Nikon 7245 Action 10×50 EX Extreme All-Terrain Binocular

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  • Rugged waterproof, fog proof construction
  • Bright, multicoated optics
  • Long Eye relief for eyeglass wearers
  • Objective Diameter:50 mm. FOV at 1000 yds:341 ft. Close Focus Distance: 23 ft. Exit Pupil: 5 mm. Interpupilary Distance: 56-72 mm.



The Monarch ATB 42mm with dielectric high-reflective Multilayer Prism coating binocular features brighter, sharper colors, crisp and drastically improved low-light performance.

A new body style provides unparalleled strength and ruggedness in a package that is comfortable to carry all day. With rugged rubber Armor for added durability and a firm grip even in the worst conditions, Nikon guarantees every ATB to be 100% waterproof and fogproof, each is backed by Nikon 25 year limited warranty and No-Fault repair/replacement policy.

The new Monarch ATB 42mm with dielectric high-reflective Multilayer Prism coating binocular is available in 8×42, 10×42 and 12×42. It is also available in team Realtree models with the Realtree apg HD camouflage pattern.

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  1. Gerald Siegel

    Surprised and pleased. These 10 by 50s replace a pair of Swift Kestrel that got crashed after 17 years of use. They are at least equal or better in construction. Mainly the water and fog resistance are most welcome. These Niikons do not feel cheap. They are crisp and have minimal distortion. And good internal anti reflection design. Apparently the choice of plastic cels and fittings does the job as well as the older aluminum. They are well balanced for astronomy and general use. I compare them to the much costlier Fujinon Polaris and that is saying something. Fuji is the hallmark for marine binoculars but are quite heavy and four times the price of these Nikons. Very decent illumination of night sky. I can see them for general use and carry even though I like my roof prism Pentax for small and lightness. One set of binos can not do it all. For the price, look no further. They will last a long time and your eyeballs will welcome the investment. Believe me.

    Gerald Siegel

  2. ThomasEarle

    My wife was less than pleased with spending so much for binoculars. I was tired of buying cheap ones which we were never happy with. Now that we have them, their value is obvious. They are certainly worth the price. The clarity of the image is nothing short of stunning. I have never seen optics this good in any telescopes, telephoto lenses, rifle scopes, spotting scopes or binoculars.


  3. danno

    I used to have a pair of 80’s wide angle Selsi binos, at a time where they were made in Japan. Best binos I’ve ever had, even copmpared with an older set of Zeiss 7×35’s. Somehow I lost them, and needed to replace them. Long story short, based on help from the CloudyNights astro forum I decided to first try the Bushnell Legacy binos. I beleve those were miscollimated at the factory, as the wiews were not very sharp, and at night out of focus stars showed the typical elongation found in misaligned optics. So then I was advised by other forum members to try these Nicon Extreme Action 10x50s. Big difference. Stars are sharp, even the color is better. Looking at the coatings of both binos, looks like the Bushnells have heavier darker coatings. I thought the lighter coatings on the Nikons would affect contrast, but they don’t. The contrast is as good if not better than the Bushnells. Also, I can do one thing I can’t do with the Bushnells, which is use my glasses. The eye relief on these binos is just right for me to use.Not to say the Bushnells are a bad choice. I believe if they were properly adjusted at the factory they would be much better. But just the eye relief alone makes me bump up the usefulness of the Nikons above the Bushnells, even though they are almost twice the price.


  4. ian

    The Nikon action extreme 10×50 is a wonderful pair of binoculars and extremely clear on a start night. I was quite puzzled when I I compared the extreme to one of my telescopes which had a 60mm objective lens and surprisingly the extreme so much clearer but if you think about it, binoculars with 50mm objective lens are actually producing the power of 100mm objective because your eyes see 2x50mm and your brain combines the image and this is why binoculars are so much better than telescopes also most people don’t see the same with both eyes and if you get your eyes tested each one may have deferent readings.This binocular gets heavy and is tedious for bird watching, I would recommend owning 3 pairs of binoculars or at a minimum 2 if you plan on using it for traveling or birding and astronomy the Nikon t11 8-16-24×25 or the Pentax 8-16×21 for birding and traveling as for astronomy I would use the action extreme 10×50 for now and work my way up to a 16×80 not nessicarilly a nikon. The reason I would not exceed 16 is the higher I go the less sky I see if I am however to go higher then I would get a 20×100 not cheap.


  5. Eric

    These are by far the most expensive binoculars I have ever owned, I decided to spend the extra money for an optically superior product. I am glad I did, these are exceptional! I bought them (along with an Amazon tripod and Nikon adapter bracket) to watch my son march in military parades from a far. Haven’t used them for that yet. However, my back property is boarder by woods that is inhabited by an abundance of wild life. I’ve set them up on a tripod in my living room and have enjoyed getting an amazing close up view of birds, foxes, turkeys, deer and more. I have also turned them to the night sky. They do very well in low light because of the 50mm lenses, the view of the moon was super sharp and I was even able to make out the Galilean moons of Jupiter. You need the tripod and adapter bracket to look at the night sky. The field of view is amazing and the Nikon literature is extremely easy to understand. I am looking forward to using them for my original intended purpose.


  6. Michael

    Nicely packaged. Comes with soft nylon case. Optic covers for both ends. Neck strapUPDATE: I have had them for a while. Mine is defective. I get a double vision or shadow.At first I thought it was just me getting used to them. But I’m going to return them.I called Nikon as instructed and they gave me a repair number and address to send them. (email)I just hope their service is good. I’ll let you know.Maybe there are just some things you shouldn’t buy on lineI got them back from Nikon repair. Sorry, to say, they were not fixed. I call them on it and they wantto try and repair them again. In my opinion, I don’t think they even tried the first time.The repair ticket said they were cleaned. But, it is so easy to see they have a double vision…a shadow.This time I asked them to fix them 100% or Replace them. I will report what happens when I get them back.Nikon being such a big name, I really expected better. “I’ll Be Back” LOLThey were $213.00. Not cheap for me. Wish me luck.10/20/2019…This will be the third time I am going to send these back to Nikon, but this timeI want a refund. They still have the same double vision. I’m pretty disappointed in Nikon. Such a big name.A multi million dollar company and they don’t take care of me.



    After a lot of research I bought these and they lived up to the reviews I have previously read. The night sky is amazing through these bins.


  8. Paul Dobie

    Very pleased with the quality. Bright image – a bit brighter than with the naked eye. Very little false colour. Pleased with the optics quality. Like the eyepiece design where you can screw out the eyepieces if using without glasses. Good feel and finish.Only one gripe – the case I still flimsy and doesn’t have a strap or place for one, so you have to use the binocular strap.

    Paul Dobie

  9. Magpiechaser

    Really good binoculars giving a very bright image, even in relatively poor lighting conditions.Feel solid and well made as you would expect from Nikon, and although fairly heavy due to their physical size, they are very well balanced to hold, even for quite long periods.


  10. Tunesmith

    great for night sky watching, clear and bright, the lens caps fit very securely, the case is fine. Great optics at this price.


  11. E. J. Dent

    After some considerable research, I went for these Nikon Binoculars, primarily because the name Nikon is equated with quality. I was not disappointed, as they live up to their reputation. Clear vision, sturdy, and well made, they are ready for a lifetimes work, and more. A little on the heavy side, but not the heaviest binoculars in their class, hence four stars.The right choice for me, and I look forward to using them over the years.

    E. J. Dent

  12. Amazon Customer

    Very happy with the binocs, after the frustration of several cheaper pairs the Nikon is a good investment but, as others say, the plastic lens covers are an annoying design

    Amazon Customer

  13. Martin F Brown

    These are an excellent pair of binoculars, bought to replace a damaged Helios pair. They are quite a bit lighter than my old Helios bins.

    Martin F Brown

  14. Paul Charlton

    Excellent binoculars for the price , very solid feel and great quality.A little on the heavy side for prolonged use without support but a great allround choice for most applications

    Paul Charlton

  15. Southcoaster

    Lovely made pair of binoculars as one would expect from Nikon.Not too heavy and they provide a clear bright image.