Igloo 44687 94-Quart Marine Ultra Cooler – White

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  • Integrated fish keeper measuring tool on lid
  • Stain- and odor-resistant liner
  • Threaded drain plug for hose hook up
  • Stainless steel corrosion resistant screws
  • Dimensions 35.005in L x 16.75in W x 17.63in H.Tougher stains may be cleaned with diluted solution of baking soda and water
  • Ultratherm insulated body and lid
  • Stain and odor resistant liner
  • UV Inhibitors to protect against sun damage
  • Reinforced comfort grip handles with integrated fish measuring ruler on lid
  • Dimensions 35.005in L x 16.75in W x 17.63in H


This 94-quart marine cooler from Igloo is the perfect boat cooler.

Loaded with features, it is designed to withstand wet, sunny and salty conditions.

Its high-density plastic construction and UV inhibitors protect against sun damage, while its Ultratherm-insulated body and lid keep ice for up to five days.

A threaded drain plug offers easy, convenient draining and cleaning.

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  1. Mr. Santos

    Buying a cooler is a long process , I don’t own a boat so this isn’t being used on a boat.I was in the market for a sub $100 cooler.I purchased 4 coolers to test.Igloo marine ultraIgloo Super tough StxIgloo latitude 50Coleman xtremeThe test:Load each with 1 pound of ice ; check every 24 hours.I’m not going to write the details about the test but igloo latitude was the worse it’s temperature rose from 42 to 60 in 12 hours.Coleman Xtreme went from 42 to 60 in 36 hoursIgloo Marine and STX went from 42 to 61 in 39 hours.As the Coleman was slightly bigger than I was looking for we didn’t go for this cooler. I think it was the best of the four. It’s size didn’t fit into my trunk and was eliminated from being an option.Igloo latitude was junk, it was thin and was easily the worst with ice.Igloo Marine and Stx are basically the same cooler, it looks as if StX gets some orange highlights but weighs which felt the same and lasted the same time for ice.Stx cost $30 more than Marine so Marine won our test.It’s 5 stars cause it’s really cheap compared to others on the market.We may just do a video to show which coolers worked best if we find more sub $100 coolers.

    Mr. Santos

  2. Briggs

    NO the lid is NOT insulated! Amazon answers let me down. I ordered this cooler & the only thing in the void of the lid is AIR. I don’t understand why Igloo & Coleman have stopped insulating lids! -Saving 50cents worth of expanding foam makes an inferior cooler! I gave it 3 stars because the rest of the cooler is what I was looking for.I bought a $5 can of great stuff and insulated the lid myself which not only helps ice retention but also makes a more solid lid that doesn’t exhale when you sit on it -or even just squeeze it… I shouldn’t have to finish building the cooler myself – Igloo I’m disappointed.


  3. Culture

    (25 Quart version) I purchased this “Marine Cooler” with “Ultratherm insulated body” only to find out that evidently the lid is not considered part of the body. It is COMPLETELY UNINSULATED. At first, I simply assumed this was a manufacturing defect. Not a huge issue, mistakes do happen and I am not perfect either. However, I called the manufacturer just to make sure, and Igloo confirmed this was INTENTIONAL. Are you kidding me? No more igloo coolers for me. To me fair, it appears the sides and bottom are insulated, I did not bother coring to find out. Maybe the larger version of insulation in the lid? Who knows?


  4. Lorielou

    The sticker on the cooler says insulated lid. It’s not. I don’t even think the cooler is insulated.Put beer and water and ice the night before a fishing trip to chill it. The next morning I iced it down with ice out of my deep freeze which is set at 20 degrees below zero. 2 hours later the drinks were slushing around in ice water.I have always bought Igloo coolers and gotten good service out of them but not any more.


  5. Ryan Nap11

    Bought this cooler twice. As a boater, I have lots of coolers. Nowadays, if you don’t have a $600 Yeti, people look down on you. “Poor guy”, they say… “I bet his ice won’t last 3 days in there”…Well guess what? I don’t need my ice to last 3 days, if has to last overnight at the longest. One cooler is on my Sportfish, and makes a fantastic bait cooler in my cockpit, the other is on my little Boston Whaler Montauk. This cooler is perfect for both applications. Hands down.Only reason it gets 4 Stars is that it’s hinges could be a bit more sturdy. They haven’t given me any problems so far, but I don’t have the best feeling about them long term.If you are using this on your boat, for bait or otherwise, check out the attached photo using a perforated hotel pan as a tray inside. You can do this by putting a 1” sq. piece of azek trim on the inside of the cooler for the tray to sit on. Fits snug, and now you have a tournament style bait cooler, or just a nice tray inside.

    Ryan Nap11

  6. JB

     This is the second one of these I have purchased and the second one to do this after about 2 trips to the beach. See video. The handles on these are total garbage and Igloo needs to address this! Buying this is a waste of money. And yes, I’ve even sprayed the handle joints down very well silicone spray, hoping to get them working better. Igloo, you owe me about $60 – please contact me


  7. Phillip R.

    Editing to 3 stars. A minor ding at the lower part of the handle has caused it to not retract fully. Subpar material and construction.I am giving this only 4 stars because the 28 qt. does not have a drain plug. I don’t understand the reasoning for this. No one wants to turn a cooler on its side to drain it. With that said, I simply bought a replacement plug and installed it myself. It took less than a half hour to do so.The jury is out when it comes to ice retention, as I have not used the cooler yet.It will be used for party boat fishing trips, so I don’t imagine ice retention will be an issue for me. I also added fishing rod holders. Maybe I will add some photos later.

    Phillip R.

  8. Nick Russell

    Very disappointed in this cooler. We were going on a road trip and wanted something to keep drinks and snacks cold. In our van, with the AC running and out of direct sunlight the ice was totally melted in eight hours. We thought maybe it was because the cooler had been in the cardboard box since being delivered and needed to cool down. But the same thing happened every day of our trip. Would not buy again.

    Nick Russell

  9. Richard Entrevannerd

    Bought for camping. Filled it with ice packs from the freezer and beer, meat, cheese, stayed very cold for two days, despite regular opening. It feels like it would survive most things and the drain plug is a good idea. Strong enough to sit on.

    Richard Entrevannerd

  10. Mr D J Clulow

    Pretty happy with this purchase though it was quite expensive & doesn’t keep things cold as long as the description claimed. We filled it with cold beer, ice pack & ice cubes for a festival and the beer stayed cold for about 48hrs. Handles are a bonus for carrying with 2 people.

    Mr D J Clulow

  11. dougied

    Absolute rubbish sent it straight back


  12. Katie M

    Kept stuff cold through a 5 day festival

    Katie M

  13. Debra Barton

    Kept beer cold for 5 days after the ice had melted… I must remember to drink more beer!!!

    Debra Barton

  14. Juan Carlos

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    Juan Carlos

  15. may

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