Hoover UH30600 Windtunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum

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  • WINDTUNNEL 3 TECHNOLOGY: Creates channels of suction to lift and remove surface and deeply embedded dirt.
  • HEPA FILTER: Traps in 99. 7% of dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens down to 0. 3 microns and one simple touch releases the bag into the trash, so you never need to touch it.
  • MULTI FLOOR ADJUSTMENT: Features 7 floor height adjustment settings so that you can move between hard floors and deep carpets with ease
  • ABOVE FLOOR CLEANING: Up to 17 feet of above floor cleaning to reach ceilings, fans, crown moldings and more
  • TOOLS INCLUDED: Telescoping Extension Wand, 12 inch Crevice Tool, Upholstery/Dusting brush, and a Air Powered Hand Tool


The new Hoover WindTunnel Max Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner is amped up with the features that matter most to you.

Wind tunnel MAX Technology offers 3 channels of suction that remove dirt with less scatter.

You can clean quickly and efficiently with up to 17 feet of above the floor cleaning reach, seven floor settings for every floor type, and a 15 inch wide nozzle that devours anything in its cleaning path.

For people with allergies, a bagged option offers excellent filtration.

The nature of the bag itself keeps dirt contained. Requiring minimal maintenance, each Hoover Wind tunnel Max Bagged Upright comes with two bags made with HEPA media that utilize the Clean Drop bag system, which allows you to dispose of a full bag without ever touching it.

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  1. Michael D.

    Let me start by saying I am (was) a die-hard fan of Hoover. After previous disappointment with Kenmore, Kirby, and Shark, I was impressed with my Hoover WindTunnel Anniversary Edition (U6485-900). It was so flawless that I swore off all other brands. These days, Consumer Reports recommends a Kenmore (#1) over this WindTunnel Max (#4), but there are a lot of comments on their site and Amazon about how Consumer Reports got it wrong and how this vacuum is terrible. I dismissed those and bought this vacuum anyway. Now I, too, am very disappointed with Hoover.Let’s start with the ATTACHMENTS. The EXTENSION WAND is a friction-telescopic design based on the Kenmore model that I hated (for that reason). The friction design is flawed to begin with. It’s just not robust enough—if you’re extending it, you’ll invariably pull the wand out of the hose, and if you’re vacuuming with it, you’ll push it back into itself. It’s not even that long, and the friction joint loses suction. (The WindTunnel AE has two static extension wands housed on the side of the vacuum, and they were great.) The CREVICE TOOL hides inside the extension wand during storage, which is supposed to save space, but it really doesn’t matter. The tool is too narrow to do any real good (1/2” square vs. the 2” x 1/2” tool on the WindTunnel AE), and it has an odd shape on the tip which misses dirt by baseboards. A narrower tip does increase suction, but the one thing this vacuum has going for it is suction. So the narrow tip is generally moot. The BRUSH TOOL is pretty standard. I never use it. But this WindTunnel Max vacuum no longer has a hard plastic FURNITURE TOOL, which is more useful than the brush tool on the WindTunnel AE. And lastly, the AIR-POWERED TOOL (“turbo tool”) just doesn’t work at all, and is ineffective when it does work. I used it for about 30 seconds before it jammed up and stopped rolling. I unplugged the vacuum and pushed the brush with my thumbs to unjam it, and ended up cutting my thumbs when it suddenly unjammed. I’m literally sore at Hoover.The HOSE is too long for the vacuum, and it flops around the back of the vacuum a little while you’re vacuuming. The long hose is supposed to reach more “above-floor” areas, which is prominently advertised on the website and box. (I want to say that the box said something like “up to 20 feet,” but you’re lucky to get two feet away from the vacuum.) The problem is that the hose feeds around a hook on the back of the cleaner and is forced to always jut out the left of the bottom of the back panel, so you have to angle the vacuum with its hot air venting at you from the vacuum’s left side to reach anything 2-4 feet away. And you can’t thread the hose out of that hook; the hose end is too wide to feed though. If you want to use attachments on the vacuum’s right, forget about it. I can’t even use the extension wand to get baseboards while standing fully upright—the hose simply isn’t long enough, and I have to waddle along, crouching. Compare this with the WindTunnel AE, which has the hose port in the middle of the back panel, pointing back, and an optional long hose (~15 feet when stretched out, ~7 feet when compressed) that you can swap in.The vacuum has a HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT KNOB with six settings, but the manual says to only ever use the first two (off and shortest-comb). I got new carpet a year and a half ago, and on the highest setting, I can move the vacuum without issue. (It’s regular carpet, not shag or anything.) The other settings glue the vacuum to the floor. The vacuum also has a BRUSH ROLL SHUTOFF PEDAL so you can turn off the roller on the fly. But I can’t figure out a scenario when that would be useful. Like, if every-other room in your home is hardwood flooring, and you simply must vacuum them all at once without turning the vacuum off? Maybe if you have an area rug on hardwood floor? But even then you’d suck up the entire rug regardless. The HANDLE RELEASE PEDAL is tucked away under the vacuum and hard to get to. That pedal is used almost every time you use the vacuum, so I don’t know why it’s in a cave while they put the brush roll switch on top of the base. Of course the WindTunnel AE has the release pedal easily accessible, like someone who’s actually used a vacuum cleaner would design it.Even the OWNERS MANUAL that came with the vacuum is terrible. There are graphics covering text, missing labels on diagrams, and features omitted from the manual, such as the hook for the power cord at the top of the vacuum. The manual says both to always keep the unit at the bottom of the stairwell while vacuuming stairs and to hold the vacuum over each stair individually. The manual also covers two models, with varying features, but it doesn’t ever say which model is which, or which feature applies to which model. The included manual’s pictures are even horribly aliased like they were done on Paintbrush from Windows 95. The online manual looks better, but if they’re not going to bother with the manual, why include one? When you buy a product, your money pays for the whole product, right down to the packaging. And I feel that Hoover took my money and gave me a cheap Chinese knock-off product and manual instead.And lastly, I have to mention the COLOR. Other Hoovers are blue, green, or red. I’m not crazy about this color. Red would be fine; brown would be fine. This color… why? It’s like some bigwig looked at the toilet paper after his sixth chipotle and said, “This! This color. Get engineering on the phone and see how cheap it would be to make them all this color!”PROS to this vacuum are that its suction is really high (at least so far). Although choosing a vacuum on suction alone (which is what Consumer Reports was going for) is like buying a car based solely on horsepower—a lot more goes into using it and owning it, and there’s not really a discernible difference between comparable models. This WindTunnel Max also has an easy bag drop feature, so you don’t have to touch the bag when changing it. This seems pretty neat, but I haven’t used it yet. This vacuum is a little bit lighter (17 lb) than the WindTunnel AE (21 lb), but it’s not noticeable to me. It’s better at picking up pet hair than the WindTunnel Anniversary Edition, allegedly, but I don’t have dogs or cats. (I have birds who scatter their Nutriberries.)THE BOTTOM LINE: if you’re considering this model, instead get either the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Anniversary WindTunnel Self Propelled Bagged Corded Upright Vacuum U6485900 (if you can find one) or the Kenmore 31140 Pet & Allergy Friendly Upright Vacuum in Blue/Silver (which I plan to replace this WindTunnel Max with within a year). I’d rate this model two stars, but Hoover should know better, so I’m taking a star off for that.

    Michael D.

  2. Chris S.

    My bag-less Windtunnel Hoover vacuum died. I ordered this one for two reasons, it is very cheap & it has bags. I mean it’s cheap in comparison to other vacuums. It’s plastic pretty much everywhere but not flimsy. It is definitely mass produced but that doesn’t make it bad.Straight up bag-less vacuums just are a bigger hassle to clean, you end up cleaning them out more often. “What about buying bags, that’s even more inconvenient”, maybe in year 2000 it was but this day, just ordered it online…like on Amazon. Also this bagged version of my vacuum has more suction power than the damn bag-less one. I been using it for almost 9 months and I have never been dissatisfied. It’s not a light vacuum, it doesn’t have fancy sensors, it’s not the quietest. All of these features will bring the price tag up by about $400 and more. Knowing specific vacuums out there that do have all of these advantages would I still buy this affordable Hoover Vacuum? YES.

    Chris S.

  3. Rick

    We had an older (at least 15 years) Hoover WindTunnel, and that was a good performer, it was really heavy and I was looking for something a bit lighter and more modern. Then, I saw that Consumer Reports rated this one pretty well, so I took a chance, and it’s pretty nice.This vacuum cleaner has plenty of power, but there are a couple of things that kept it from getting all 5 stars:1- The noise this thing makes.is pretty annoying. It’s quieter than our older unit, but this one makes a high-pitched whine. Think of a 737 idling at the terminal. Not that loud, but I’ll be wearing earplugs when using this.2- The light on this thing is more of a novelty than a useful addition. It’s mounted above the cleaning portion of the cleaner on the handle. When you use the vacuum cleaner, the light doesn’t point at the floor, but at your wall. I guess the engineers wanted to allow you to admire photos and memorabilia mounted on your walls, as you work.3- Accessories. The accessories include a collapsing wand that collapses when it’s in use., so I needed to keep pulling it out. Fortunately, the accessories from my older unit still fit, so I’m good with it.


  4. The Class Hamster

    We have a lot of experience using more expensive vacuums, and cheap bagless models. We liked our old Electrolux upright, but judged a replacement as too expensive for us. A bagless model was cheap and cleaned surprisingly well, yet constant emptying and keeping the filters clean is not worth the trouble and mess. This Hoover Windtunnel is much better, and we will just bite the bullet and buy the original bags for it. There are some disappointments, such as the loud whine. I sometimes wear hearing protection. The rear wheels are plastic and this contributes to a noticeable cheaper feel for this vacuum. My wife dislikes that the cord enters at the bottom of the machine instead of further up at the top of the handle. But the bottom line is, we would recommend this vacuum, and would buy it again.

    The Class Hamster

  5. Samsara23

    Good entry level vacuum. I have used this now every 2-3 days for the last 4 weeks in my 3 bedroom bungalow, we have 2 goldendoodles and a cat, and haven’t had to change the bag yet. I have gone from a Dyson (which has stopped working well after 6 years) and I’m decently happy with this vacuum (for now). My only complaint with it is that it’s a bit heavy too push if not on the right carpet height setting… and yes, having to manually change that every time I go from one area to the next is a bit of a pain. Will I invest in another higher end vacuum after using this one? Yes, eventually. But for now it does a great job with getting rid of pet hair, so I’m happy enough with this purchase.


  6. Amazon Customer

    Have had a number upright vacuums over the years and this model is the best thus far. Easy to use, good assortment of tools, and most importantly, very good suction for a small upright vacuum. The adjustable height for carpet versus hard floor surfaces and the ability to turn off the beater brush is great. The bagged vacuum I believe is far better than several models of bagless upright vacuums I’ve used over the past 10 years. Great value for the price of the vacuum.

    Amazon Customer

  7. Zantheman

    Replaced an older eureka boss 4870 ( green model) with this Hoover and am very happy with this model. Hoover has easier to engage pedal for vacuuming, is a lot lighter and easier to move around and seems to have very good suction power. Seems to be pretty well engineered . Tools are also convenient and easy to use. No need to switch to hose button like the eureka, just keep the vacuum upright and attach tool to hose and you are good to go. Brush stops rotating automatically when you use the hose. I do not have have any tools falling off when bumping into objects as some people(on other sites) have mentioned. Great value ,especially when compared to higher end models .


  8. City Girl

    It’s not exactly light weight, but the wheels are very smooth. Moving around the bedrooms and living room in a breeze. Very easy to assemble. No dust coming out from the vacuum at all. Love it.

    City Girl

  9. DRC

    For the cost and performance this vacuum beats the top rated Kenmore we have, at 1/3 the price.Expensive pretenders beware of this top rated by CR vacuum.Easy to operate and manoeuvre vs. our canister model.


  10. Cornelius Goldhammer

    I’ve had this vacuum for about a month now, and it’s very good. I can definitely see how some people might have trouble pushing it, but that’s because it has so much suction (so I’m happy with that trade-off). Only other issue is when expanding the hose to it can be very hard to keep the vacuum from moving becuase you have to pull on the hose so hard.I would absolutely buy this again though.

    Cornelius Goldhammer

  11. Caroline Smith

    Amazing amazing and worth the money.

    Caroline Smith

  12. Jim

    Absolute garbage. The noise level is at a dangerous level if used longer than a few minutes, the parts are cheap, the hose is too short and the design is simply flawed. My opinion… buy another product. You will not be happy with this after you’ve used it a few times.


  13. doris A. Labelle

    Does the job as advertised – very satisfied with this vacuum cleaner

    doris A. Labelle

  14. Amazon Customer

    Worked as the Consumer Report suggested.

    Amazon Customer

  15. Irene Y

    machine very heavy though suction is good

    Irene Y