Nice 20 qt Cooler – Grey

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  • Certified bear resistant makes this cooler one of the strongest and most durable on the market that it even comes with a limited 1-Year
  • Cooler holds 30 standard size cans, the double Walled insulation will retain ice for up to 8 days
  • Built-in bottle opener doubles as a integrated lockable lid
  • Convenient measuring ruler on the lid allows you to easily measure your fish
  • Heavy duty aluminum carrying handle and t-shaped anchor locks makes it easy to secure and carry your cooler anywhere



The nICE 20qt cooler is a durable personal cooler. It’s great for the jobsite, campsite, hunting trip, lake or beach! The double walled insulation keeps food and drinks cold for days when you’re out in the wild.

nICE offers cooling innovation at a fraction of the price. Experience a nICE cold beverage today.

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  1. ASKLiberty

    My brother recommended this cooler as I think they sell this one at Leslie’s Pool Supplies where he got it. For the price.. WTH it’s AWESOME!!I love love the color, it’s just what I wanted! We just took it on a trip and it kept our cokes and bottle waters ICE cold for three days. May have kept them ice cold longer, but I don’t know because our trip was only three days. And to empty the water it has a screw plug on side that made it easy! Some don’t have that. There is a button to release air inside, and two cup holders on top for a picnic. I mean it even has a bottle opener on it built in.I saw some poor reviews which scared me. But I think if you’re really not a heathen with the rubber straps, and just act civilized opening and closing it.. it will hold up fine.Definitely if you are just looking for something for picnics, concerts, road trips, by the pool.. this one is super satisfactory and you will save over a hundred dollars.


  2. Eric

    I purchased this cooler for a beach trip and unfortunately we had a 5-10 minute walk to the beach area, this cooler once loaded with drinks/ice is extremely heavy. After using the cooler for only one day at the beach both T latches broke, which does not allow the cooler to seal, and causes all of the ice to melt. I was very disappointed in the quality of construction with this product and will not be purchasing anything else from Nice.


  3. Vixen

    Wonderful cooler! Used it on the way to Grand Canyon. Kept things cold and with ice until the 4 day. By then the ice was melted but the water was still cold! We opened it a lot so I was impressed. And the price? Fantastic buy for the money!!


  4. Solana Beach Mike

    I was ready to buy a similar but MUCH more expensive cooler. You know the one. (I have another one of theirs but bigger.) I saw this one and thought I’d give it a try. It’s very well built and I’d rate it 90+% as good at insulating. My advice is save your money and buy this one.

    Solana Beach Mike

  5. Sharon Blair

    The rubber t lock broke after 2 1/2 months with very little use. Only holds ice for a few days.

    Sharon Blair

  6. John Padilla

    Rubber latches broke on the second day of use call the company for replacements took them 16 days to show up. New ones are already cracking will break any minute

    John Padilla

  7. Avelino

    It looks like a nice cooler, nice handle, cup holders on top, bottle opener, etc. For a 20 at cooler It is very bulky, not a lot of space inside, but like most of these bear proof coolers, not much in storage space. My biggest complaint is I’ve barely used this cooler just about 1 yr old & handle snapped in 1/2 & broke off, the other handle is about to tear off as well.


  8. On the Job

    For the price I thought it was well worth what high end coolers wanted. Almost half the price. I use it on my boat for ice to make drinks. This one holds a 20 pound bag and I’m still pulling ice out of 4 days later. That’s a lot of opening and closing. It’s very stable to sit or even stand on. Love the bottle opener and mounting points.

    On the Job

  9. Mrs T Green

    I have another rotomolded cooler that easily holds ice for 10 days.. So I thought I would purchase this one, as we needed a smaller size to carry beverages and ice.I was extremely disappointed. The ice was completely melted within 2 days. We even filled it with ice and already cold drinks. It still melted as fast as a cheap Coleman. Whether it was full to the top or half full it melted at the same rate during our entire trip. We had to buy 3 bags of ice every other day. Not what we planned for.I was trying to save some money since this one was rated well. But instead I returned it after our camping trip and bought the one I should have purchased in the first place for a bit more money.It’s a NICE color, and a NICE price, but not a NICE cooler.

    Mrs T Green

  10. Amazon Customer

    Love this cooler. I also have the 45qt. Does exactly as advertised and is always the best looking/functioning cooler at the party. Highly recommend.

    Amazon Customer

  11. Christine

    Works breat


  12. Amazon Customer

    Très robuste et garde bien au froid!

    Amazon Customer

  13. Bkassil

    The colour is beautiful. Very well priced


  14. Amazon Customer


    Amazon Customer