KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven – Black Matte – KCO211BM

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  • Large capacity fits more than you think and has 50% more capacity than a leading competitor (Compared to Breville Mini Smart Oven BOV450XL).
  • Unleash your inner chef with 9 preset cooking functions for everything from roasting, to broiling to baking – Bake, Broil, Toast, Warm, Reheat, Bagel, Pizza, Cookies, Roast + Frozen option.
  • Easy to read digital display gives you at-a-glance updates on cooking progress. Streamlined profile and (black) chrome knobs add style to your countertop.
  • Non-stick interior allows you to quickly and easily clean up any spills.




Get the same possibilities as a full size oven, with quality results, in a convenient countertop size.

KitchenAid brand brings full-size oven expertise to this digital countertop oven that fits more than you think. It includes a 9×13-inch baking pan and has 50% more capacity than a leading competitor – compared to Breville Mini Smart Oven BOV450XL. In addition, this countertop oven has 9 preset cooking functions + Frozen option, easy to read digital display and a non-stick interior for quick and easy clean every time.

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  1. CookinMaine

    I wanted this to work. I gave away two appliances to switch out for this. Some problems are: example, preheat to 350, the buzzer declares it’s preheated when it reaches 200 degrees, not 350, AND, it does not reach 350. You have to set it at 400 to get it, after ten minutes BEYOND preheat, to get to 350. It took me over half an hour to reheat a slice of meatloaf! Another example is making toast. I preset it to number 6, and as soon as you press start, it goes back to the number 4. It does not let you select the number. I could give you more examples, but don’t waste your money.


  2. T. Wessels

    While not a cheap $40 toaster oven, this KitchenAid toaster oven has not disappointed. The controls are compact and easy to work with. Well-thought-out digital controls help you get what you want out of this toaster oven. For a relatively small footprint you get 50 percent more space inside it for cooking. We will be using this toaster oven for jobs we used to put in the kitchen stove oven. Looks well made and unlike any other toaster oven I’ve seen and I looked at a lot of them before I bought this one. Hopefully, it will last a long time. We still have a KitchenAid frig running after 25 years.

    T. Wessels

  3. crs949

    I agree with this reviewer:I wanted this to work. Some problems are: example, preheat to 350, the buzzer declares it’s preheated when it reaches 200 degrees, not 350, AND, it does not reach 350. You have to set it at 425 to get it, after ten minutes BEYOND preheat, to even get to 300. I experienced the same problems. I am returning the oven because who can cook if the oven doesn’t maintain the correct temp. KitchenAid is a great brand but this oven does not work.


  4. jiml

    what I like about this oven is it is easy to use one dial for settings and a couple of push buttons for on and off. we only have had it a couple of weeks, so far its great.cooks well toasts great we have made a quiche, English muffins ,baked fish, wife made banana bread.all came out great.it has large capcity. we are very happy with it so far.


  5. Humberto Benavides

    This toaster oven came to compliment our entire line of kitchenaid kitchen appliances, it gets warm very quick and the controls are very intuitive and self explanatory. You can’t go wrong with kitchenaid appliances, is like getting the BMW of appliances.

    Humberto Benavides

  6. Victor Colon

    I am slowly converting all of my small kitchen appliances to Kitchen Aid and have yet to find any issues with any of them. I just received my toaster oven today and tested toasting one piece on shade 3, and it worked perfectly. I do not plan to use this for major baking jobs, so I’m sure there won’t be any future issues. This is definitely a lot prettier than my old Hamilton Beach toaster oven, and I can put a lot more it it with no problems. Overall, I’m thrilled with my newest kitchen accessory. I have included a photo to show a bit more of the sizing to scale with the rest of my counter pieces. It was a tad too bulky to put it anywhere other than in the corner.

    Victor Colon

  7. Estella H. Guth

    The only thing that I don’t like about this is there isn’t an easy way to change the time since each has its own time to cook things and with an already set temperature.

    Estella H. Guth

  8. Matthew J. Artibee

    Wonderful product. Heats up quick. Fits or full size casserole dishes. We absolutely love it and will but for friends as gifts.

    Matthew J. Artibee

  9. popelka

    I sure did not leave a stone unturned while searching for a good toaster oven . I decided on Kitchenaid for its good looks and also for easy and simple operation . I’ve made a few meals in it already in a couple of days since it arrived . All I can say I’m very happy how quickly it warms up and I impressed with the quality of this oven . Someone once told me just listen to the door when you are closing toaster oven . Others I’ve tried felt tinny and hollow but this one feels so solid . Inside of this oven has well made enamel and the tray and racks are of great quality . I love my new toy .


  10. ValleyDoll

    I bought this to use instead of heating up the regular oven when cooking for 2. It has not disappointed. It is simple to use, very fast preheat and fits a 9×13 glass pan. Some commented on the quiet tone signalling when preheat is done, etc but I don’t find it too quiet. Another commented on the countdown starting when preheat is done. You just push the button and it stops and goes back to displaying the temp. Don’t hesitate to buy this.


  11. mm

    So happy we did the research and got this one! Love this way better than our last one! Timer is super helpful too! Nice to look it too!


  12. Frank Lerra

    This kitchen aid oven is perfect.I like all the options you can select from.My mother in law bought one for herself and enjoys it so much.She doesn’t need to reheat food in her big oven or bake.It’s perfect!!

    Frank Lerra

  13. Bengie

    This toaster oven is easy to use and I use it almost daily. Love it


  14. Tal K.

    It’s good but I was looking for a convection oven as it says in the description of the item.

    Tal K.

  15. Inna

    Very good