Makita 18V LXT Compact Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Kit Blue/Black XLC02R1B

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  • Upto 15 minutes of continuous use from a single fully charged 18V compact Lithium Ion 2.0Ah battery
  • Redesigned floor nozzle for improved maneuverability and debris collection
  • Strong suction power for fast and efficient cleaning
  • Bagless 2 stage cloth filtration system allows for easier cleaning and quicker debris disposal
  • Increased storage capacity for longer time between waste disposal. Only use genuine Makita batteries and chargers
  • Weighs only 2.7 pounds. With battery for reduced operator fatigue



The Makita 18V compact Lithium-Ion cordless vacuum kit, model XLC02R1B, is a compact and powerful cordless vacuum with strong suction for fast and efficient cleaning.

At only 18-3/4” in length This compact vacuum can be used as a “hand-vac”, or with the floor nozzle extension for floors, carpets, and hard-to-reach spaces.

The XLC02R1B is a kit and includes the fast-charging 18V compact Lithium-Ion battery and efficient Rapid optimum charger. It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V Lithium-Ion system, the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries.

Makita 18V Lithium-Ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.

For improved tool performance and extended battery life, Makita created Star protection Computer controls.

Star protection is communication technology that allows the Star Protection-equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real time and monitor conditions during use to protect against overloading, over-discharging and overheating.

For increased versatility, the tool can also be powered by Makita 18V LXT and compact Lithium-Ion batteries with the Star symbol on the battery indicating Star protection inside.

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  1. H&H

    The transplant blue part started cracking without dropped or mishandled after using only 3 months. And the customer service would not do anything. Even it says 3 years warranty, the plastic part is not covered with the warranty. That they told me.I am so sad, because I really liked the Vac, very light very works well. Just hoping Makita improves customer service.


  2. J&H

    I’ve owned the white version of this vac for two years and have found it absolutely indispensable. It’s very light and compact, and it has enough suction for daily use in my shop (I hardly use my big corded “shop vacs” any more!). Much better than the B&D and [email protected] cordless hand vacs I’ve owned in the past. I’ve also owned two of the D#son hand vacs and both blew up on me (rotors tore apart). And they were much more expensive than the Makita.Well unfortunately my wife recently stole my Makita from me (after the last D#son died), so I bought the new green/black version to replace it. Same excellent suction and build. Same outstanding battery life (even with the little 2 AH batt). Needless to say I’d highly recommend this unit. It’s virtually identical to the “white” version, which garnered excellent ratings in the review section. I can testify to that. J&H


  3. Andrew Kim

    The ultimate test of the battery based vacuum cleaner is the 1) suction power, 2) battery life, 3) charge time and 4) serviceability.1) The suction power maybe just bit less than the Dyson V6. But, in use the vacuum cleaner has more than enough vacuum for household use.2) The one charge lasts about 20-30 minutes of off and on run time. The quoted duration is 15 minutes at 100 duty cycle. But, I never had the vacuum on continuously, and I don’t think most people would use it that way. I use if mostly to pickup bits of dirt and lints from both wood floor as well as carpeted floor. I have full powered central vacuum which I use when I am in need of cleaning the whole house. So, this is used to do mostly spot cleaning, in between the major battle with the dirt kinds.3) The included 2.0Ah battery is typically charged to full within about 20 minutes. That is much much quicker than most battery based vacuum cleaners out there. This is definite plus for the Makita.4) Serviceability. The battery can be purchased separately. I purchased two 4.0Ah battery for Makita. The included charger can charge 4Ah battery. And the battery can be used in any of the Makita’s 18V power tools. So, if you have Makita power tool(s), then you can use these batteries on this vacuum. In some other vacuum cleaners, once the battery life wanes, you have no choice but to purchase another (such as Dyson). This external battery is the way to go.So far, I love this vacuum, it is every-ready minutemen ready to bring spotless cleaning at the finger tip. The vacuum is light and useful tool. Compare to other vacuums that I had from Crafsman, Black & Decker, and others, this is definite keeper, the best of the breed.

    Andrew Kim

  4. Sandie

    Casing cracks very easily. 2 other family members experienced same disappointing quality. Mikita only resolution seems to be to take it to authorized dealer…not good


  5. Simon

    Thing is awesome. My wife loves it. It is hanging where our old cordless vacuum used to reside. Batteries are expensive. I already had some Makit Batteries and a charger that came with some power tools I bought. I purchased some knock off 5amphr batteries. I got two for under $100. They work great too! This is how I will roll with y Makita tools from now on. Bare tools and generic batteries. FYI I have a very old Makita NiCad 18 volt drill and lamp sitting around. The batteries were shot on that one. I found some generic replacements, they work in that charger and work great in the drill. Both batteries were under $40 for 3 amp hour. I gave that drill/light set to my 8 year old son. He’s still using it. Love Makita. Love generic batteries too.


  6. Steve Wilson

    This little vac sucks, in just the ways I want it to and better than I hoped would be the case. The best thing about it is is portability, for which I bought it in the first place. After reading some reviews I was worried about its sucking power (as I recall, CFM not even listed on the product page) and considered buying the backpack version with two 5 amp batteries to replace that, but read about even that lacking sufficient sucking power, and even corded ones not pleasing customers in terms of ability to suck, so I finally went back to the original reason I bought this, which was portability and simply hoped the suction would be sufficient. Well it is, and I can’t stop myself from turning to find where the cord might be as it’s hard to get used to being this liberated from electrical cords. In terms of how long it lasted, I first tried it on a partial charge (I first got the 5 amp battery for the Makita blower) and it lasted 15-20 minutes so I thought this full charge trial would tire after 30 minutes but not so! I’m not sure how long it lasted, probably 30-40 minutes, but I got through my whole one story house about 3-4 times before I finally gave up on trying to empty the battery completely (assuming it’s better to charge a completely empty battery than a partially charged one) and simply quit from fatigue and lack of need to spiff up the house any more, and set the battery to charging again, hoping it was low enough not to harm the battery by charging it only partially discharged. So I am most definitely satisfied. Although I have 3-4 corded, high suction vacuums, one of them a powerful Sears canister type, this is going to be my vacuum of choice due to the convenience factor of carrying it around without having to constantly steer and reposition the cord. In my opinion this mini-vac is well designed to go with the 5 amp battery I possessed before buying it.

    Steve Wilson

  7. Amazon カスタマー

    本日少しだけ使っただけですが、商品説明文に書いて無いあたりの補足とレビューです。●配送時の包装についてバルク品のようなビニール袋のみでの包装で、説明書は特についていませんでした。梱包についてはご存知アマゾンの大きい箱に入ってくるので個人的に特に問題ないかと思います。●スイッチについて強弱などはなく、人差し指あたりにあるトリガーを引き(押し?)続けることによって運転します。他所で使ったマキタの別製品は、親指側のスイッチをポンと押すとON、もう一度押すとOFFだったのですが、そちらのワンタッチタイプが好きな方は別の製品にした方が無い方がよいかもしれません。●透明部分の色について【マキタ(Makita) サイクロンアタッチメント A-67169】と全く同じ色味です。正直なところそこの1点だけでも、これを買ってよかった!と思っています。●バッテリーと充電器(別売)についてレビューを拝見する限り元々バッテリーを持っていたから買ったと言う方がかなり多いのですが、自分の場合はもっていなかったのでこれのために3.0Ahのものを新たに買ったら思ったより大きかったです(笑)駆動時間が減りますが、1.5Ahも買うか検討したいと思います。●重さについて全体の重さについては、「バッテリーが重い」という部分が多少なりともあるのですが、慣れの問題であって許容範囲ではないかなと思います。●吸い込みについて18Vとマキタの製品の中でも、一番高出力なものを選んだこともあり、吸い込み方もすくなくとも家の掃除をする分には十分だと思います。●音について音の大きさ自体は古典的掃除機より多少は小さい気がしますが(比較対象によりますが…)、音の質は掃除機と言うよりもどちらかというとチェーンソーというか電気工具な寄りな気がします。(主観です)ふと、友人がマンションの隣人宅からしょっちゅうドリルの音がするって言っていたのを思い出したのですが、もしかしてマキタの掃除機ではないかとよぎったのは余談です。●【サイクロンアタッチメント A-67169】(別売)について該当商品の方に他のレビューが多数書いてあるためそちらも合わせてご覧いただいた方が良いと思うのですが、こちらの掃除機をご購入でしたら、是非買った方が良い商品だと思います。どれくらいのオススメ度かを1から10で言うならばマキタの掃除機を使う限りでは10のオススメ度だと大袈裟ではなく思っています。ほとんどのゴミがこちらに溜まっていきますので、掃除が終わったらパカっと外してゴミ箱に入れれば良いのはとても使い勝手が良いです。フィルタの目詰まりをしづらいかどうかは、長期間使って見ないとわからないですが、粉塵もかなりアタッチメントに入っていたので、信憑性が高いのでは無いかと思いました。●全体的なレビューアタッチメントも一緒に購入したため、アタッチメント込みのレビューになっていまいますが、ゴミがクルクルとまわりながらどんどん見える位置にあるアタッチメントにはいっていくのは、掃除をした感があってとても良いです。掃除機だし吸えば良いと思っていた部分があったのですが、このアタッチメントがあるから思った以上に気に入ったといっても過言ではありません。また、敢えて並行輸入版の本体が透明なタイプにしてみたのですが、ゴミが溜まってくると汚いと思うか、中を掃除するタイミングがわかって良いと思うかはとても微妙なところですが汚なくなる前に掃除をしたいところだと思っています。

    Amazon カスタマー

  8. Amazon Customer

    The suction is not that great. Plus you need to always hold on the switch. I regret buying this thing.

    Amazon Customer


    Excelente equipo, calidad y eficiente.


  10. 海老洲

    やはり、マキタと言えど アメリカ製…造りが日本製の同価格帯品と比べるとかなり落ちます…隅の方を照らすLEDライトも無し、ハンディーストラップも無しスイッチも固定式ではないトリガータイプの為、使用中人差し指が疲れます…国産品より良い点はダストカップが半透明でゴミの集積状態が目視出来る点、ただ一つだけです。


  11. soyokaze

    バッテリーと充電器が付属してないことに気がつきませんでした。商品が届いて、どうしようかと思ったときマキタのインパクトとワット数が同じなのでそのバッテリーを差し込んだら合いました。マキタのインパクトを持ってない人は、バッテリーと充電器が付いている CL108FDSHW の方が良いのではないでしょうか。本器は、結構パーワーがあって、通常の掃除には十分です。溜まったゴミを捨てるのが、めんどうなので、別売りのサイクロンアタッチメントを買いました。間に差し込むようになってるので、バーが長くなるせいか重く感じます。最初からサイクロン方式にした方が良いと、改良の余地があると思います。総合的にみて、掃除が楽になって、その点では大変良い商品だと思いますので、掃除機は、これかCL108FDSHW をおすすめします。


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