

    patrick Monaghan

  11. G. Edwards

    Happy with the binoculars and are as advertised. Got a great deal from Amazon warehouse as they were in open box. Cannot detect any fault with them, so pleased with purchase. I do a lot of birdwatching and they work well in field. The extra magnification over my old pair really helps.

    G. Edwards

  12. Stefany

    La qualité de l’image est vraiment très bonne pour le rapport / qualité prix. J’utilise ces jumelles pour regarder les oiseaux et elles performent bien en plein jour ou lorsqu’il y a peu de lumière. Le seul problème est qu’elles ne sont pas super résistante. Après moins de deux mois d’utilisation, l’insigne de Nikon est tombé et une des cap s’est décollé.


  13. Amazon Customer

    Wonderful optics, rugged high quality build. 10×42 is perfect for hunting.The only thing that is not perfect is the eye relief and position is not very forgiving with or without glasses. This may just be a function of 10 power vs 8.

    Amazon Customer

  14. h. karthikeyan

     Performance is really good… only drawback is that the cover for the eye piece is too loose, as if it is one size bigger than the binox… not sure if it is how Nikon supplies or something went wrong in packaging…

    h. karthikeyan

  15. Dee McLean

    Clear view, great quality, not huge or heavy, they are a pleasure to use.It was love at first sight!The case is well padded but the cover is not quite covering the binoculars.As it would not protect the binoculars if it started to rain, I bought a better case made by Steiner, Germany.Happy Trails! 🙂

    Dee McLean