Milwaukee 2997-22 M18 Fuel 2-Tool Hammer Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit

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  • Country of Manufacturer: China



The kit includes the M18 FUEL 1/2″ Hammer Drill (2804-20) that delivers Up to 60% More Power, Up To 1.5” Shorter length and Up To 2X Faster Speed Under Heavy Load.

At 1,200 in-lbs of torque and 6.9″ in length it has the power for demanding applications and ability to access tight spaces.

The kit also includes the M18 FUEL 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver (2853-20) which is the Fastest, Most Compact, and Most Powerful tool in its class.

At 2,000 in-lbs of torque and 4.59″ in length, it increases user productivity for demanding fasteners and gives users more access in tight spaces.

Both tools feature the most advanced technology available; a POWERSTATE Brushless Motor, REDLINK PLUS intelligence and REDLITHIUM Battery Technology.

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  1. Joe Talley

    Everything was great other then the fact they falsely advertised the 2 5.0 batteries! I was given only one with a small 2.0 for the 2nd battery. I’ve tried taking care of it through amazon with no luck and have not heard back from this 3rd party seller big outdoor store or whatever they are called. You can clearly see in the picture the small impact has a gap behind the battery on the foam insert made for holding everything, I’ve checked and the 5.0 fits perfect like the other side. Which tells me they took the 5.0 out of it before sending. Not happy at all about this with a big part of my choice being based on the 2 5.0 batteries. So if you have or do order think twice!!!!

    Joe Talley

  2. guy

    A Flawless and phenomenal drill set in every way . I’m a professional carpenter and woodworker, ive had most brands of drills over the years, and after several years of using a Hilti set I decided to get a new one before my old one breaks in the middle of a job. (Growing up, lol). I own several 12v milwakee tools which i absolutely love. For the hammer drill and impact driver I needed the power of the 18-volt. A colleague said I should nothing but Makita. Well I got the Makita set and returned it after one job because I hated it. I then researched different models of Milwaukee 18 volt and chose this one since it seemed ideal as far as price and what it has to offer.This is an excellent product from carrying case to battery life and everything in between. I can’t get into the details of what you need to look for in a drill because there are many obvious reasons if you are a professional but also many are a matter of personal preference.I’m just saying this is a tight product, well worth the price (which is not the lowest) and a pleasure to work with.


  3. David Castle

    Three stars for both tools. Let’s start with the (few) pros: 1. They look great. 2. The power is pretty impressive for the fuel: there’s a noticeable difference between my fuels and the people with the brushed motors. For the cons: As an electrician, my tools don’t really take a pounding other than my hammer drill for concrete and brick. I had the drills for a month of light use and the chuck on my hammer drill needed to be replaced due to a grinding/binding sound it was making: that took Milwaukee over two weeks to fix, though their warranty has been very accommodating and relatively painless. During that time, my impact inexplicably stopped working for an hour every few days. I thought this was just my tools, but then another electrician I work with had purchased the Fuel set and had the same issue with his chuck on the hammer. I have corded Milwaukees that are 30 years old and still work like new, I don’t know about their cordless gear, though. For now, I’ll stick with my Hilti drills and keep my Fuels as backup. I would say buy with caution. I love the brand and own a fair share of milwaukee tools and love the new line of products they are releasing which are super cool, but my experience with these drills have left me skeptical.

    David Castle


    Milwaukee 2997-22 combo Kit is really beautiful. Product content1 each. 2804-201 piece 2853-202 xc 5.0 batteries1 each. M18-M12 charging deviceIt’s so beautiful


  5. Amazon Customer

    We recently switched everything from Dewalt to Milwaukee. Even though it is more expensive by about 25%. However instead of going through 8 batteries a day with Dewalt we are only using 1 and a half on a full charge. GREAT!

    Amazon Customer

  6. Gilly

    Bought this set early 2017 to remodel my house, then hired a contractor and hardly used it. After 9 months of minimal use, the forward-reverse switch shorted out on the drill. So now to get it to drill, you have to toggle between forward-reverse, then forward and I can get it to work. This is extremely annoying as I have to do this every time the drill moves forward. The impact driver however is fantastic. The torque will rip your arm off if you’re not careful. This is an expensive drill to fail under a year. So I did find a warranty shop in my area. I hope I don’t have to shell out more money to get this thing fixed.


  7. Carlos Hernandez

    great drill sets love them i switched from ryobi to this amd i love it great set great price and ill be honest even the dewalt guys ask to borrow when there drill comes up shirt i work fire alarms.

    Carlos Hernandez

  8. Cea Jays

    As a Milwaukee tool user for over 30 years, they have only got better on the cordless stuff. I have a full set of V18 items, They have held up very well over the years. Battery packs lasted over 8 years, and now needing replacement. Too bad the cost is $129 each. As the new ones are the same price, in kit form the basically toss in the tool for free.So to compare this with the old stuff was hands down. The new stuff is much better. This impact is unreal, with 4 settings you can prevent your self from striping screws or just leaving you in better control. The drill has plenty of torque, more than I expected. The run times are hard to calculate, but with normal use, on pack last a week in the impact. This is a great kit and well worth the price.

    Cea Jays

  9. Tristan

    Milwaukee makes some of the best cordless power tools, not much else to say. Everything is well fitting, smooth and nice in the hand, can tell they arn’t made cheaply. This is about as cheap a price you’ll find on this set in my region.


  10. Tom Saville

    So far, so good. Have not had the opportunity to use both drills, just impact so far.

    Tom Saville

  11. Running dead

    Super Happy, these guys sell way less then retail

    Running dead

  12. Amazon Customer

    You want power,these tools have that and more. Use the impact to take lug nuts off my vehicle,no problem.

    Amazon Customer

  13. Kyle

    Best drill and impact I’ve ever bought. Should last me a lifetime for a diy like myself.


  14. LP

    two 5A batteries included, nice kit, pleasure to business with seller, fast ship, great combo kit, best!


  15. Guylaine Bolduc

    Très bon produit

    Guylaine Bolduc