Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable UH72400 Stick Vacuum – Bagless

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  • STEERABLE TECHNOLOGY: Maneuvers around furniture, corners, and in tight spaces with ease
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Easy to lift, carry and move around, weighs less than 14 pounds with wand and tools
  • WINDTUNNEL 3 TECHNOLOGY: Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt
  • MULTI-FLOOR CLEANING: Move from carpet to hardwood with a press of a button
  • ALLERGEN BLOCK TECHNOLOGY: HEPA Media Filter helps trap up to 99. 97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0. 3 microns




The WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright is easy to maneuver, allowing you to move seamlessly from room to room. Conveniences, including 3 channels of suction, a built-in telescopic wand, and multi-floor brushroll make precision cleaning a breeze.


  • AllergenBlock Technology – Prevents pet dander, dirt, dust, and pollen particles from re-entering the air
  • WindTunnel 3 Technology – Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt
  • Steerable Technology – Maneuvers around furniture, corners, and in tight spaces with ease
  • HEPA Media Filter – Traps 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens down to 0.3 microns
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 14 lbs with wand and tools
  • Multi-Floor Cleaning – Transitions from carpet to hard floors with ease
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  1. Francis Shivone

    I’ve had the vacuum cleaner for less than 6 months. Light residential use. BUT it had an electrical problem, made a puff of smoke and stopped working. I tried to return to Amazon but they don’t take returns after 100 days so I’m in the process of trying to get Hoover to honor a warranty. Way too much trouble even if they do.Amazon should have honored their warranty and worked it out with Hoover. Bad marks for Amazon and Hoover. But I probably should buy this kind of thing locally at places like Costco or Sears who just give you a new one.It did work fine until it blew up.——————————————————————And there’s more…A few days later: I did get a response from Hoover and was told that I could take the vacuum to their local vacuum dealer for repair. “Oh great,” I thought. BUT… I was told by the local authorized representative that he needed to ship the vacuum back to Hoover to see it qualifies for “repair due to manufacturing defects,” and after the vacuum is inspected I’ll be told if the dealer can repair. That process takes 4 weeks.I am going to let the authorized rep ship it back and wait for the response and see if it does take 4 weeks. I’ll keep you updated on this arcane process as we go along. At least this should be good for a few laughs.

    Francis Shivone

  2. Georgesb2

    Review of the Hoover Air Steerable upright bagless UH72400Two and Three year update.I have two of them, identical. One is about three years old and one is about two years old.The BAD:The problems with this vacuum are as follows:The plastic parts can easily break. Depending upon what parts you break, the vacuum will need repair.The motor brushes aren’t replaceable and they go in about three years or normal use.The motor costs about $70 to buy if you fix it yourself. It’s terrible that the brushes are not user serviceable. Terrible.The suction is very good but sometimes it’s so strong that the cleaner sticks to the floor or mat or carpet too much.Cleaning of the parts is a Very Messy undertaking. (I don’t know that there’s any answer to this)Cleaning and maintenance is not only messy but a little complex.The hoses can get filled with debris and the machine stops sucking.The Good, I already listed.I like the simplicity, which normally leads to reliability, lower weight and lower costs. Bottom line, it is a personal choice and a trade off of features, costs, weight, and maintenance requirements (qualify yourself). But I like it, even after a full year of using it in a very dirty, doggy environment. It’s been run quite hard. I plan to buy a second for the apartment. I recommend it for qualified buyer.Simply put there is “no free lunch”. Decide what trade space you are OK with and go in that direction when selecting a vacuum cleaner. For what I want and willing to deal with, this is a good machine. I’m willing to learn how to assemble, disassemble, clean, maintain, provided it does the job well. It does the job and vacuums quite well.The good:Purchase price is right. Anything at $100 +/- is a modern manufacturing miracle.It’s a simple machine, so it tends to have fewer things to break, carry, store, or lose.It’s light enough. Can’t see how it could be any lighter.It’s maneuverable enough. Uprights tend to be, but this one is more so.Something like 4-6 layers of filtration and a clever air flow, which may be state of the design these days. Seems to capture most everything, yet without a bag.The balance, ease of use, ease of carry, maneuverability are all quite good.Sucks pretty good, with a tight fit from the base to the floor/carpet.No height adjustment, it just rolls to the correct height. So less weight w/o height adjustment system.Durable: I’ve run it for 3 hours straight, 4 periods, over a heavy carpet, pulling pounds of dirt and dog hairs. Provided I followed my own maintenance advice, it kept doing the job asked of it. When I didn’t do my part of the job, it overheated and quit working. But that was easy for me to resolve.The not-so-good:The wire is long which is good but it doesn’t retract. Kind of gets in the way and I get lazy putting it on and off and moving it as I work. But it’s lighter and simpler than cord retraction devices, so I live with it graciously.It requires maintenance/cleaning out of parts. Much more than a bag-based machine. You mustn’t allow the canister to get full or the roller to be clogged or other problems may develop.The hose tends to get clogged and you must check that regularly. It will tend to clog more if you allow the brush and/or the canister to get full of stuff. When it clogs I carefully use a metal coat hanger wire that I bend to fit like a long fish hook and carefully remove the clog. Sometimes I have to remove four screws and take the roller plate off to get all the debris.The fit of the canister back together and back onto the machine is a bit fickle. If you don’t have any mechanical ability whatsoever or you are a klutz, this might not be a good machine for you. You must make sure all the pieces are going together properly. Even checking the air passage interfaces are sealing correctly. You must read the tiny instructions for assembly on each of the part. If you force Anything, more and bigger problems result. Follow the instructions and everything will be all right.CAUTION:It does require regular maintenance and just a bit of ability. But I consider this a fair trade-off for all the plusses. If you don’t maintain it, it will fail! It has several well-known and correctable failure modes without costing. But do these things:1) You MUST empty the canister regularly. By watching it through the clear plastic if things aren’t going around in a circle, it’s too full or has some other maintenance required.2) You MUST clean off the roller brush. If it gets tangled up with long hairs, strings or similar, it will jam it up and you might burn out the belt and have less cleaning. You may have to cut that stuff off of it.* If you don’t do the above two often and properly, then you will have other problems that could seem more serious.3) You MUST check the hose leading from the ground for any stuck debris. If it isn’t wide open, you must clear it out. It may require removal of the bottom plate to get full access. This machine clogs hoses more than most others I have owned. But again, I still like this machine overall.Also tap all the filters into the trash, and there is a hidden one above the motor housing. Easy enough to get to but easy to overlook.If you don’t empty the canister, tap out the filters and check the hose for clogging, you will overheat the unit and it will try to save itself by shutting down until it cools. When it overheats, simply take the canister off, and the hepa filter and leave it out too cool down. It should reset. But do not run it if the roller, hose, and canister are not all clear. Do not run it if it isn’t assembled properly. Look carefully that all the air ducts mate properly.Four instead of five stars only because many users will not keep up with the canister emptying and roller and hose debris checks and they might assemble after emptying incorrectly. But we love the machine anyway because I can do all those things and I’d rather not have a costlier, heavier, and less reliable unit.Bottom line:I can no longer recommend this vacuum cleaner. But if it’s considered a throw away, if you get the right price, it’s pretty good. Don’t plan on a long life. Replacement parts are expensive. The brushes are not replaceable, a HUGE downside.


  3. LoriO

    A few years ago, I purchased a Hoover Vacuum cleaner. I loved it. The suction was fantastic, it worked great, and it was incredibly lightweight. After using it for a couple years, it broke. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it and gave up. About a year ago, I went to my local super center searching for a new vacuum. I finally decided on a pretty red and white model (some of you know this as the shark model). I was overjoyed with my purchase, but to make a long story short, I couldn’t find what model it is or find replacement filters, etc.…I had finally had enough and came back to Amazon to start my search for a new vacuum. The first vacuum that popped up was this Hoover UTH72400 Windtunnel. I saw the price, did some research on it and to the checkout I went.While researching this vacuum, I noticed in the reviews that for people that had a lot of pain or problems with a heavy vacuum, this is a great buy. That review is correct. I have several autoimmune diseases and some days, I have a lot pain in my body. This little sweeper is very light weight and extremely easy to maneuver around.The suction is awesome. We have both a dog and a cat and sometimes, the amount of pet hair drives me insane. The Hoover sucks everything up and will even pick it up off the kitchen floor. I highly recommend this for pet homes.Using the wand to vacuum up against furniture or walls is a little tricky at first. You have to move the tube in the back from one port to another. I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to move that thing back and forth and ended up having to re-vacuuming everything that I had thought that I had vacuumed. Be sure to read the instructions and do it the correct way. Also, when you’re using the wand, it’s very easy to pick up the canister part and carry it with you.There are a couple things that I’m not so keen on, but it doesn’t affect the suction power or the ease of use. When I vacuum, there is a very annoying squealing noise. It only makes that noise if the vacuum is moving. It’s made that noise since the first time I turned it on. I’ve learned to get used to it though. I’m sure it annoys everyone else in the house that doesn’t vacuum or clean all the time The second thing that slightly bothers me is the size of the canister. When I open my canister from the bottom, not all of the debris comes out. I usually end up having to take my hand and get it up there or just take the whole top off to get it cleaned out. I don’t know if the canister is too big, if it’s the pet hair that I’m picking up, or if it’s just supposed to be that way, but it’s kind of a pain sometimes.Overall, even with the squeal and emptying the canister, it’s a good vacuum. I’m able to look past those two things and it’s doing a great job on my carpets. I’ve had it for about a month now and there isn’t any sign of suction loss and its working just as well as it did on the first day. This vacuum is lightweight, so easy to move around, it’s got a good rotation which makes it easy to maneuver, and the suction power is awesome!


  4. G

    This item failed in July 2017. It was determined to be a defective part that was causing the brush motor to not stop turning when the handle was placed into the upright position as it should. The part was replaced and I approached Hoover for reimbursement. As of this date some 6 months later and countless correspondences exchanged between Hoover they are still refusing to pay the $34.00 repair charge. Buyer beware should you ever have to use that 5 year manufacturer warranty. The amount of time I have expended trying to get hoover to honor their written warranty obligations is now out of context to the issue. I just cannot believe that a company like hoover would deny payment to a longtime customer and basically tell them,K__$ off. I suppose they just have too many customers and are trying to cut down on sales. Well I am spreading the message for hoover for customers to look elsewhere. If you think you might ever require to make use of that 5 year warranty do not purchase a hoover product.


  5. Katherine Baker

    This is the second Hoover Wind Tunnel I’ve purchased. Loved the first one but sucked up drywall dust (not knowing the dust ruins vacuum motors) so when I saw this one in “warehouse deals” I jumped on it.It said there was the odd cosmetic scratch due to damaged box, but I couldn’t find any. In brand new condition – still wrapped in original plastic inside box.Very happy with this purchase.

    Katherine Baker

  6. Isr

    Desde el primer día hubo un olor a quemado, al mes la aspiradora ya no prendió.La llevé a garantía, me la regresaron, duró 1 mes y el olor a quemado seguía…….después se apagó y ya no prendió.A la fecha sigue en garantía…………….definitivamente no vale la pena!


  7. Amazon Customer

    I only buy this product when on sale so I got a good price, almost half, had one before that lasted years, suction is better than a lot, it’s no Dyson but a fifth of the price, Quite happy overall.

    Amazon Customer

  8. Roseann Hodge

    There was no suction power the 2nd time I used the vacuum. Spoke to c/s at Hoover, and they had me perform many things. No reason to have to do work so hard to get a vacuum to work after a one time usage. Returning this vacuum to Amizon immediatley.

    Roseann Hodge

  9. Amazon Customer

    Hoover never disappoints! It’s excellent in every feature we’ve tried. I don’t think there are any features we’ve missed. I’ve used the Dyson Windtunnel and using my new Hoover works just as well, if not better than the Dyson, and for a MUCH more reasonable price.

    Amazon Customer

  10. Kalpesh Baliga

    Would have been perfect if there were more attachments for the handheld extension. Vacumn has good power and works well on both carpet and floor.

    Kalpesh Baliga

  11. DT

    Love it! Easy to use and has very powerful suction.


  12. Amazon Customer

    Bought it as a gift and she loves it!Good suction, and quieter than her old one…thumbs up from mom!

    Amazon Customer

  13. Faroze Ali Khan

    Most disappointing thing about this vacuum is that it does not clean properly, leaves a stream of dirt and lint as you are using it. It was a total waste of money.

    Faroze Ali Khan

  14. B. K.

    Best vacuum ever! Super light yet strong! So easy to maneuver!!Merci!!!

    B. K.

  15. Tom & Fred

    After a couple of months the brush keeps shutting off. You have to wait 30 minutes for it to re-set or just use it as a standard vacuum cleaner.

    Tom & Fred