Makita XCV11Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless 2 Gallon HEPA Filter Portable Wet/Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum (Tool Only)

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  • Powerful BL Brushless motor delivers 57 cfm and 27 inches water lift of suction using an 18V LXT Lithium Ion battery (battery not included)
  • Filter cleaning system is designed to maintain optimum suction efficiency and longer filter life
  • Efficient HEPA filter captures 99. 97 percentage of particulates. 3 microns and larger
  • Upto 60 minutes of continuous run time using an 18V LXT Lithium Ion 5. 0Ah battery BL1850B (battery not included)
  • L. E. D. Battery indicator shows charge level for 18V LXT Lithium Ion battery
  • The BL Brushless Motor eliminates carbon brushes, enabling the BL Motor to run cooler and more efficiently for longer life
  • Compact and portable design; weighs only 10. 1 pounds with 18V LXT 5. 0Ah battery (battery not included)
  • Integrated tethering hooks for increased portability with optional shoulder strap



The 18V LXT Brushless 2 gallon HEPA filter portable wet/dry dust extractor/vacuum, tool only (XCV11Z) is a powerful, portable solution in dust management applications.

The XCV11Z captures 99. 97% of particulates . 3 microns and larger with the efficient HEPA filter.

It’s compact and cordless design with an shoulder strap (sold separately) allows easy transport of the vacuum throughout the space for efficient use.

Get up to 60 minutes of continuous run-time and up to 57 CFM and 27” water Lift of suction with just one 5. 0Ah battery (sold separately).

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  1. MJHeil

    First off, I bought this Makita XCV11Z Vacuum for use with a Makita XDS01Z 18V Cordless Cut-Out Saw, which when using at ceiling height’s of 8′, 9′, 10′ or higher off of a ladder requires a vacuum attachment. If you’re doing this by yourself and you want to remain cordless this is the right vacuum–ONLY IF it comes with the pictured strap (apparently optional). Hopefully Amazon will remedy this by removing or relabeling the image. The strap is not available on Amazon. Fortunately my Bucket Boss bag strap clips right on.The hose that comes with this tool is a 38mm I.D., almost 1-1/2″, which doesn’t fit any Makita tools except the attachments that comes with the vacuum. You’ll have to buy one of several Makita adapters and probably use duct tape; I’m currently buying 2 plus a universal hose kit. I several other brands of power tools that use vacuums and dust collection, none of my existing hoses work.Lastly, keep in mind that this vacuum uses the newer 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah Makita Star symbol batteries, will not run on older 3.0Ah batteries.I may come back and re-edit this after some use.


  2. C W

    I’ve been waiting in Makita to release a little shop vac and here it is. The XCV11 is relatively quiet and will pick up fine to medium well. It is sufficient for its intended purpose, but if you hope to use it for a quick dust collection job you will have to add a more suitable hose and seek out adapters. Of course, Makita makes and sells adapters, but finding the proper accessories isn’t intuitive or cheap. I dug up the adapters referenced by the product literature and they end up being 15$ to 20$ each. Just tell us what adapters fit this vacuum and tools or offer them up with the tool. You can assume the people who buy this have other Makita tools and will need the dust collection flexibility. This thing quickly loses it value as an affordable solution for quick dust management tasks. Makita makes me feel trapped by all the cordless tools and batteries I have invested in all these years.One last thing. If I put in the van unrestrained it always greets me bottom up the next time I open the door. It is top heavy(especially with a battery) and rolls right over.

    C W

  3. J. Shelburn

    I’m a professional remodeling contractor, I have a bunch of Makita tools and this vac is awesome! It’s really quiet, has good suction, the hose is flexible and high quality. It has on board attachment for the attachments and you can also switch the hose to the other side to use as a blower. It also has large capacity for the size in the bottom for all the crap you suck up. I was surprised to see that the filter is actually 3 stage. It is the main filter then a foam one over that and then a cloth one that goes over top of that. Pretty impressive. At least two of them are washable. The hose also locks into place with two little tabs and a twisting motion – not just compression fit.I’m sure it’s designed this way for a reason but I’m curious why the small attachment has two slits in the plastic where air passes through. It seems like suction would be a little better without them. I might call Makita as ask.Great vac – buy it!

    J. Shelburn

  4. Snowbvi

    I have been using this as an hvac tech.filters are off since i am going after clogged drains and water leaks with it more than cleaning up trash.I have a 5 amp battery i use with it, i get about a weeks worth of work ( 1-4 times a day for 2-3 min per).vacuum is at 54 CFM vs my plug in shop vac at 94 cfm, so that is something to keep in mind.I have had good luck sucking out drain lines, and then flipping the hose around and using the blow function to confirm line is clear.With it being ready to go at all times, Is not longer a full task to go out to the van, get the vac and clean up or clear a line.Unit is also half as loud as my plug in shop vac, so i dont get dirty looks from people when i use it!I would highly recommend this to someone that would favor portability over power.


  5. Reanna B.

    I have used the vacuum a couple times now. Suction is decent. Definitely a handy cordless vacuum.I was disappointed it didn’t come with the shoulder strap. A shoulder strap would definitely be useful.But all In all I’m happy with my purchase.It’s also a good size vacuum

    Reanna B.

  6. Therrmos

    Nice intermediate sized vacuum by Makita. Better than a handheld and more maneuverable than a full sized. Battery life is nice and suction is amazing for a cordless. Long term will have to wait to see


  7. Tyler Durden

    I was a little skeptical about the power of this vac, but I have to say it’s good, its the perfect vac for me. I wanted something very portable with decent suction. This a a great vac for small jobs. I love that it has the soft flex hose and it has a place to wrap and hold to.Another great item for my lxt collection.

    Tyler Durden

  8. Jose garcia

    This thing is perfect for quick little small jobs. I have the festool midi and ct 26 they are awesome but sometimes you need something cordless and quick. And this is the solution its strong enough to pick up small dust and debris. If your trying to get more suction might as well have it corded and more capacity. But overall awesome little cordless vacuum and great design highly recommend it.

    Jose garcia