Igloo BMX 25 quart Cooler – Carbonite Gray/Carbonite Blue

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  • Heavy duty blow-molded construction for added durability
  • Rubberized T-latches secure lid closure and lock in the cold
  • Oversized hinges and stainless steel screws extend product life
  • Triple point grab handle with stainless steel reinforcement and rubber grip provide premium touch points
  • Skid pads add extra layer of corner protection


Engineered for sturdiness and performance, the lightweight BMX stands up to tough conditions and goes wherever you want. Durable construction with reinforced base and kick plates for increased strength and protection.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I am a die hard Pelican fan. My friend a yeti fan. We are always seeing which one performs better with ice rentention in the field while we work. Honestly they are very close. Those come at a high cost. This Igloo BMX cooler is doing just as good as my Pelican at a fraction of the cost. It’s a little lighter the handle and straps seem to be heavy duty. It’s got a great look and works just the same ! Very happy with this.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Mike Zee

    I freeze about 8 16oz. bottles of water and use these instead of ice. And then add other refrigerated drinks and any other food I want to keep cold. The best part is after 3+ days I have ice cold drinking water left over from the frozen bottles without the watery mess and taking up food space. This cooler is great, I use it all the time on multi-day road trips. Keeps cold for at least 3 to 4 full days in 72 to 80 degree outside temp. Great value compared to those others selling for hundreds of dollars. Solid built too. I’ve attached a picture of 16 oz. water bottles inside to give you an idea of how much internal capacity you have.

    Mike Zee

  3. Robert McGill

    I have not put this IGLOO BMX cooler to the test in the sun outdoors (its still winter here in VT) but I did an indoor test and a 10 lb bag of ice lasted three days, at least a day longer than my Rubbermaid cooler (see photos) which has similar capacity. I gave it 4 stars as I was expecting better performance from the BMX, and it might benefit from a rubber lid seal which it lacks. At 10.2 lbs the BMX is significantly heavier than the Rubbermaid at 4.6 lbs, but less than the Yeti Roadie 20 at 15 lbs.

    Robert McGill

  4. Edward

    I just received this Cooler and I must say for starters that it is solid! It is built like a Tank! I work in the Traffic Control industry and it clearly looks like Igloo FINALLY made a Cooler Just for me!I previously had an Igloo 30 Quart cooler that had all of the capacity I wanted but the lid was not so sturdy.I could sit on it alright but it was a bit too flimsy and would sink in a little whenever I sat on it to eat my lunch or during a break. It ultimately started to develop some small cracks in the lid and I had to stop using it as a seat for concern that I might break the lid if I continued to use it as a seat.This BMX 25 Quart got the seat test immediately as soon as I pulled it out of the box and this thing is SOLID!I will be able to sit on the BMX 25 without any worries about it not holding up.I weigh 190 lbs. but I genuinely believe that the Igloo BMX 25 would easily support a 250-300 lb. derriere.25 Quarts is a little smaller than my previous 30 Quart Igloo cooler but I am confident already that it will still serve my needs. Though I will miss the extra 5 quart capacity difference from time to time as I also use my cooler for some extra work gear as needed.The walls of the BMX 25 are clearly thicker than my old 30 Quart Igloo and seem to be much more solid.One gripe. I do agree with some other reviewers that I think Igloo should have put the tie down tongues on the body of the unit instead of the lid so that the lid could still be opened while it was tied down but with how solid this cooler is built, I can live with that minor issue.I also sort of wish that it had a loop for a lock integrated into it somehow.Igloo are you listening?The handle on this cooler also seems very sturdy and solid but only the test of time and usage will tell if it holds up to my abuses.I am taking this Igloo BMX 25 Quart Cooler to work with me for the first time tomorrow so that will be my first test of it’s abilities to keep it’s cool.I only use refreezable Ice packs so how it keeps real Ice will be a moot point for me but my refreezable Ice packs should give me a pretty good idea about the cooling capabilities of the BMX 25 and I will update this review in about 3 months after I have had a better chance to put it through it’s cooling ability evaluation but at the moment, just seeing how well the Igloo BMX 25 is built, I am feeling very confident that it will perform very well.I’m sure glad I DID NOT buy that YETI cooler now.Who needs to spend $300 to $400 for a Cooler? That’s Nuts!I feel this Igloo BMX 25 is going to easily serve all of “MY” needs in a cooler.I think the only way YOU could go wrong with the Igloo BMX 25 would be to NOT get one now.Thank You Igloo for making MY Cooler at last!


  5. Jeff

    I use this cooler primarily for day lake/boating use. I don’t camp and I have no use for a cooler that hold ice for more than 1 day. In addition, when this cooler is in the boat, its constantly being opened and closed to pull out drinks. Great for all day use for about 2-4 people. I fill the cooler with about 8 -10 lbs of ice At the end of the day, I would still have lots of ice which is typically thrown away unless I’m going to the lake the following day. The size of this cooler is fabulous for a small group. If I have a larger group, I use my larger 50+ QT cooler. No drain plug and for this size cooler, I prefer this as there is no chance of any leaks. Its a solid cooler and heavier than my larger Igloo cooler I picked up at Costco. This is a very solid cooler at a good price, looks great, has a great handle which gets out of the way on either direction. I bought this cooler to complement my larger cooler when I have 2-4 people in my party. This cooler also replaces my YETI Hopper as I got tired of using a zipper to get to my drinks. The YETI Hopper is still valuable for car trips, trips to friends house, airport, etc.


  6. Eric R

    Solid alternative to the more expensive Yeti/RTIC options.Pros:-very solid construction-lid is rigid enough to be used as a seat-latches lock the lid down tight-looks greatCons:-less usable space (compared to overall size) due to the heavy duty wall thickness-latches sometimes hang down and get in the way when you’re trying to close the cooler-the handle flexes a little when you pick up the fully loaded cooler…it doesn’t seem like a bad thing, just pointing it out

    Eric R

  7. Maggie K

    I wanted the performance of a Yeti without the price tag, and I feel that I’ve got it with this Igloo BMX! I bought 2 of these 25 qt coolers instead of one big one, because I wanted to be able to carry and lift it into the back of my SUV without assistance. I especially bought these for power outages and hurricane evacs (coastal life). They’re perfect for weekend trips, the farmer’s market, etc. These really do keep frozen items frozen for days, with a couple of ice packs thrown in. I would keep frozen items in one and not open it, and keep refrigerated food in the other (knowing I will open and close it regularly). One of my smartest purchases of all time.

    Maggie K

  8. brian

    Keeps ice for several days! Heavyweight construction, real hinged lid . Great cooler. Comparable to a Yeti but a lot less expensive


  9. D. burt

    This is the daddy of coolers! I done a lot of research into coolers as I’ve purchased a tent and intended on weekend camping and this cooler came out on top for the price. Its extremely thick walls insure everything stays cool I side. I’ve only used once on a trip to the beach and everything stayed cool and the 2 liters frozen water bottle was still frozen at the end of the day. Its super rugged and not to heavy. Just buy it you won’t be disappointed. Please note, All coolers should be filled with ice for 24 hours before use if you want them to work correctly.

    D. burt

  10. WildCamper9

    Superb bit of kit, used solely for tent based camping trips, extremely rugged looking and practical design, the rubberised latches are excellent for holding down the lid, nice colour scheme, and more importantly its ability to keep food and drink cold, I used this for 3 days and nights and only prefilled using ice cubes without cooling it down beforehand, I would say 65% of the ice was still there are after 3 days and nights. Top-notch product glad I bought this particular cooler, and would highly recommend.


  11. Amazon Customer

    Excellent cooler, should be easier to buy in the UK. Left it in the boot of my estate car in 30deg. heat for 6 hours during cricket match. Bottles of water still cold and ice still solid. Cheaper cooler it was replacing was next to it with like warm coke and no ice. Solid construction, use it as a seat sometimes! Shame I couldn’t buy the bigger one here, but enough for 20ish bottles of beer, or 6 bottles of wine which stand upright. A good investment and not too expensive.

    Amazon Customer

  12. alan

    At the moment I’ve not used it but my friend has the same one and says it will keep your food cold for 3 days but if you top the ice up it will for longer


  13. Anakin

    Easily keeps food fridge cold for a long weekend away (using slim thermos freezer blocks). Fits very well in the boot so handy for shopping also.


  14. Dan Sageman

    Should have cup holders on lid. I don’t need a measuring tape…. keeps a block of ice for four days no problem, looks great in my Jeep. Yeti performance at a fraction of the price!

    Dan Sageman

  15. DAVE

    Have not had it long enough to really comment on the strength or durability, but it seems pretty well made. One bag of ice and 24 cans stayed very cold over 3 days. Still cold on the 4th day.Probably not as good as the same size Yeti….. But has a realistic price. Yeti and Pelican are way to expensive.