Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91 10-Cup Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee


  • Removable water reservoir and filter basket lift out for convenient filling and cleaning
  • Water filtration helps remove up to 97% of chlorine for better tasting coffee
  • Stainless steel thermal carafe keeps coffee hot
  • Special cleaning cycle helps maintain performance and taste
  • Grab A Cup Auto Pause stops cycle if you need a cup before brewing is finished.Watts:1300





This Optimal Brew Coffee Maker is designed to extract the fullest flavor possible. It combines a high brew temperature of up to 205° and a faster brew speed, resulting in nothing short of exceptional tasting coffee. Double-walled, stainless steel thermal carafe holds that fresh flavor and temperature, without a warming plate, to maintain coffee’s true character and taste. Plus, all the programmable conveniences are included, like Delay Brew to stir your senses as you wake up to aromatic, freshly-brewed coffee and Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause, for that rich-tasting cup you may need before the brew cycle finishes. Be sure to use the included Water Filtration disk to filter out chlorine and impurities from water during brewing so you can enjoy better taste as it’s meant to be. Experience the taste with the Mr. Coffee brand.

  • Removable Water Reservoir for easy filling
  • Just-Brewed Thermal Carafe holds temperature and fresh flavor of coffee
  • Brews up to 20% faster (than competitive units tested) at a hotter temperature of up to 205° for richer taste
  • Water Filtration Ready to remove up to 97% of chlorine** for better tasting coffee (** As a result of the Mr. Coffee water filter and brewing process)
  • Gold Tone Permanent Filter helps enhance coffee flavor and eliminates paper filter cost/waste
  • Delay Brew timer sets brew time ahead so you can wake up to fresh-brewed coffee
  • Freshness Timer keeps a tab on coffee freshness from the time it’s brewed
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause stops cycle when you need a cup before brewing is finished
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  1. Spencer Narwhal

    >>> SUMMARY MACHINE DESCRIPTION USING THE MACHINE PERFORMANCE DATA Pour TimeThe thermal carafe design is great for keeping coffee warm without requiring additional energy input and without burning your coffee, but there is a trade-off: a restriction on the pour spout. It’s not the end of the world, but it reduces flow rate, meaning you must be patient when pouring. The pot empties at about 1.25oz/s, so the whole pot will be empty in about a minute. But for those of you who are eager to get your first 10oz of the day, waiting 12 seconds to get from the carafe to your cup can feel like an eternity. Take a deep breath; relax. It’s OK.> Costs OverviewTrying to account for every piece of the puzzle, I came in at just under $1/pot. Pretty good! So coffee from this machine will cost about $0.021/oz; compare this to a 20oz Starbucks coffee ($2.35, or $0.117/oz). If you use this machine to replace only one cup of Starbucks coffee per week, it will pay for itself after one year ($0.99/pot/week * 52 weeks + $71/machine = $122 = $2.35/ Starbucks 20oz * 52 weeks). If you use it to replace one cup of Starbucks per weekday, it will pay for itself in about 11 weeks and you’ll save $284 in the first year. If you and a friend are each using a full pot (46oz) to replace two every-weekday Starbucks coffees, you’ll save over $500 in the first year.> Cost DetailsMy cost analysis (to come up with $0.99/pot) included coffee filters, coffee grounds, electricity, water, and the water filter discs, based on whatever I paid for these things (or to order replacements). By far the biggest expense was coffee ($0.93; I purchased 126 1.5-2oz bags of coffee — perfect for a full pot — from for $115, which included shipping). The coffee filters, filter discs, and electricity needed to brew a full pot (0.14kWh) are each about $0.02. I used tap water, which, on a per pot basis, is essentially free ($0.0016/pot)> SoundsI roughly characterized the sounds made by the machine using my cell phone. The percolating noises were about the same as a quiet conversation. The [4 kHz] beep to signal the end of the brew cycle is about 10-15 dB above the percolation noises. Not too loud, but if you’re trying to maintain a perfectly serene household, it may bother you.>>> THINGS OTHER PEOPLE SAY FEATURE WISH-LIST

    Spencer Narwhal

  2. Josie Reifschneider

    We’ve had this coffee maker for a year and loved how quiet it was, how hot the coffee was, and how fast its brewing time was. And I’m glad that this machine does work for some people who have given it positive reviews, because when it works, it’s great!HOWEVER, all the reviews about the thing leaking are true, and I must offer a mea culpa to all those folks since, I’ll admit, when I read those leaking reviews, I put it down to operator error, because honestly, how hard is it to run a coffee maker? But after a year of battling, cleaning up after, cajoling, pleading, cussing, complimenting it when it did a good job, stressing over, and babysitting this thing (heck, I have a husband for that), I’ve learned the error of my ways and heartily apologize to those reviewers–I’d offer ya’ll a cup of coffee, but, well, you know. . ..Anyway, we’ve had enough of cleaning our countertops because of poor design on the part of Mr. Coffee (there’s nothing quite like starting your day cleaning a mess instead of enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee–sort of puts one in a bad mood). So it’s going into the trash–the coffee maker, not my husband :-). I won’t donate it because why would I want to saddle this thing onto some poor unsuspecting coffee drinker who never did me any wrong? (hmmmm, but there is my mother-in-law . . .)No matter what kind of filter we used or coffee grind or cleaning the basket and filter before use, it leaked, especially if we wanted a full pot. Making half a pot with fingers crossed sort of defeats the purpose of even having this machine.I found what and where the machine plugs up–if the grounds are “washed” out of the basket during the brew cycle, they settle right where the brewed coffee empties into the carafe. To clean the grounds so this hole is no longer plugged means sliding out the basket, taking the whole machine over to the sink, and using the sink spray nozzle to wash them out, which is cumbersome since the machine isn’t small.Mr. Coffee was ALWAYS my go to brand of coffee makers. My first one back in the 1980s make great coffee and lasted practically forever. This coffee maker replaced a Mr. Coffee maker, which quit working after two months of receiving it (that should have been a red flag right there). But it’s come time to part ways. Mr. Coffee, you’ve let me down–I don’t trust you anymore. Time to move on to higher grounds (pun intended).So to the person looking for a coffee maker, if you enjoy living on the edge (will it or won’t it leak), cleaning your countertops constantly, or want a special gift for the in-laws, this coffee maker is for you. Otherwise, keep looking.

    Josie Reifschneider

  3. Nick Morrison

    I hate writing negative reviews however I must be honest with this item. I read reviews ranking this coffee maker quite high amongst other brands so I decided to buy it. I am used to the Ninja coffee brewers but thought I would save some money and still be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee with the Mr. Coffee product. Unfortunately I was misinformed by the reviews I read and watched. I tried brewing 3 pots of coffee with this MA Hine and it did nothing more than heat up the water and discolour it. The end product was nothing more than dirty looking water and tasted like hot water. The machine brews quickly but doesn’t brew a good cup of coffee. It was the worst coffee I have ever seen a brewer of any price make. I returned the product the next morning. I am very disappointed with this machine which is too bad as it has a nice design, some great features and was easy to use. Too bad the coffee was horrible. I will be going back to the Ninja product.

    Nick Morrison