Milwaukee M18 Cordless Hammer Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit

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  • M18 Combo hmr dr BL W/1/4 hex Imp driver/2 bat
  • The product is easy to use and easy to handle
  • The product is highly durable
  • M18 compact hammer drill’s digital power management–overload protection prevents damage to tool and battery in abusive situations
  • M18 impact driver utilizes a 1/4-inch hex quick-change chuck for easy bit changes and a variable-speed trigger
  • Both tools use a built-in LED light to illuminate work surfaces
  • A 1/4-inch hex quick-change chuck allows for easy bit changes while a variable-speed trigger provides increased user control
  • The driver offers 0-3,200 IPM, providing more impacts for increased productivity


The 2697-22 M18 2-Tool Combo Kit includes the 1/2″ Hammer Drill Driver (2602-20) and the 1/4 Inch Hex Compact Impact Driver (2650-20).

The M18 Cordless System’s patented technologies and electronics, innovative motor design, and superior ergonomics provide the most efficient blend of power, weight and performance in the industry.

Powered by lithium-ion, the M18 cordless system delivers more torque, more power, and longer run-time than the competition. Features of the hammer drill/driver include 4-pole frameless motor, variable-speed trigger, all-metal gear case for maximum durability, and built-in LED (light emitting diode) light. Length of drill/driver is 8-1/2″”.

Features of the impact driver include 4-pole frameless motor with rare-earth magnets, proprietary impact mechanism for maximum application speed, variable-speed trigger, built-in LED light, and quick change chuck.

Length of impact driver is 5-3/4″. Combo kit also includes (2) M18 red lithium XC extended capacity batteries, (1) M18 & M12 multi-voltage charger, contractor bag.

Number of Tools: 2 Tools, Volt: 18V, RPM: Drill: 550-1700 rpm; Impact: 2200 rpm, Torque: Drill: 525 in/lb; Impact: 1400 in/lb.

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  1. canyncarvr

    I’ve had this kit on my want list for a LONG time. Happy to finally get it!I’ve used the two tools on only a couple of jobs, but they have performed well. The 3.0AH batteries perform well, recharge quickly. There is a LOT more arcy-sparky from the brushes than I’ve seen with any other battery operated tools (I’ve used Makita and DeWalt). Maybe that will decrease with more use. If you work in the proximity of something flammable…buy the Fuel/brushless series.The LED light on the Driver/Hammer unit is pointedly useless. It seems Milwaukee actually TRIED in their design to NOT illuminate the work surface. If that was their intent, they did an excellent job!The chuck on the Driver/Hammer is less than smooth. I expected better from Milwaukee. I don’t anticipate it to be a use/longevity issue but it’s a scritchy-ness I could do without.The LED is fine on the impact…its much shorter body making that true.I appreciate the tools coming with a carrying bag, but it could be a LOT more useful with not too much effort. How about a couple of pouches/sleeves? Trying to zip the bag shut may well lead to utterance of an expletive or two. The bag was designed with no thought at all.


  2. Gregg Grover

    I read a lot of rewiews so I’ll write this as to answer the questions that I had about this product.I am an electrician by trade, and have used a large variety of drill/impact kits over the years. I have an old ni/cad dewalt 18 volt kit at home which has served my very well and does not owe me a thing. In fact, I’ve owned it for close to 10 years now and have only replaced the batteries on it once (2 years ago). It is still going strong, but I decided to upgrade to lithium ion and an impact driver.Until six months ago, I had been using a lithium Dewalt set with virtually no issues. Since then I’ve changed jobs and have used the Redlithium Milwaukee kit.So when deciding on what to buy for weekends, it came down to these two brands. The impact driver was very similar between the two brands. The drill was also similar but the chuck was much more variable and versatile on the Milwaukee. Also the way the batteries clip into the tool or charger. Milwaukee is much more tight and solid. I believe the Milwaukee is the better tool overall.This kit came with M12/M18 charger, 1/4″ Impact, 1/2″ hammer drill/driver, (2) large M18 3 amphour Redlithium batteries, and a carry bag.I have no foreseeable problems with this set and am very happy with my choice. I bought mine for $228 and see that now they’re going for $219. $300 in stores.

    Gregg Grover

  3. Renee Walker

    I love these tools. I bought my first set 5 years ago after working with a friend who had the same set. Even after dropping the driver 15ft. onto concrete a few times (not recommended) and using the drill to bore through ironwood until it started smoking (also not recommended) they kept on trucking. I just bought a second set for a big project coming up and I’m sure they’ll both work marvelously. The batteries are also great so long as you don’t let them sit for a year without charging them. Over all I’m learning to love Milwaukee tools even more then the DeWalts I used to use!

    Renee Walker

  4. Douglas Gober

    I’ve been using this set for several years. The impact driver is incredibly handy and gets most of the use. I go to it even for drilling since I have a lot of ball-deten hex shank drill bits. The impact driver has driven everything I’ve put it on with the exception of some 1/2″ x 8″ lags which in all fairness is a lot to ask of a 1/4″ tool. The tools only downside is that the speed is really touchy. It can be a little difficult to get screws started until you get used to how fast the driver spins with very little trigger pressure. I have used the drill a lot drilling holes for electrical and pluming with auger bits and hole saws. I learned to put the auxiliary handle on for bits over 3/4′ as without it you can really torque your wrist. I’ve just recently started using the drill in it’s driving mode to install pocket hole screws and it works very well. I did have a problem with the drill a while back. It would grind and not turn a bit under load. Diagnosis was a bad transmission. Took it to a Milwaukee service center and they replaced the transmission and sent it back to me free. That 5 year warranty is for real. The charge indicators on the batteries are very handy. The charger takes a little getting used to though – you have to smack the battery into it sharply or it may appear to be charging but isn’t. If somebody stole this set tomorrow I’d have another one ordered the same day.

    Douglas Gober

  5. The Mechanic

    Original Review –> Was a gift and it is awesome. Too expensive on Amazon after more research – Ebay has better deals.UPDATE- After i bought this for my son a year ago i found it slightly cheaper on E-Bay but now it is cheaper here. Also would recommend that you buy the Fuel version instead. It does cost a little more but you get what you pay for. This is the one to buy for those around the house jobs. The Fuel is for the Pro and everyday user. Both have top notch 5 year warranty’s.I’ve recently bought up to the Fuel Brushless set and totally love it. Tough, Reliable, light, easy to use, Fits in your hand better than others and it is Powerful!I’ve used Milwaukee power tools for over 30 years and never had to warranty a single tool out of the dozens different tools I’ve bought.Beats the other tool makers Hands Down!! This is the perfect Christmas or Birthday Gift because they really do deserve a great tool that lasts and has the power to get it done!!

    The Mechanic

  6. DC Knives

    I originally bought this kit for daily use in an electrical manufacturing shop. We are notoriously hard on drills, dropping them, stripping chucks, blowing out triggers, battery clips breaking etc. So far this Milwaukee set has held up to the punishment. The impact is primary used to run teck screws (sometimes all day long) and the drill-driver for drilling and tapping in steel mounting pans. We have since added 3 more Milwaukee kits to our arsenal. Long battery life, quick recharge, robust internals, plenty of torque. We are transitioning from Hitachi and Makita to these units. Recommended for tradespeople.

    DC Knives

  7. Simon Chiu

    The kit came with defective batteries. Both of the batteries I received were defective and would not hold a charge. I placed my batteries for the first charge, after an hour or so, the charger turned green indicating charging was completed. Then I check the battery fuel gauge but both batteries still indicated they were not charged fully (one red light bar only). After reinserting the batteries into the charger, it flashed red and green when the battery was inserted, indicating defective batteries. This happened with both batteries.

    Simon Chiu

  8. WC

    I usually use the 12v for most of my work but when I started renos around the home, I needed the power that the 18V delivers. Although the XC kit has the carry case, I would take that and be able to carry it’s own set of drill and driver bits AND more vs the hard case that only comes w/STD capacity batteries and can’t carry much more than the charger and extra battery.


  9. Vinny

    I’ve always supported Milwaukee, and a month down the road they haven’t let me down.The battery lasts 3+ weeks with light usage.Approx 4 to 6 hours constant heavy usage.


  10. Crash

    Best drills you can buy. Had them for a couple of years now and still run as well as day one. They see medium use, around twice a week, heavy use once every two weeks.


  11. MPPLUS

    Thank you !


  12. Wessty

    Product came well packaged and delivered in a timely manner. As always, Milwaukee makes a good product that works. I was surprised that the carry bag didn’t come with a shoulder strap, and that the drill doesn’t come with the side handle. This drill has enough torque that if you’re not prepared will give your wrist a good snap if it grabs or binds in the work piece.


  13. Andrew Crowe

    This was a fantastic deal

    Andrew Crowe

  14. Chad Ridsdale

    Years later this drill set is still awesome

    Chad Ridsdale

  15. Amazon Customer

    Excelent product! As descrived!

    Amazon Customer