Nice 45 qt Cooler – Light Blue

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  • Certified bear resistant makes this cooler one of the strongest and most durable on the market that it even comes with a limited 1-Year
  • Cooler holds 64 standard size cans, the double Walled insulation will retain ice for up to 8 days
  • Built-in bottle opener doubles as a integrated lockable lid
  • Convenient measuring ruler on the lid allows you to easily measure your fish
  • Heavy duty carrying handles and t-shaped anchor locks makes it easy to secure and carry your cooler anywhere



The incredibly durable nICE line is designed for the toughest outdoor conditions.

Whether it’s the jobsite, campsite, backyard, wilderness, truck bed, or fishing boateach cooler is designed with enhanced features – like extra strength handles, a thick outer shell, reinforced hinges, rubber latches, lockable storage, enhanced footer grips, can/cup holders, and MORE!! Various color options available!

The nICE 45qt cooler is a durable mid-size cooler. It’s great for the jobsite, campsite, hunting trip, lake or beach! The double walled insulation keeps food and drinks cold for days when you’re out in the wild. nICE offers cooling innovation at a fraction of the price. Experience a nICE cold beverage today.

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  1. Marco

    I like it a lot. It held ice for 4 days on two occasions.One thing I did notice is the seal isn’t always great. I push the red button to open and close it…even still, it didn’t seem to seal well all the time. For the price, I definitely like it. I am sure a Yeti, Pelican and some of the other brands perform better, but this is solid for what it is.


  2. thomas r.

    This box is amazing and will definitely keep your food cold. It arrived just in time for a road trip to LA and we stocked it up with all the drinks and put a layer of ice in and it held 3 days when i then drained it and re supplied the ice. It’s heavy but the insulation is great the clean out drain even comes apart so it is easy to clean. The reason for 4 stars was the drain looked assembled but was loose enough that it leaked slightly in the back of the luggage compartment.

    thomas r.

  3. gavin

    Nice enough cooler, keeps ice for approximately 4 days. Mine came missing the bottle opener and lock assembly, screw holes are molded in, just no bottle opener or screws anywhere to be found. Unfortunately I had to leave the next day for a camping trip so I couldn’t return it. for the money I’m pretty disappointed in the oversight.


  4. Amazon Customer

    This is a rugged and well thought-out cooler for a reasonable price. I used it to replace the aged icebox on my sailboat, and can rely on keeping ice for several days longer. As ice at most marinas is at least $5 a bag, the thing will pay for itself in a season. If it is packed with care and meat is frozen beforehand, it will stay fresh long enough to give us barbecues for at least four days in hot weather. The old icebox allowed fresh meat on the first night, and possibly the second, but things got sketchy after that. I’m tempted to buy another, and pack frozen in one, and perishables in the other. Excellent value.

    Amazon Customer

  5. J. Sinex

    I’m docking a star for the slop left behind from the injection molding process. Purely cosmetic. The inside is perfect. The outside has minor cosmetic flaws. Other than that, it’s on par with Yeti! Amazing cooler. It deserves a 5th star. If, the attention to detail was paid to the exterior that was paid to the interior. The Georgia company outsourced the work to China. Enough said.

    J. Sinex

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is a great cooler. Note: you need to push the little red button on the front every time you open the lid to release the vacuum created when you close the lid. Even then, I have to jerk the lid up with both rubber hinges. A child smaller than a teen may have a problem opening it. Also, I’m somewhat disappointed that it does not hold the ice as long as I thought it would. Then, because of the thick walls, it loses some inner capacity. Next time I will buy the larger version.

    Amazon Customer

  7. MPD

    This seems to good to be true, and it is. I did an ice test with 2 25lb bags on ice in this, a Coleman cooler I bought at Walmart, and a Polar Cap from Cabellas. This cooler got destroyed by the Polar Cap and barely kept ice longer than the Coleman.The ice was COMPLETELY melted in this thing within 3 days. That’s far from what I’d expect. Returned.


  8. Corey

    Retains temperature and holds ice for three or more days.Downside is the picture that I’ve provided and support behind the product. The cap has a chain attached, and the cap is obviously not strong (cold temperatures). Contacted nICE, they responded and never heard back when I was told they would send a new one. Reached back out again, and was told they need to check the warehouse. Here we are over a month later, and I have yet to receive the cap that is needed…Again, great product but terrible service.


  9. Luc L.

    This cooler easily compete with Yeti, Pelican or other big names at a fraction of the price. It is very well made, light and it does a fantastic ice retention job. Depending on the weather conditions and use, you can easily keep your food safe for 4 to 7 days with this cooler.Highly Recommended.

    Luc L.

  10. DM07

    LOVE THIS COOLER! absolutely amazing product. Holds ice sitting the the sun for up to 4 days in the hot months. Easy to clean, great seal!


  11. Graham

    Upon arrival I am very excited and pleased. Beautiful colour and clean craftsmanship. Reviews on YouTube told me all I need to know about performance, so far I have no experience using it but very well built and so far worth the money. Pretty heavy but that’s a trade off I suppose.


  12. M. Stoffel

    This cooler will compete with the more expensive once by providing good cold retention in this price range. Three days in HOT weather and with the usual use while still holding ice.

    M. Stoffel

  13. KG

    Excellent cooler, my ice lasted nine days in 80 degree weather.


  14. Philippe

    Bien isolé et étanche a l’air 1 sac de glace au 3 jours a 24C’. Qualité a bon prix


  15. Sophie Maisonneuve

    Great profuct

    Sophie Maisonneuve