Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Fuel 1/2″ High Torque Impact Wrench

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  • Provides maximum productivity by removing stubborn and high torque fasteners up to 2X faster than the competition
  • Most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench in its class at 8.39″ in length
  • Industry leading 4-mode drive control with bolt removal mode, allowing for ultimate control.
  • REDLINK PLUS intelligence prevents damage to the tool and battery due to overloading or overheating
  • REDLITHIUM batteries deliver more work per charge and more work over the life of the battery
  • Features a friction ring design to ensure quick and easy socket changes
  • Premium rubber overmold withstands corrosive materials and provides increased comfort when in use
  • LED light to illuminate the work area



The 2767-20 M18 FUEL High Torque 1/2 inch Impact Wrench with Friction Ring eliminates the need to use a pneumatic tool for those stubborn and rusted bolts by delivering 1,000 ft-lbs of fastening torque and 1400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque.

With 2X faster removal speed, users will be able to get the job done faster and be more productive throughout their day.

By providing the industry’s most compact cordless High Torque Impact Wrench at 8.39 inches length, this tool allows for more access in tight spaces. 4-Mode DRIVE CONTROL with Bolt Removal mode gives users the most control over their fasteners.

Bolt Removal mode gives the user more control when removing fasteners by slowing to 750rpm once the fastener has been busted loose.

This tool offers quick, tool-free socket changes with a 1/2 inch friction ring anvil.

A premium rubber overmold material gives you ultimate comfort during prolonged use while lasting longer against corrosive materials.

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  1. T-Weeder Tool

    I had a Milwaukee “COMPACT” ½-inch CORDLESS impact and an Ingersoll Rand Double Hammer Air Impact.When trying to remove a 1¼” bolt from the blades on a Heavy Duty mower I was unable to budge it with either of the other two impact wrenches. I tried soaking the bolt overnight with Break-Free and even tried putting a torch to the bolt with no luck.I called a farmer friend of mine to see if he had any ideas, since he works on machinery all the time. He said, I’ll come over with my cordless impact. I told him not to bother, that I’ve already tried an air impact, heat, etc.He came over anyway, with this Milwaukee High-Torque ½” impact. He put it on the bolt, it hammered about 4x, and the bolt spun off like nothing. WOW!I couldn’t put my other two impacts on Craigs List fast enough and ordered this to replace it. All my other tools are Milwaukee 18v cordless (¼” impact, circular saw, reciprocating saw, jig saw, hammer drill, etc.) so my batteries and charger are all compatible.Nice thing about this tool is it has three torque settings, so… even though it has so much power, you can set it on low torque when tightening bolts so that you don’t twist them right off. Which this beast could certainly do. Best $194 I’ve spent (bare tool… no battery or charger, since I already had them). Very impressed.

    T-Weeder Tool

  2. R. Hirsch

    Removed the lug nuts off of my 68 dump truck when my Ingersoll Rand 1 inch pneumatic impact gun couldn’t. Absolutely love it. Milwaukee has taken battery powered tools to the next level!

    R. Hirsch


    I took the tool to the junk yard to test it’s power. I did not find any bolt that I couldn’t take off. I easily took off lug nuts from pickup trucks. I took off, with minimal effort, a rusted on 46 mm axle nut. I took off with no effort at all a 36 mm truck axle nut.So, for about an hour I took off anything that seemed to be impossible to take off with a regular ratchet and socket tool. After an hour of torture at the junk yard the battery was 90% full. I am extremely satisfied with the purchase.


  4. BankruptINpa

    I already own one, I love it so much I now own two, one for each hand. It hits soooo hard with sooo much torque that the socket gets so hot it burns my hand. I work in a mechanic shop and my co-workers are jealous of it and the owner of the shop has issues of me using the electricity he pays for using the charger. He’s a cheapskate, I told him it takes much more electricity to run an air compressor to power air tools than my charger! It is slower than an air impact but as much or more powerful than air and no air hoses to get in the way. I have dropped it and abused it and it keeps going, it’s heavy and you’ll feel it when using it constantly but beefs up my arms. I can run all day on one 5.0 amp battery, you don’t need two batteries or a bigger 9 amp, but it’s good to keep an extra battery in case one battery craps the bed.


  5. PapaJ

    This is a powerhouse that far exceeds my old air impact driver. Can’t believe the power that an 18-volt battery can deliver. Tim Allen would have given this the old primeval grunt; Arrrrgh Arrrrgh Arrrrgh.


  6. redrum010

    I ordered the 3/8 version and was very impressed with the power. Then a co-worker of mine ordered the 1/2 and after using a few times i knew I had to have the 1/2. the first one i ordered was lost by the post office ( classic ) but Amazon shipped a new one with no troubles. it took 3 weeks, but I received it and couldnt be happier. incredible impact. In my oppinion, best one on the market especially for the price.


  7. CJM515

    If you are an equipment/service mechanic whos been in situations where you cant get your truck/airhose close to what your working on, then this is for you. I dont even think about grabbing my air impact anymore. This high output fuel version has all the power my ingersol rand 1/2 titanium composite impact has. Im using the 4.0 batteries that came with my milwaukee fuel series 1/4 impact/drill combo. This impact runs perfect on the batteries and doesnt seem to run them down anymore than the 1/4 impact does.


  8. D. Smith

    We were very surprised. With a fresh battery this thing will perform as good as our high power air impacts. It is a little heavy, but with the surprising power it has it is worth putting up with. We are a grain equipment assembly crew that wears out two air impacts a season, so we will continue to mainly use air tools, but this one has proven indispensable to us for tightening hard to reach places.

    D. Smith

  9. Daine

    Great gun, use it for flat rate work and it’s great. When you bottom out a nut hang on tight because on max power it’ll rattle so hard that it vibrates the anvil out of the socket and all the drives on your sockets get gnarled up. The lettering doesn’t take too kindly to it being thrown around and warps a little bit but the actual tool itself holds up nicely and the grip is very comfortable on the hand. I do wish the forward/reverse button on the handle was moved forward more though because even for me with relatively small hands it’s way to close to the web of your thumb and you hit it by accident some times, small gripe. Over all really power gun enjoying my first red tool that isn’t SnapOn!


  10. Gab

    Ok, c’est la première fois que je rédige un avis sur amazon, mais la ça vaut vraiment la peine, juste wow… j’ai forcer comme un malade à dévisser une nut de cardan, barre de force de 4 pieds, toute mon poid dessus, j’étais debout sur la barre j’ai sautée, jamais la nut a bougé. J’ai même crochis un stud qui servais à barré le disque pour ne pas qu’il tourne en même temps. Je commande l’impact, une main, 4-5 percussions maximum et la bolt est enlever….je suis époustouflé par la puissance de cet impact…


  11. Amazon Customer

    Handles alot of abuse out at a steel mill. Great tool but you will need a 5amp battery or bigger. The 2amp battery dies in only a few minuets

    Amazon Customer

  12. Logan

    I’m a heavy Duty equipment technician and use this impact many times a day in many different situations.


  13. Bruce Drover

    Bought if for gift. They are quite happy with it.. In fact they requested that brand because of satisfaction from other products by that brand.

    Bruce Drover

  14. Amazon Customer

    Powerful impact unfortunately it lost stage four already and needs repair

    Amazon Customer

  15. Ryan

    Great for field jobs that you would otherwise would have to run your compressor or your truck. Goes through batteries pretty fast but that’s to be expected if you’re really torquing on something