Hoover WindTunnel 2-Whole House Rewind Vacuum – Blue/Grey

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  • HASSLE-FREE CORD REWIND: 25 ft. power cord automatically retracts in seconds so you never have to wrap a cord again
  • DEEP CLEANING POWER: Wind Tunnel 2 Technology creates 2 channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep-down embedded dirt
  • OPTIMIZED CLEANING: The Multi-Floor Brush Roll allows you to turn the brush roll on for optimal cleaning on carpets and off to prevent scattering of debris on hard floors
  • EXTENDED CLEANING REACH: With up to 16 ft. of cleaning reach, so you can clean dirt and dust anywhere in your home from floor to ceiling with our live hose and tools
  • GREAT FOR PETS: Our Advanced Allergen Block Technology and Odor-Absorbing Carbon assists in capturing dust, pet dander, pollen and eliminating pet odors




Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 Whole House Rewind Upright Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for whole home cleaning from floor to ceiling.

The Multi-Floor Brush Roll allows you to turn the brush roll on for optimal cleaning on carpets and off to prevent scattering of debris on hard floors for a more effective clean.

Advanced Multi-Cyclonic Technology gives you a continuous cleaning experience with no loss of suction, while Wind Tunnel 2 Technology creates 2 channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deep-down embedded dirt.

The hassle-free 25 ft. power cord automatically retracts in seconds, so you never have to wrap a cord again and with up to 16 ft. of cleaning reach you can clean dirt and dust anywhere.

The Advanced Allergen Block Technology, HEPA media filter, odor-absorbing carbon and pet turbo tool make Wind Tunnel 2 Whole House Rewind great for pet owners.

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  1. George A. Butterworth

    I am having real problems with this purchase. The beater brush is driven by a rubber belt using a one eighth of an inch diameter drive shaft driving the rubber belt to a one and a quarter inch diameter brush roller.If there is any resistance on the brush roller then the rubber belt stops and the small diameter shaft wears a depression in the drive belt and in any subsequent use the drive pin will no longer drive the beater brush.I have replaced the drive belt three times and still experience the same problem.We have a normal home with hardwood floors in the kitchen area and low pile carpeting elsewhere. Apparently this hoover is not designed for a normal home.

    George A. Butterworth

  2. S. Hick

    Out of the box at about 20 lbs, it seems well made. First use was on the Styrofoam packing material that was all over my tile and laminate floor. With the static in the foam the vacuum did not lift it off the floor. With the “Multi-Floor Brush Roll” on or off it was not picking up material on the laminate or tile. I had to find an old hard floor attachment and use this sweeper as a 20 lb upright canister vac. Same story with popcorn seeds, cereal, pet food, etc… The Multi-Floor Brush Roll on and debris shoots all over. Roller off and it doesn’t pick up unless you use a bare floor attachment on the wand. Which brings me to the telescoping wand. The lock mechanism does not lock, so you find the wand getting shorter and shorter as you sweep. I thought the pivoting dusting tool would be great for blinds, vents, and ceiling fans, but once again the cheap plastic locking mechanism is worthless. It pivots and moves the entire time you try to use it . IT WILL NOT STAY IN PLACE EVEN FOR USE ON BLINDS. I thought I was doing something wrong, so I used it for several weeks. I changed settings, cleaned filters, and even read some instructions, but It’s still worthless. If you want to buy a wand and hard floor attachment, you will have a large hard to maneuver canister vac. It’s going to the garage for car cleaning because it seems to have good suction at the hose. Wish I had returned it the day I opened it.

    S. Hick

  3. N F

    the belt snapped and melted the entire inside of the belt area only 5 months after purchase.

    N F

  4. BGC

    I got this vacuum because my other (older) bag vacuum and Shop Vac just couldn’t handle the hair from my golden retriever.When it arrived it took just a few minutes to put together and then I was off to the races. In the first day I had this item I used every feature and am very impressed. It cleaned my carpets to the point of them looking better than they have in years – with the added benefit of it not throwing dust/dirt while it cleaned. Using the hard floor setting it sucked up fur and fallen foxtails with ease and if I encountered something that just didn’t want to be sucked, the ability to temporally put the brush roller down took care of it. The fan cleaning attachment worked well and the pet hair attachment made my couch look like new. The only improvement I’d like is if the extension function was a bit more firm when locked into place. My home feels cleaner than it has been since I got my pup 2 years ago.I would absolutely recommend this vacuum for anyone with pets that shed, even long hair dual coat animals! Great value for the cost.


  5. D. Orlansky

    I bought this vacuum 4 months ago to replaced the previous model, Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Upright, UH70120, which was green. The previous model served me well for 2 years or so, and then just wore out.The redesign in blue is very attractive and sleek looking, and the brushes stop turning when the vacuum is fully upright, parked as it were. And at $100 how could I go wrong?Well, I did …. From the get go the suction was less than the green model, and I was going to live with it. But over these 4 months, it has gotten worse and worse, to the point that it is so weak as to be basically unusable. This, despite cleaning the machine and filters with every use.Finally looking at reviews on wirecutter dot com for bagless vacs, the top rated was a Shark Navigator NV352, and I just got one. More money, but so far I’m thrilled; it beats the heck out of this machine.Maybe I just got a “bad” apple, but perhaps Hoover should go back to just selling the UH70120.

    D. Orlansky

  6. Heather Cambilargiu

    This vacuum is ok. The power button is in an awkward spot, it’s not on the handle. The dirt cup container is extremely small. You will have to empty it every time you vacuum. It will not empty with the dog hair caught up there, I’d have to stick my fingers up in there to jimmy it out, gross! Amazon advertises this as a pet hair vacuum and Hoover said that ” this is not a pet hair unit.” That is the only reason I bought it, was to pick up dog hair. This is going back. The one cool thing about it is the cord rewind. That was another selling point for me, but it heats up pretty hot sometimes and I have a small apt. Has ok suction but my 6-year-old Eureka did as well. I would not recommend this for anyone with pets.

    Heather Cambilargiu

  7. Amazoncust

    First I feel this vacuum works great – picks up everything- I filled the dust up a quarter of the way first time using it. FYI – I am the type of person who vacuums every day. I thought my Shark vacuum was picking everything up, apparently it wasn’t when I had to go over where I just vacuumed. So now using the Hoover I no longer have to re-vacuum. There is only one thing that could be better- the power cord could be longer for me! Otherwise I am happy I bought this! After reading some not so happy reviews – Sometimes U can get a lemon and I can see why people would be annoyed after spending a decent amount of money!


  8. Amazon Customer

    With four cats and two kids you can only expect so much from a vacuum. We vacuum almost daily and so far this has been a fantastic purchase. The suction has kept up with cat hair, litter, and everything else so far. There is sufficient power and it’s relatively quiet. It’s not too heavy (average to lightweight) and easy to maneuver/operate. I would place this at the top of a middle tier vacuum. It’s proven to be worth the price.

    Amazon Customer

  9. Susan J. Belcham

    I didn’t know there was so much dirt and dust in my carpet until I used my new Hoover vacuum! I filled the large cup twice and my carpet is only 12’x 28’. I’m so very impressed!

    Susan J. Belcham

  10. Estelle smith

    hose is awsome just a little stiff yet got to break it in yet suction on stair piece is awsome too just dont press to hard or the rubber wheel bar will stop still work thoe thank you so much i like it a lot.

    Estelle smith

  11. Amazon Customer

    Strong suction. Able to remove old dirt and dog hair left behind by old vacuum

    Amazon Customer

  12. Chris F.

    It got plugged up the first time I used it

    Chris F.

  13. i am a person not a robot

    I have a lab and four cats — i have perpetual pet hair but this beauty of a vacuums gets rid of it whether it is on the floor or on the couch. The pet hair attachment is the best — and i’ve used a few. This is the only machine that has been able to quickly clean up the pet hair off of a couch and stairs with carpets,. My house has three levels and I’m able to carry the vacuum up and down. If I had to pick one minus it’s the fact the cord could be longer but that’s it. Love it, love it!!

    i am a person not a robot

  14. Alice A MacGregor

    It really sucks! It does what it’s supposed to do. I’m not fond of how you have to unclip the hose to use the tools, but that’s a fairly minor gripe.

    Alice A MacGregor

  15. Waverly

    Arrived timely. Would definitely deal with again. The vacuum was very easy to put together. Suction power is very good. Can’t believe how much dog hair was in the carpet.