Hoover Pet Max Complete Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner UH74110

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  • MULTI-FLOOR PERFORMANCE: delivers optimal results on carpets and hard floors with a brush roll On/Off switch
  • 12FT. EXTENDED REACH: Go from carpets to ceilings with the Quick Release Wand, hose and tools
  • PET TOOL KIT: Multi-purpose tools tackle dirt and pet hair on furniture, stairs and more
  • ALLERGENBLOCK TECHNOLOGY: Captures 97% of pet dander, dust and pollen particles and blocks* them from re-entering the air
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Upright Vacuum, Pet Turbo Tool, Flexible Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Additional Rinsable Filter



The HOOVER Pet Max Complete makes it easy to stay on top of pet hair cleanup.

Designed for optimal pet hair removal on any floor type and above floor surfaces, this vacuum has everything you need to get a clean home with less stress.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    I had previously gone back to a bagged vacuum after my first canister vac proved to be a disaster to clean. It seemed to clog with hair with each use, and I had to wash filters out constantly.I took a chance, and bought THIS vacuum. It is built different than the older model and can collect more hair than I thought without losing suction. While I do need to empty it fairly frequently, I can at least see enough inside the clear collection container to know when to do so. Emptying it is EASY, and while I do need to take the canister apart after a few uses to knock off dust accumulation, I’m not rinsing filters out that often (currently rinsing out after 6 uses – and the filter isn’t really getting that dirty.On another note, the weight of the vacuum is somehow listed at over 23 lbs. I believe that is an error and is a ‘shipping’ weight (with box and packaging figured in). The weight of the vacuum is around 17 lbs, and pushes nicely on the floor. Don’t worry about the weight if you are getting this for pet hair.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Meg

    This vacuum is awesome I have two dogs I was using a higher price vacuum but it wasn’t really performing that well this vacuum blew it out of the water it is wonderful


  3. S. Jacobs

    This vacuum is AMAZING. I vacuumed with my old vacuum, then let my roomba vacuum, and immediate after I vacuumed with this one. I had 3/4 of a dirt bin full of dust & dirt. My carpets and rugs are completely rejuvenated.

    S. Jacobs

  4. Christopher Dale Roberts

    Wow. That’s all I can say. This is possibly the best vacuum I have ever owned. I usually buy the cheaper ones from Walmart So I don’t have much to compare this to when it comes down to other highquality name brand vaccuums. I live in a house with 2 dogs, one cat, 2 parakeets, 2 gerbils, 3 kids and a husband. Needless to say, we have a lot of dirt and pet hair and dander on our carpets. My previous vacuum just hasn’t been doing it for us and it has been leaving behind a lot of dog hair that I just can’t get up. I hate the feeling of sitting down on the carpet and getting covered in dog and cat hair even after vacuuming. This vacuum does the trick! First of all, the suction on this vacuum is very strong and sucks up anything it goes over. If you will look at my last picture I posted you will see all the hair in the canister from just one vacuuming. This is all the accumulating hair that has been shoved into my carpet that I have not been able to vacuum up. This vacuum got it all.It comes with a large removeable want at the top for you to use with the hose for extra extension and it also comes with another brush piece for using on couches, curtains or whatever you need to use it for. The suction is also strong with these. It did a good job at getting the hair out of the corners near my baseboards.What I really like about this vacuum is that the cord is extra long. With my previous vacuum I had to unplug it and switch outlets halfway through my vacuuming session because I have a very long living Room. That was a pain. I don’t have to do that with this vacuum and even have room to spare with this cord. The canister is also double the size of my other vacuum canister. So has removeable, re usable and washable filters.Vacuum cleaner is a win and I heartily approve.

    Christopher Dale Roberts

  5. D. Hallock

    I used a moderately priced Dyson for the last few years, until the motor went out on it. I purchased the Hoover in the hopes that it was better than the one I previously had, years ago. I have three big dogs, so lots of dog hair; unfortunately, the Hoover doesn’t do a good job vacuuming; it’s VERY hard to push and won’t even pick up lint on the carpet. The Dyson used to pick up a lot of dog hair, the container was always full, but the Hoover barely seems to pick up any. Not sure why, since the suction seems sufficient and everything is working properly. Guess the Hoover will be going to Goodwill, since the packaging is already gone. What a waste of money.

    D. Hallock

  6. JudeAmazon Customer

    This is a must have. Received a few days ago and have used 2 times. Wow! Can’t believe the amount of hair my other cleaner has missed. If you have dogs, this is a must. I have 3 large hairy dogs who shed all year. Canister is easy to open and clean, long cord and when I turned it over there was NO hair to been seen on the roller. I’m 60 yo, it was a bit heavy to push but well worth the results.

    JudeAmazon Customer

  7. Idylle

    Very heavy


  8. Jeffrey Bouffard

    was 3 days late on delivery. Amazon said it was a WH issue and not their fault they did not carry this item in house. My question was why is it prime then? Vacuum works great. hose for detachable part not long enough and is very stiff. 10 foot power cord i was able to vacuum inside car.

    Jeffrey Bouffard