Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station

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  • M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station
  • The product is easy to use and easy to handle
  • The product is highly durable



The M18 & M12 rapid charge station is the fastest charging solution in the industry. With the ability to charge 6 packs 4X faster, the station charges three batteries simultaneously while charging each pack up to 40% faster.

The charger accepts up to (3) M18 & (3) M12 battery packs, reducing the amount of time spent changing out batteries and increasing productivity on the jobsite.

Featuring REDLINK Intelligence, it communicates directly with the battery to monitor cell voltage, temperature, and charge status to optimize the performance and extend the life of the pack.

The station has integrated hang holes for vertical mounting, a pass through plug to conserve outlet space, and a convenient carry handle to transport packs on and off the jobsite.

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  1. MDS

    I only wish i had found this sooner. I am a service plumber and i am usually not on site for very long. (I only do repairs and replacement when necessay.) so i have this set up in my truck with a power inverter. I used to charge one 18 & one 12V at a time now i charge 3 of each and its much quicker. It is also surprisingly compact. If you use milwaukee cordless tools you need to get one. Only warning you it will make you wish you had sooner.


  2. papa diesel

    This is everything the other reviewers claim but it’s BIG and TALL compared to the right-sized, dedicated M18 or M12 gang chargers. No doubt, this thing is heavy duty and durable, sorta like the Tiger Tank of chargers! I bought it because I use both M18 & M12 tools when I work and this unit offers the convenience of fast charging both M18 & M12 batteries at the same time/location. Just beware, it’s so tall, that I can hardly zipper-up my large, Husky tool bag to store it. Perhaps the large, Craftsman tool bag will fit better? Also, at $146 dollars a pop, it is the price equivalent of a lot of M12 and some M18 cordless tools! But if you’re a lifetime fan of M18 & M12 cordless tools like me, this is one charger you can’t do without!

    papa diesel

  3. David Rawls

    This is an excellent tool for anyone with needs to keep a fresh battery charged and ready to go. With this tool there aren’t any slow downs or work stoppage. The other plus is that this unit charges all batteries at the same time. Some brands charge on a rotating basis. This tool can keep several workers going at the same time. It’s a must in todays world of fast pace construction.

    David Rawls

  4. Kadin

    I bought this item for my job doing commercial remodels. I’ve used it for a week and haven’t had to use it but a couple of times because I use the red lithium batteries that last pretty long. It fully charged 3 18v Red Lithium XC batteries (1 XC, 1 XC4, and 1 XC5) in about 30 minutes. I’ll really be putting it to the test in a couple of weeks when I’m anchoring into concrete with a cordless hammer drill that eats through batteries. If anything changes I’ll update my review.


  5. joshua brown

    Works very well and allows me to get rid of all the chargers that come with the different tools. This is my second one and the first is over a year old

    joshua brown

  6. Steve H

    I have a million single battery chargers for sale. This thing charges everything faster than I can use them. Putting the right sized inverter in the van makes it indispensable.

    Steve H

  7. Bob Nick

    This Has Got to Be The Ticket On A Jobsite for Keeping Batteries GoingBefore this We had 4 or more Charges Going and the Batteries were Not always Ready when NeededThis is Charging the 5amp 18volt in less than a Half HourI have Several , 1 at Shop for Nite charging and on Larger Jobsites , but Now the Shop one Hardly get Used since I started Putting these on SiteA Must have for Anyone who Uses Constant Power tools throughout the day

    Bob Nick

  8. Mark

    Get one you will like it!A bit larger than I was expecting but not huge, just hard to find a place in the truck for it.


  9. Andrew

    Charges quickly and great having something that charges multiple batteries. As the other reviews say, if you had a 18v and a 12v popped in the same row, whichever one you put in first will charge first, other then that set back it’ll charge three batteries at once!


  10. Daz Messent

    This is the boss of all charges

    Daz Messent

  11. Pete MacKinnon

    I love this charger. Keeps the guys going with no downtime.

    Pete MacKinnon

  12. Victor L

    Great price and charges all three batteries simultaneously.

    Victor L

  13. Amazon Customer

    Bought as a gift.

    Amazon Customer

  14. Yassir

    Good product charges all batteries at the same time.