Nikon ACULON A211 10-22×50 Binoculars – Zoom – Black

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  • Aculon A211 10 22×50 Zoom Binoculars Are Designed to Be As Light as Possible Along With Excellent Ergonomics
  • Easy to reach Fingertip Zoom Control Knob allows for quick and easy adjustment of the binoculars’ magnification from 10 up to 22 power. Interpupillary distance adjustment (mm)- 56-72
  • Turn and Slide Rubber Eyecups allow for comfortable viewing during extended periods of use; Minimum Focus Distance 49.2 feet / 15 meter
  • Multicoated Eco Glass Lenses deliver a bright and clear image in most lighting conditions; Field of view @ 1000 meter (meter/feet) 66/199; Apparent field of view (°) 36.7; Real field of view (°) 3.8
  • A Durable Rubber Armored Coating Ensures a Non Slip Grip, Even in Wet Conditions; Exit Pupil Is 2.3 5mm



ACULON A211 10-22×50 zoom binoculars are built with multi-purpose functionality and a lightweight, ergonomic design. These binoculars are perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, economically priced and quality optic.

The ACULON A211 10-22×50 zoom binoculars deliver high to extremely high range magnification, adjustable by an easy-to-reach fingertip zoom control knob, in a compact design; and are light enough to be carried with ease to any outing or event.

Built to last with eco-safe components and designed to perform in a variety of conditions, the ACULON A211 10-22×50 zoom binoculars are sure to bring you even closer to the action and give you an experience nothing short of incredible, all at a very affordable price. Includes free Tripod Adapter.

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  1. FlyBoy

    ***I am in favor of big name brand manufacturers designing and building products for the average consumer in a less than pro standard budget. However, Nikon is associated with Japan’s uncompromised quality, build an precision. In this particular case, they nust placed their big name on a Quality Chinese pair of long eyes. No Nikon glass, and no Nikon precision manufacturing standards.Don’t get me wrong, if you are an outdorsman, you could still use them, but don’t expect a true Nikon performance rivali g tbe Big German and Austrian names.Soccer Moms should be so very happy and content with these binoculars. They come in a mid level elegant case, but unfortunately not very secure. It can open accidentally if you’re not careful. Bird watchers also will find it useful, but only in the lowest powdr setting. The Zoom design, anyway, is not all that great. No precision and likely unreliable for anything beyond the most marginal use.All in all, they are great on a generic name, but marginally OK when you expect a Nikon optical product.One thing to consider, however, if you, as I, decide to feturn it and invest in a German name; You will pay at least five fold the price. I have a need for the German name Extra Low Dispersion glass, and the precision along with the indistructible build quality, therefore, It is well worth my investment to go the German route.***


  2. Myan

    I had read one very good review where they had stated that they were not binocular experts, but went on to say that they had bought several pairs of binoculars over the years, that didn’t have the clarity that they had expected, until they bought these. Their review compelled me to write my review!! I agree with them 100% these binoculars are of very good quality, you feel it in the weight at a solid but fairly light 33 oz. ( or roughly 2 lbs. 1 oz.) and rubber armored! I have had several pairs of binoculars myself, and when you zoom in and refocus you just can’t get them to come in clear unless you back off the zoom a bit then they will become clear. So what good is zoom if they’re not going to be clear when zoomed in all the way. Well good news for the folks that bought these, because these are crystal clear while zoomed all the way in!!! Also if you focus these in while zoomed in all the way, as you back the zoom off they will stay focused! Also what is not mentioned is these binoculars come with a neck strap, a padded case that has a belt loop, so you can ware it on a belt up to 2.5 inches wide, and lens covers, along with the tripod adapter that is mentioned.I would definitely recommend these to anyone!!


  3. DirtDiver

    These binocs rock! I had a smaller pair from a different manufacturer but wanted to go ‘bigger’I am an amateur photographer (NIkon DSLR) and really enjoy photographing wildlife. Particularly birds of prey.But birds of prey are sometimes shy and also nest and sit in high places. These bad boys will zoom in to where you need to goThey are a bit heavy, but that’s the price you pay for the extra power (channeling Tim Allen. . . UUUUGGHHHH..power)I saw another review complaining about a sometimes wavy image. But when you are viewinglong distance heat waves are going to be a factor. That’s not the spec’s fault. That”s just natureI’ve really enjoyed them so far. And Nikon makes top notch products


  4. A. Anderson

    Very nice. These were a gift for my Wife for bird watching. She does not like to go hiking into the woods but prefers to stay near the car. These binoculars give here the “reach” to see the birds without having to walk long distances to get close. She likes to use them on a monopod, especially when she is using high magnification.They provide a clear “crisp to the edge” of the field of view.Note that these have a “close focus” of 49 feet. For astronomy purposes or many sports and outdoor uses this may not be an issue but for bird watching many people would prefer something more around 12 to 20 feet. However, for my Wife, this is not an issue.Also note that these have a field of view of only 3.9 degrees at 10X. Compare this to a typical 10X50 which would be around 6 degrees. Again, my wife is fine with this but if you are expecting something like 6 degrees these may not meet your expectations. Just something you get used to.I would recommend these to friends.

    A. Anderson

  5. Someone

    The binoculars are well made and the optics are great. Compared directly to a previous pair of 12x binoculars or a different but popular brand these appear brighter by nearly 1 stop at 12x. The 1 stop brightness seems to extend close to 16x mark after which they lose perhaps 1/2 a stop of light. Having the ability to go to 22x is great but at that magnification I observed a little bit of purple fringing and aberration on the edges of high contrast subjects – not a dealbreaker but just something to be aware of. For the photographers amongst you, these are not at par with the high cost high magnification camera lenses in terms of optics but then they cost just a fraction of what those cost and yet come close (when magnified unto 16x). In the 18x-22x range I would compare them to basic kit lenses of lower end consumer grade cameras. Overall I would rate then as great considering their relatively low cost (when compared to camera lenses).


  6. Doodlebug

    These are great, and perfect for whale watching. Just lightweight enough to hold, but also sturdy. We mounted them on a tripod, and they actually came WITH the mounting hardware.


  7. Vamsi Arjun

    I did a lot of research on binoculars like Bushnell, Celestron, Olympus and even Solognac decathlon product for near about a month or so and finally settled with Nikon Acculon 10×50 MC layer Bak4 german made lens. This Binocular is Beast!! The fit n finish of binocular is impeccable. Yon can see the landscape, buildings, mountains so clearly which cannot be visible with your naked eyes. It’s really awesome. And there’s really no abbreation at all. No shaking nor distorted images. Coming to Cons: 1) Little bit heavy but ok manageable with strap and tripod. 2) No waterproof 3) No Antifog feature. Rest all good. Overall its a VFM. Perfect binocular. I give 4.5 Star’s. I totally recommend it.

    Vamsi Arjun

  8. Sivaraman

    Put this binocular on a tripod and you can see Jupiter and it’s moons. Watch moon (only for a short span of time) on a full moon day and you shall fall in love with the moon for sure. The item was delivered on time with good quality.


  9. Jigs

    I have had them for two years now. This pair of binoculars work perfectly fine for me. The only problem I have is they are a little bulky while traveling and feel heavy around the neck if you are going to be out all day or hiking with them. Other than that, no complaints. Olympus in the same range would also do, its slightly on the lighter side.


  10. Rakov

    Initial review. The image is clear and bright. Image Quality is what u would expect from 5k rupees to 20k rupees binoculars.There is some chromatic aberration but not terrible.( High end users won’t like it) Low light performance is good. Obviously more brighter than naked eye.Cons.Viewing angle is smallWeight is on the heavier side (1.3 kilograms). You won’t want to carry this around whole day or for trekking/hiking.Little over priced.Since viewing angle is small and the bino is heavy u need extra steady hands even at 10x.Tripod is a must have if u want to enjoy the zoom.U need to refocus after changing magnification.Don’t buy this blindly because of the magnification. For practical/normal/all occasion use 8×40/42 is the best.U get what u pay for is true.


  11. Fred

    I wanted to like these, I really did. I even unboxed them after I had decided to return them, for one more try…but to no avail. They just don’t work for me. After much research and agonizing over whether to spend the extra money to buy Nikon over Bushnell, it seems that I made the wrong choice. The very first thing I noticed when I tried them was the very finicky eye relief (much more so than my other two pairs of Bushnells). It was hard to keep a picture at 10 power, and I saw slight color fringes around the bare branches of a tree I was focused on (isn’t that only supposed to happen around the edges of the image, not in the middle?). Then I zoomed in, and lost the picture *completely*. I tried again and again, but there was literally no position I could hold these in that would show me the entire view; if I held them completely, perfectly still and at exactly the right distance and angle from my eyes to the eye cups I could get maybe 85-90% of the full view, but only for a second or two. So disappointed in these. I must have received a bad pair. 🙁 The reason for two stars instead of one is that, other than the obvious failure to perform, these binoculars really do look and feel like quality instruments.


  12. §µ#∆₢

    Good things are already said about these in other reviews and most of them are not far from the truth. But, still. . .The basic function any pair of binoculars serves is to let us see distant objects, organic or inorganic, clearly and close.So, what distinguishes one pair from a similar one in the market? The material used in manufacturing it.Since these are made in China, what you essentially pay for when you pay more than 11K for these is for the brand name printed on them. And that brand name accounts for about 75% of the amount you pay. Reason?Though the description page on amazon.in claims that these binoculars are imported from the USA, they are made in China and you can get a very similar pair, with similar or (almost the) same (maybe even better such as IP65 or better) features for less than one-fourth of the price you pay for these. Buying a Chinese brand binoculars makes sense as it is a better value for your money.Why?In any case, you’re going to get a Chinese pair at the end of the day if you are buying from amazon.in, maybe even from an offline shop in India, irrespective of the amount you spend and what you will get by paying ₹11,250 for these is not likely to be any different from what you get when you buy a similar pair of a Chinese brand binoculars at 25% price of these as it is perfectly possible that they are manufactured using the same material used in these. Actually, there is no way to know these are not made in the same Chinese factory that makes other Chinese brand binoculars.I had a Chinese pair I bought for less than ₹3000 a few years back. I took them with me on my trip to Gangotri this May and forgot them in the glove compartment of the rental. The driver decided not to return them later when I recalled this and asked for them.I took these with me on my recent trip to Shimla (which is quite beautiful, and somewhat dangerous, in monsoon; you shouldn’t take these out in rain as they are not waterproof nor fog proof) and I can say I didn’t get much better results from these than I did from the pair I lost. As a matter of fact, the Chinese pair rented at the Green Valley was better than these (and water resistant at that).Out of the box you get the binoculars, caps for the lenses, a neck strap, a pouch, a tripod adapter, guarantee card, a manual, and the list of service centers. Nikon has gone a stinge here and not included a cleaning cloth as if the company would go bankrupt if it included one.The so-called (because the Chinese would call an orange an apple if they can sell it at the price of an apple; they don’t have any qualms and don’t care either for logic or for honour) BaK4 prisms used in these are actually Schott PsK3, to use the correct term, manufactured using phosphate crown, the cheaper Chinese version of barium crown, used in practically all cheap BaK4 or BaK7 prism binoculars, most of which are made in China (Ba is for barium, the Ps in PsK is for phosphate, and K is for ‘kron’, German for crown, by the way). Top-end brands like Leica, Leupold, Swarovski, or Zeiss use Schott BaK4 prisms (or roof prisms) made from barium crown glass. While Nikon claims these are Eco glass, they are not ED nor fully multi-coated, both of which matter more—even after charging ₹11,250.The variable zoom is more of a gimmick than an actually useful feature as at higher magnifications, the resultant image loses out on clarity and focusing becomes rather erratic. I currently don’t use one but may be a tripod could help in focusing at least as these are bit on the heavier side.Overall, I wouldn’t recommend these over a similar Chinese pair, which you can buy at least four for the price of this one if you intend to spend that much amount. And you wouldn’t miss out the fun on a trip by having to take turns by sharing only one with friends or family. You won’t see any difference—literally.If you must have a pair of Nikon binoculars in this price range, its Prostaff 3S is much better value for your money (₹10200), which have roof prisms, are less heavy, and waterproof.


  13. Amazon Customer

    (Writing review after 15 days of use. )This binocular has excellent optics. I hardly notice any sort of color fringing even on a bright sunny day. The nighttime performance is flawless as well. This is just perfect for terrestrial viewing. I also looked the moon using these binoculars and the moon just looked amazing. I could spot the craters and all and the clarity was amazing too. Even in the heavily light polluted skies of mumbai, i was able to identify the constellations using these binoculars and a skymap. You can see stars that are not visible to the naked eye due to light pollution. e.g. I was able atleast identify identify two star clusters. I was also able to see jupiter. The image did not reveal any detail ofc just a bright circular object with 4 moons visible as stars around it. It was an amazing experience. Far Beyond what i was expecting while purchasing these. The apparent size of jupiter was say a quarter of the size of the moon as seen with your naked eye.Do purchase a tripod to use with these binos. Adaptor for the tripod is supplied with the binocular. (Amazon Basic tripod worked well for me.) The binoculars provide very good resolution and not getting a tripod would really be a waste of the full potential of the high quality optics inside these.Tested features:Field of View 66 meters at 1 km. FOUND TRUEGud eye relief : upto 1 cm it seemsMost extreme usage: Reading the board at of a high rise building at 8 km distance. Positively Identifying (but barely due to pollution) features on mountain range ridgeline at 18-19 km distance.What it cannot be used for easily: The field of view does not have graduated markings, so you have to eyeball the size of features visible in your view at a distance. You’ll have to take a picture and then measure.2. Getting a picuture via a mobile phone camera is very difficult at 22x zoom without using a mounting adapter. I used “Smiledrive Universal Mobile Phone Binocular Telescope Adapter Mount”. It gives okayish performance. Gets the job done atleast. You may go for something more expensive maybe for better performance. Or get the adaptor at a shop by actually testing it on the binocular.FYI: (10-22 x 50) means the binocular has a lever which can be turned to change the optical zoom from 10x to 22x and the aperture of the objective is 50mm.

    Amazon Customer

  14. Harshal Patil

    Wonderful product. The quality is amazing. You can see far away objects, that too in 3D. The field of view is wide enough. 10x is appropriate to track moving objects like planes. Adjustments are easy, strap and bag do their job quite well. Build and finish is top notch, except for there was a transparent spot on the eyepiece lens (doesn’t affect the viewing at all). Can see plenty stars in night in Pune city light pollution (which I found impressive). You’ll definitely need a tripod if you want to view stars and moons. Planets look like large bright stars, not much magnification there.Overall, very happy with my decision to buy it. Total value for money in the first few days. Pretty sure it’ll give me much more than I expected. Buy it!

    Harshal Patil

  15. Nikhil Kaplingat

    Nikon delivers excellent clarity and good reach in Aculon 10×50 binoculars.Pros:1. 10x magnification provided a very good reach of distant wildlife2. 10x is a good starting point for star gazing. The objective of 50 makes it better for night sky watching, though it makes the views a little brighter during daytime.3. The field of view is wide enough. I chose this over Aculon 10-22x as 10×50 had higher field of view than 10-22x, at 10x.4. Beyond 10x, it gets quite shaky for very distant objects like moon. The 10x is used by my 8 year old kids who enjoy them.5. Focusing is easy and smooth.Cons:1. A little brighter views during sunny days due to higher objective.2. Nikon provided strap for the binocular, but not for the bag, which would have been helpful.

    Nikhil Kaplingat