K2 Coolers Summit 60-Quart Cooler, White

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K2 Coolers


  • One piece roto-molded polyethylene construction for extreme durability
  • Extra thick insulation for maximum ice retention
  • Premium features such as ICE vault lid gasket, POSITRAC latches
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Professional Grade – Engineered to make the outdoors great!




This product will help you keep your food cooler and fresher on a hot summer day or during a long trip.

It is made from top-quality environment-friendly materials using innovative manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art equipment to give you the ultimate in quality, reliability and performance.

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  1. PC Mountain

    You can see this in the photo but take note that the K2 Summit 60 is shaped like a cube whereas most coolers are more rectangular. This cooler usually sells for $359 so I’m not sure how or why I found it for $254 but I’m happy about it. The Summit 60 is a beast. This is not a portable cooler. It’s heavy and awkward to lift or carry even with nothing in it. Fill it up and you’ll need two people to budge it. But I knew that before I bought it. This cooler is made to be left in place. I bought it after my experience during Hurricane Irma when I was without power for 9 days and constantly had to buy ice for my cheaper coolers. This cooler easily holds ice for several days. In spite of it not being particularly portable, I did take it on a trip. I loaded it right outside my van and had a friend to help me load and unload it from the vehicle. We then used it for several days in our hotel room and even after opening it a lot it held plenty of ice and kept everything very cold. I didn’t even do that pre-chilling thing that’s recommended. I’m guessing we could have gotten 5 days of use out of it without refilling the ice. This cooler would also be fantastic as a seat placed in front of the console on a fishing boat. It appears to be well made and I haven’t had it for long but I imagine it’ll last a very very long time. It’s sturdy! Also, it’s set up so that you can purchase a number of aftermarket options such as a lock or a divider. I bought the divider which is pretty handy.

    PC Mountain

  2. rono

    it’s heavy. it’s really sturdy. i’ve loaded it with cold beer and left it in my car for 6 days and came back to ice cold beer.


  3. Melissa T.

    Performs same as Yeti. Like the latch system better than Yeti. Great cooler. This cooler stays in bed of pick up truck. Add about 20# every 4-5 days.

    Melissa T.