Nikon LaserForce 10×42

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  • Rangefinder Binocular with 10-1900 yard range
  • Reflective Target 1900 yards Tree 1400 Yards Deer 1100 Yards
  • Incline/Decline Technology. FOV at 1000 yards: 320 feet
  • Display in .1 yard increments to 100 yards / 1 yard increments over 100 yards
  • Bright and clear red OLED display with 4-step intensity adjustment
  • ED (Extra-Low dispersion) Glass
  • Turn and Slide Eyecups
  • Waterproof/Fogproof



Combine Nikon binocular performance with the extreme speed and ranging technology of a 1900-yard laser rangefinder and you have Laser Force, Nikon’s 10x 42mm Rangefinder Binocular.

Quite simply the single optic solution for serious hunters who depend on both their binocular for picking out distant animals and their rangefinder for getting the exact distance before taking the shot.

Featuring ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass and Nikon’s ID Technology to compensate for incline or decline angles, Laser Force puts ranging precision, optical performance and rugged performance within your reach.

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  1. L. Hill

    I went to Bass Pro Shops and asked to look at the Swarovski EL range finder binoculars and the Nikon range finder binoculars. She was kind enough to also put out a Zeiss range finder binocular to compare. I was standing by to see how close the Nikon could come since it is one-third the price and the top of what I could afford. This Bass Pro has a pretty good 90 yard view to look at colors and details and shaded areas. I took my time looking through all three and the saleslady never rushed me. Here are my opinions:Range finding: No contest. The Nikons were far and away the quickest target response and most ergonomic, although they all seemed to have challenging ergonomics (which I’m sure you’d get used to if you only owned one of them). I’ve seen these exact same comments in other reviews, and so I agree with them.Optics: I found the Nikon and Zeiss optics quite similar, perhaps giving an ever-so-slight edge to the Zeiss. Can’t say exactly why; just seemed clearer and revealed better detail. Surprisingly, I found them both to be better than the Swarovski optics, which is one of the reasons I took so long looking through all of these binoculars so many times. Upon commencing this test, my brain was wired to “okay, I guess you’ll have to figure out how to save up $3,300 for a pair of binoculars.” But that simply did not happen. (Disclaimer: Neither myself or the saleslady could move the Swarovski diopter knobs so both eyes could be in perfect focus – so in all fairness, the Swarovski didn’t get as fair a shake as the other two).Weight and handling: I didn’t weigh the binoculars and offer my opinion as purely a layman sentiment. The Swarovski felt the best during general handling (but not range finding). The Nikon’s were a close second (and the easiest to use range finding), while the Zeiss felt bulky to me (and the least ergonomic for use of range finding). They were all heavy, very heavy, compared to regular binoculars of the same quality that lacked range finding capability.Subsequent to this Bass Pro sampling, I purchased the Nikons (here on Amazon). In actual field testing, the Nikons blew away even what I believed they would do in actual field application. Close and distant objects measure instantly, and I am able to distance small objects too with ease. The optics are just fantastic and well above my older pairs of Leupold binoculars.One note about the binocular straps: I saw some reviews that they were inferior and to replace them immediately. I didn’t see any big problem with the provided Nikon strap, but went ahead and purchased a Vero Vellini strap. Shouldn’t have done that. There is virtually no difference between the two straps.Summation: You get every penny that you pay for with these Nikon range finder binoculars. I have tested them several evenings in low light right down to dark, as well as bright sunlight. I’m still recovering mentally and financially from spending this kind of money on binoculars, but since I use binoculars probably more than any other tool when hunting, I took the plunge. If you are thinking about going down this road, my advice is buy these Nikons but do not purchase any other paraphernalia until you use them because you may find that they come pretty darn usable “as is.”

    L. Hill

  2. outdoorguy

    Here are my impressions after 2 weeks of running them.PROS: Excellent glass, fast & accurate rangefinder, amazing price/performance!CONS: Ranging button hard to find when not looking at it (but a great hack described below), crappy lens covers and case (no big deal).After saving for two years for an optics purchase, I am very happy with this product! Originally I had intended to buy a high end rifle scope, but why have a bunch of expensive rifle scopes sitting in the safe? Instead, I decided to streamline my archery hunting setup by going with rangefinding binos that I would get more use out of. Let’s be honest, these Nikons are no Swarovskis, but they come pretty darn close to my Swaro EL 10×42. For long range rifle hunting here in the West, nothing beats my Swaro 10s and 15s along with my Gunwerks BR-2 rangefinder. Even though the Nikons boast 1900 yard ranging, for me it will be for archery only. It has been amazing white shooting 3D! Now for the hack mentioned above. I made a “silicon dimple” on the range button by masking off a little square with blue masking tape. Then I put a dollop of Mcnett’s Seam Sealer on the button. When it cured (24 hours), I had a nice custom tactile range button I can locate with out looking. If you are picky about optics and know the value of a dollar…you won’t be disappointed.


  3. Amazon Customer

    I have had several brand of laser rangefinders and I have the original Burris laser rangefinder / binocular combo which I have used for years, but recently decided to upgrade. I checked many brands out at retail stored like Cabelas and other sporting good stores including some that retail $3K or more. However for the money I think the Nikon can’t be beat. It has a crisp clarity that the very expensive models have as far as using for binoculars but where it really shines is the laser rangefinder functionality. Other brands including some very expensive models seem to take many seconds to return a range reading. I’m sure it is not long but when you are sitting there trying to hold steady on a target 1500 yards plus away it seems like an eternity. The Nikon however is instantaneous on returning readings on anything under 1000 yards and maybe 1 sec on anything up to 1700 yards plus. Very impressed!

    Amazon Customer

  4. Ptah

    I compared these side by side to Vortex Fury and Swarovski EL and could see no difference in optical quality. I have ranged beyond 1K yds without trouble on a tripod. As others have stated range results are returned quickly. Angle compensation is a plus (returns horizontal distance) One down side is the mushy rubber coating. Sand and dust stick to these thing like glue.


  5. C Kelly

    Bought these for my ever hunting husband. I spent a lot of time researching the best Rangefinders. He said they are fantastic and the best gift he’s ever received. Crystal clear. He also liked the ease of clicking the yardage. His hunting buddy has ones by a “crystal” company but is now getting himself a pair of these. Nikon rocks it with these!!

    C Kelly

  6. Charles Jensen

    High quality optics. Easy to operate. Not inexpensive, but a good value. Range finder within great binoculars very convenient. Previously carried 10×50 Swarovski binocs, Leica rangefinder which are exceptional. But with this Nikon combo, optics are comparable. Only loss is field of view. Great product.

    Charles Jensen

  7. Joel Jay Villarreal

    Was able to connect on an Aoudad in West Texas at 528 yards after using the rangefinder binoculars. It has a setting to have the angle yardage built in to range up mountains and down valleys. This past hunting trip is the first time I use them and I’m very happy I did. So far they are holding up well but only time will tell.

    Joel Jay Villarreal

  8. Barry Demchuk

    great optics and the rangefinder is right on….great for the price…would recommend.

    Barry Demchuk

  9. Paw Mudduck

    Excellent product range finder is very accurate and optical clarity is excellent. You will need to spend a few thousand more to go to the next level – Leica, Swarovski etc

    Paw Mudduck