KitchenAid KMT4115SX 4-Slice Toaster with Manual High-Lift Lever, Brushed Stainless Steel

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  • Handle bagels, English muffins, and Thick breads like sourdough easily. All four slots are 1 1/2 inches wide to accommodate whatever you’re toasting.
  • Bagel and cancel buttons
  • Offers durability and style, particularly the stainless steel housing and steel interior.
  • Store the cord neatly on the bottom of the toaster when not in use.
  • Catches crumbs from Toasted bread in a durable, Full-width tray. Hand wash only.




An attractive and functional addition to any countertop, the KitchenAid 4-slice toaster offers a variety of functions for everyday use.

Toast bread to your desired shade, precisely toast the cut sides of bagels, defrost and toast frozen food or reheat previously toasted food in under a minute.

Plus, a high lift lever makes it easy to remove whatever you’re toasting.

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  1. Jason

    First of all, my wife and I love KitchenAid appliances and utensils. Most of our products in our kitchen are from KitchenAid. The stainless steel look of this toaster is very aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t look or feel cheap. Another neat function of this toaster is that it actually has a musical tone that plays when the toast is done instead of just listening for the ejection of the toast. Lets be honest, the real reason you bought this toaster…to toast bread and it does just that. Four slots is perfect since we have two children and the slots are split 2×2. There are some toasters that only give you the option to toast all four slots at the same time and this wastes energy. The “darkness” knob works as expected and so does the bagel function. I know this may seem like common knowledge but people have asked me ‘what does the bagel button do?’ It simply just toasts the inside of the bagel and not the outside. I love this feature because the inside is crunchy and ready for cream cheese and the outside is warm and chewy!


  2. Jason Rohlfing

    We typically love KitchenAid products so this toaster comes as an exception. Beyond being absolutely huge, the toasting quality is average at best. Only two of the toast duration settings are useful for bread, with the three highest settings burning the bread. Also, even though it is large, it still can’t toast a large waffle evenly. Finally, the left most and right most toast slots are underpowered compared to the inner sections. Considering the price, I would absolutely not buy this again. This is no better than a $15 toaster.

    Jason Rohlfing


    Very disappointed in this product and immediately returned it. Exterior of toaster was hot enough to burn. The lift higher function did not lift a piece of rye toast high enough out of the slot not to burn your fingers! Even on the # 2 shade, it took much to long to toast. The # 2 came out much too well done and the # 3 actually reduced burned toast. Don’t know if I was unlucky enough to have received a “dud” or they are all like this. Returning it for a different brand and hope it will better. This was replacing a Breville, which after 10 years stopped working.


  4. C. D. Berberette

    This toaster looks great, but I have one complaint that made me rate it down two stars. The toaster we got cooks very hot and we found that even on setting 1.5 to 2 would cause our toast to blacken. We have it set on one and it makes pretty good toast. So if you want to lightly toast something, you may have to watch it and manually cancel the toasting process. Overall we made it work, but its not ideal.

    C. D. Berberette

  5. Paul

    I usually love KitchenAid products, we have two stand mixers and various attachments and other utensils with their brand. We have been looking for the 4-slice toaster in red to go with the color theme of our Kitchen and as an upgrade to a 2-slice, but the cost was a bit much at the local stores that deal their products. I found this and bought it as a surprise Christmas gift for my wife. When we took it out, it was definitely not the ones we have seen in stores, this one had the red sides made out of plastic and the inside landings the toast sits on look like and cheap toaster on the market (we’re down to Proctor-Silex standards or worse here). Nevertheless we kept it due to wanting to get rid of our old 2-slot toaster which was an eyesore.Lo and Behold, a few months later and we have a Guest for breakfast, we go to use the second two slots and the lever does not stay down… AT ALL. Tried it with the first slot already loaded and down, tried loading both slots together, nothing. This function is the whole reason why we wanted the 4-slot. Unfortunately, since we discovered this after the 90-day return, we are stuck with it. The best I can do is write a review now, and I never thought I’d have to write a negative one on a KitchenAid product.


  6. Island Bound

    I was hesitant initially because of a couple of the neg reviews, so far so good. Every toaster I have owned in my life has it’s quirks, you just deal with it and find your “Toast Spot”. My husband has his side and I have mine. We tend to eat earthy and homemade bread from my oven and it really does the product justice.

    Island Bound

  7. Anne C. Coleman

    I love this toaster! It looks great and worked great until a month before I’d had it for a year. However, Kitchenaid’s service department has been GREAT! After a quick phone call they are sending me a brand new one and paying for the return of the old one. So no harm no foul. Will definitely keep buying Kitchenaid as they have always had great service and great products.

    Anne C. Coleman

  8. The Man

    Lowest setting, 1, is well done. Setting 2 blackens the toast. 3 causes smoke.Would not purchase again.

    The Man

  9. David Symons

    We had purchased another much more expensive toaster before this one. The problem with the high tech, expensive toaster was that it would not actually toast the bread. This toaster doesn’t have all the bells and whistle‘s on it but it is very effective at toasting your bread. I use it set at a level 3 and it browns both sides of the bread nicely.

    David Symons

  10. Chuck Greenhow

    I got this at discount from the warehouse , was supposed to have less than 5% damage but I can not find a scratch on it anywhere. This would be worth full price. it toasts perfectly

    Chuck Greenhow

  11. Darcy G.

    I get that a 4 slice gets hotter than a 2 slice, but this is crazy! You can achieve crispy toast at level 2, so Id be afraid to go any higher! The front top and back get very hot so you cant place under a cabinet or near any walls(currently sitting on my stove).

    Darcy G.

  12. Doug

    It is a large toaster. Takes up quite a bit of space. Toasts bread nicely at level 3. Delivered quickly to Calgary. Have to press the activate lever down firmly to start. Cancel button is convenient and works good.


  13. Jonathan

    Very good looking design. Only minor issues: the button is hard to press, toasts doesn’t lift enough after toasting, and the toaster will burn the breads if set above 3 !


  14. patricia cerisano

    product did not meet my expectations. i have many kitchenaid products and have always bought them for the quality and performance. the handles that slide down to turn on toaster sticks. and shade indicators briwn darker than suppose to on one side. i bought a new toaster because my old one was doing the same thing. shiuld have saved my money.

    patricia cerisano

  15. Laura Fischer

    Nice looking. A little short for long bread but toasts nicely. It’s quiet and looks nice.

    Laura Fischer