Milwaukee 2494-22 M12 Cordless Combo Drill Kit

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  • 3/8″ DRILL / DRIVER (2407-20): This all-metal drill / driver combines the compact size of a 12 volt tool with Milwaukee’s highest standards for power. With speeds reaching 1,500 RPM and a 20 position clutch to adjust your torque up to 275 inch pounds, you’ll have more than enough power to drive fasteners and drill holes through a variety of residential and industrial projects
  • 1/4″ HEX IMPACT DRIVER (2462-20): A whopping 2,500 RPM and 1,000 Inch Pounds of torque define this beast of a 12 Volt tool. Handling of it is supported with the textured grip, which gives you improved control in slippery conditions. It also has an onboard LED lighting system for your driving subjects in dimmer areas, and a fuel gauge that lets you know how much work you can still do on a single charge
  • 2 x 12 VOLT LITHIUM ION BATTERIES (48-11-2401): These 12V Lithium Ion batteries can power the M12 line of Milwaukee power tools. They come packed with RedLink intelligence, an innovation that allows communication between the battery and the tools they power. This communication prevents them from sending too much power into the tool and potentially overheating it. On top of that, their compact size gives you the greatest ease of control out of any other M12 li ion battery
  • M12 BATTERY CHARGER (48-22-2424): This will take care of your M12 batteries without a problem. It has a battery charging status indicator that lets you know if a battery is charging, has charged, or requires maintenance. It even boasts a pass-through plug to conserve your outlet space
  • CONTRACTOR BAG: Keep your tools, batteries, and chargers in this contractor’s bag. It has thick cross-x stitching keeping its handles in place, and its rugged fabric will keep whatever is stored in it protected
  • CONTRACTOR BAG: Keep your tools, batteries, and chargers in this contractor’s bag. It has thick cross-x stitching keeping its handles in place, and its rugged fabric will keep whatever is stored in it protected



You need to get the top tools you can for your drilling and driving needs.

Get the best combination of compact size and raw power with this M12 lithium ion dual tool kit from Milwaukee.

It features two of their flagship M12 products, the 2407-20 3/8″ Drill and the 2462-20 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver.

These metal-encased power tools come equipped with a variety of features that help you get your work done properly.

They come with rubberized textured handles that let you maintain a grip even in the slipperiest of conditions.

They also have onboard fuel gauges. When interacting with the included M12 lithium, the RedLink technology onboard these tools will communicate with the plugged in batteries.

This keeps the tool from becoming overheated and the battery from sending out too much power.

There is also a 12V battery charger included with the same technology. It can communicate with the batteries it charges, keeping them from drawing too much energy after they’ve been fully charged.

Working on an industrial job or on a residential job, it’s going to be the same. You need the best, so go with Milwaukee, whose feature-packed tools will get the job done right.

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  1. Scott C.

    I bought these in August of 2016. It’s march 2019 and these drills are still going strong. As an HVAC/R tech, my tools get put through a lot of stress. From working in a freezer at -10 degrees and then immediately being brought up to roof tops in the hot and humid Florida summer (heavy condensation on drills) these things just wont stop. My primary is the impact driver. It has even fallen off my tool bag and fell two stories on concrete, more than once… and been just fine (aside from cracking the battery!). I’ve been caught in the rain many times and have had no choice but to use my drill- never any kind of short (I do avoid getting them wet on purpose!). I left one of my chargers and battery plugged in outside For almost two weeks, through several heavy rain storms.. when I finally retrieved it, battery was fully charged and and charger still works to this day! (Don’t try this at home!). I will say that 6 months after I bought the set, the regular drill wouldn’t turn on, but randomly started working a few weeks later. This hasn’t happened since, otherwise I would have filled warranty. After a year or two the screw heads holding the belt clips had broken off. I’ve noticed on cold mornings or working inside coolers or freezers that I’ll get flashing battery lights when I first pull the trigger but then they’ll run just fine. I’ve added to my M12 collection. Highly recommended for someone who needs their tools to work through regular abuse. If you do a lot of construction, a higher voltage set would probably be needed. These do most of what I need them for, and have more powerful drills if the job calls for it.

    Scott C.

  2. Talip BAYRAK

    Model of locking chuck scratched used I could not return because of the transport costs to get from products from Turkey. I think that the product we bought is repaired from the factory and is the product offered for sale again. Not new . Note this

    Talip BAYRAK

  3. JP

    Bought this for my wife for Christmas. She went to use it for the first time and the two batteries are defective and won’t take a charge.


  4. James S.

    It’s milwaukee….you want great tools? these are them. I’m buying this set for my son, I have the same and worked the heck out of them, and they still perform as new. Milwaukee is definitely worth the $$

    James S.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I use these regularly at work as a service tech at a rental shop at a home improvement retailer. The battery life is great, for the size, and these pack plenty of punch. I liked them so much at work that I bought this set for myself at home. I already had a corded drill so this is intended to do 90 % of what a home-owner would expect a typical drill/driver unit to do. I would take these, hands down, over the makita of the same vintage. The driver unit had a fault with the mold of the handle which resulted in it cracking by the motor assy. And I like this chuck better. And the battery style. And the feel in the hand. It’s a really well-engineered unit. If you’re hemming and haw-ing betwen this and a unit from HF, than go use your super coupon and buy yourself a nice lunch. Buy this if you want a quality tool.

    Amazon Customer

  6. Michael

    Life savers! Super light, always with me when I do projects. Battery life is only an hour or so, but these are so small and convenient for handy-man work. I always keep the charger with me and never had a problem.


  7. Dgor

    so far, so good.. industrial quality tools that stand up to life in the shop. batteries last a long time in use, and charge very quickly. only complaint I have is with the Milwaukee tool website .. cannot seem to register … even sent an E-mail to their “contact us” link, and got no response.


  8. Amanda Jackson

    These are great drills. They last a long time. My husband has had his for many years and this set was purchased for my dad.

    Amanda Jackson

  9. Amazon Customer

    light weight, easy to use , batteries last long time would highly recommend buying 2nd set and you can be like the energizer bunny and keep on going

    Amazon Customer

  10. Jeremy T

    Automotive mechanic in a shop I’m shocked I have a real nice air tool set up and bought a lot of the M12 line up so worth it find myself reaching for these now rather then air

    Jeremy T

  11. Amazon Customer

    Love the small size, fits in small spaces. It may be small but it’s got great power. I would buy this again

    Amazon Customer

  12. Jaci Lewis

    I’m soooo happy with this purchase. Great deal and great quality. Milwaukee is a fantastic product. These should last a lifetime.

    Jaci Lewis

  13. mehmet

    So far so good, battery life could be increased , and need improvements to battery lock, definitely needs better lock for the batteries.Weight might be decreased just a little.


  14. Henry

    Great product. Just not the one I thought I was ordering. Human error on my side. I need a heavier duty battery for the work I’m doing.


  15. Dave

    They are great. Makes me wonder why i cheaper out and I didn’t buy them years ago. I have never been unhappy with Milwaukee tools