Hoover FloorMate Deluxe FH40160 Wet/Dry Upright Vacuum

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  • HARDWOOD, LAMINATE, VINYL, AND TILE CLEANER: SpinScrub Brushes deliver the Best clean while gently and safely scrubbing sealed wood, vinyl, tile and grout
  • DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY: keeps clean and dirty Water separate so you never put dirty Water back on the floor
  • WASH-DRY MODE: Selection Wash mode uses brushes to clean while suctioning up excess water while dry mode stops brushes to suction up excess water and improve drying time
  • FINGERTIP CONTROL: Clean Boost Control fingertip control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: At under 14 pounds, the Floor Mate is easy to lift and carry, even up and down stairs


The Hoover Floor Mate deluxe hard floor cleaner does the scrubbing for you on sealed hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile, laminate and marble.

Specially designed brushes are interchangeable and feature Spin Scrub technology to gently wash and scrub from all angles.

It’s lightweight and makes hard floors easy to clean with controls like wash and dry mode selector, fingertip solution control, clean boost control and dual tank technology.

Clean Surge – Yes

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  1. Kinga

    Please take your time and read the reviews on here. As others have found, the cleaner is great when it works, but sadly it has a very high failure rate. Ours lasted about 5 months before it wouldn’t turn on. We took it into a Hoover repair center just over 2 months ago. They still have it.


  2. MaruMaro

     ****Please upvote and click my review as helpful. I want people to know that while the unit is good for its intended purpose, it’s probably going to break down on them sooner or later. Hoover is aware of this and should properly address the problem with the motor. Google it and you will find lots of other consumers who are complaining about this same problem.****Update 2/2019: I’ve been using the newer backup model to clean once every weekend since the other model’s brushes stopped spinning (about 8 months). This newer one has also stopped working–same problem. Brushes won’t spin. I visited Hoover’s website to get the manual, and guess what? Hoover no longer offers any of the Floormate models for sale and this model is on sale. Looks like they’re trying to clear out all inventory as quickly as possible. Amazon still offers the models for sale, but I don’t want to buy another unit and have it replaced by Hoover when they don’t even sell it anymore. Such a disappointment. Off to find something that can clean floors without having to using a mop. SERIOUSLY… DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.Update 7/2018: My original unit that was replaced by Hoover has stopped working. The brushes no longer spin. I had to clean the floors in time for a party that day, so I used the new backup model.Update 11/2017: I spilt milk and wanted to show a video of sucking up the mess, then cleaning it. I still think it’s a great cleaner, but I’m just dreading the day it will die on me.Update 4/2017: The unit that I bought directly from Hoover died. I plugged it in and switched it on. It did the same thing as the older unit where it turned on for a second, but couldn’t actually stay on. This unit is only 4 months old and it came directly from Hoover. Once again, I have a defective unit. The cleaner works great, but the motor is bad. I’m going to have to take it to the repair shop, but I still have the spare unit to use for the time being. Keep in mind that I am only cleaning my floors every other week–at most 3 times a month. I’m just doing routine cleaning, nothing major.Update 2/2017: So I took the broken unit to the repair shop right before Christmas 2016. I didn’t get it back until late January 2017. Reason being that the shop couldn’t repair the unit and had requested a unit swap. So I finally got a new unit from Hoover and the unit only comes with one brush. It’s blue and green colored and is for multi-floors which means you don’t have to change brushes when going from different floor types. If you buy a unit from Amazon and it comes with 2 brushes, it’s an old unit and you should return it. I still have the unit that I bought directly from Hoover, so now I basically have two new units.Update 1/2017: After having the unit for only 3 months, it died. Plugged it in and turned it on, it sounded like it was going to turn on but didn’t. I’ve searched online and apparently, this is pretty common. Either the fuse is bad or the motor is bad. I contacted Hoover and they said my unit is 2 years old already, so I needed proof of purchase for the repair under warranty. I’ve had to take it to a vacuum retailer. It’s been 3 weeks and still no update on the repairs. Hoover is currently selling a brand new unit for $69.99 (lowest I’ve seen is $59.99). I went ahead and bought another one because this is the only unit that will scrub floors. I’ve been using a steam mop and it doesn’t clear nearly as well. Hopefully, it’s a newer manufactured model since it’s coming directly from Hoover instead of being resold on Amazon.I have 3 dogs…2 are male. They are constantly peeing all over the house. I have wood floors throughout the entire first floor and spot cleaning with swiffer wet jet wasn’t effective nor wiping with clorox wipes which left spots. We’ve used the steam mop, but it didn’t quite feel clean.Usually, cleaning the floors meant bringing out the janitor mop and bucket. It gets heavy and is a total pita, so it only gets done at least once a month. Decided to buy this based on previous reviews, but was skeptical of its performance. We figured it’d work for now for spot cleaning dog messes. When we first tried this out, our floors hadn’t been cleaned in a while. I wished I had taken before and after pictures had I had known how effectively it cleaned. It cleaned so well and thoroughly that we ended up cleaning the entire first floor with this. It took awhile since the water and waste tanks are only so big, but it left the floors really clean without any residue, spots, or film like our bucket and mop did. You only use a small cap full of cleaner (hoover multi floor-green bottle) since it’s really concentrated. It squeegees the floor so you don’t have sitting water which can damage wood floors. The cleaning brushes actually rotate to scrub the floors. We’re extremely happy that this thing actually cleans effectively and is so much easier on the body than pushing a heavy duty mop around. Totally got our money’s worth. Would give it 5 stars if the tanks were just a bit bigger for less frequent changings.Update: The brush unit tends to detach whenever we store it upright. Before you use the cleaner, always check to make sure the brush attachment is installed, otherwise you’re just spraying cleaning water.*****I make every effort to use the product as intended for an extended period in order to judge the product fairly. I rely heavily on honest helpful reviews when I shop and I want to help others make an informed decision as well. If you think my review is helpful,[…]


  3. Marta Garbowski

    I just recently bought this machine and I adore it! I have a senior dog who unfortunately is incontinent. Poor baby girl goes for a walk and doesn’t realize that she is still dribbling. Luckily, I have tile floors on the main floor of the house, but, I need to clean them at least once a day if not twice a day. As you can imagine, I was getting reallllly realllllllly sick and tired of scrubbing my floors, specifically the grout lines every day. So, I went hunting for a new method and came across this bad boy! I tried his predecessor and was not impressed but after reading all of the reviews, I decided to try him out.Not going to lie, it took some trial and error to figure out the perfect method. First time I used it, I wasn’t very impressed, I just didn’t feel like it did anything. Second time around, I used a different floor cleaner solution. Again, wasn’t thrilled.Finally, I decided to give it one last try. I sprayed Clorox Urine Remover for Stain & Odor on the tiles specifically making sure that the grout lines also got sprayed and then used the Hoover FloorMate to deposit the solution and scrub the floors and grout, I do a pass over a 4 ft by 1 ft area twice. (Up spraying solution, down sucking up the dirty water, up spraying the solution to rinse, down sucking up the moisture and any remaining dirt and move one to the next row). I usually work in a 4 x 4 foot area and each area takes about a minute and half for each area. The solution in the tank is a tsp of bleach and water. Finally, if for some reason I deposited to much solution on the area I will use the dry mode on the hoover to suck up the remaining solution, but, most of the time I don’t need to use it. The whole first floor which is about 450 sqft take about 40 minutes to clean. If I was just doing a quick once over without the clorox spray prior, it would probably take me about 20 minutes.This method cleans my floor beautifully. One, it get’s rid of the odor. Two, it loses up any dirt and picks up the dog hair. Three, leaves the floors disinfected. Four, the grout lines are nice and clean and not at all grungy (the brushes actually seems to clean the grout lines, maybe not perfectly but well enough that you don’t need to scrub them each week like I was doing before. Now, I just steam my grout lines once every six months and the Hoover FloorMate keeps them relatively clean until the next deep clean. One of my major complaints with using a Swiffer and/or Steam Mop [Yes, I have owned both, and all four Swiffer models] was that they never cleaned the grout but rather made it worse). Five, dust is nonexistent. Six, I can do it daily and doesn’t strain my back or hurts my knees. Seven, no dirty water is left on my floor. Eight, no need to pre-vacuum.I only have a few complaints. First, it does tend to fill up rather quickly and I have to re-fill the water tank usually three times per session. Next, it doesn’t seem very well balance and has dropped a few times after I stood it up to re-fill/empty the tanks. The cleaning solution it comes with is completely worthless. It also does seem to leave a bit of a puddle by your feet while doing a section, but usually once I start on the next section I suck up the puddle, but I has resulted in wet sock a time or two which is an annoyance.Overall, I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who wants to keep there floors clean and specifically the grout in between the tiles clean! I am thrilled that I purchased this product and I will do so again in the future.

    Marta Garbowski

  4. Lindy

    We received this Hoover FloorMate Deluxe at the end of May. We haven’t used it much because we were gone a lot during the summer. I noticed in August that it didn’t seem to be working well; it was leaving some dirty water on the floor. My husband cleaned it out thoroughly, hoping that would solve the problem. Last week I was ready to give our floors a good cleaning and the FloorMate would not suck up any of the dirty water. There was literally no water in the “dirty water tank”. So I called Hoover and they told me to take it to one of their authorized service centers. So, I loaded it up in the car and drove nearly half an hour to the service center. Five days later the service tech called and said Hoover was going to send us a new one because ours could not be repaired. This is a quote from the service tech, “The deluxe version of this floor cleaner is a piece of junk.” Oh great, now I’m going to get another piece of junk. Making matters worse, the service tech said it would take two weeks to get here! Whaaat? Really? I can get one in two days from Amazon but Hoover can’t be bothered to use expedited shipping for a product that lasted 4 months? I would just like a refund so that I can buy a better product. Perhaps that will happen after the second unit dies? In the meantime, I’m back to a bucket and a mop.


  5. Marco Beta

    Es mi primera aspiradora y al recibir buenas criticas de la pagina de amazon de EU decidí probar suerte con esta, tengo pisos de azulejo tipo madera en mi casa y el uso del trapeador y la escoba solamente al principio fue suficiente pero con el tiempo empezaron a acumular entre los bordes suciedad que no pude quitar con escoba y trapeador y que solo cepillando se removía.El cepillar todos los pisos de la casa no era algo que me gustaría hacer constantemente para que los pisos amaderados lucieran bien, por lo que adquirí esta aspiradora, y fue una agradable sorpresa ya que con la primera pasada se vio una mejora que si lo hacia con puro trapeador, al pasar la aspiradora cepilla realmente los pisos y los deja muy bien, no tan bien que si pasaras cepillo manualmente.Una de las cosas que me encanto es que ahora no tengo que ensuciarme las manos para secar el trapeador y cambiar el agua constantemente por lo sucia que queda despues de una pasada, ya que la aspiradora cuenta con un tanque para el agua con jabon y otro para recoger la suciedad, por lo que el agua que el piso recibe todo el tiempo es limpia y no agua sucia o medio sucia por las pasadas que se le da con la jerga.La Floormate cuenta con un boton que de acuerdo a las instrucciones se utiliza en los casos en que hay una mancha mas pegada o el piso esta mas sucio sin embargo en mi caso en particular tengo que presionar todo el tiempo este boton ya que de lo contrario no limpia el piso bien, pues por los bordes de los pisos estos absorben mas agua. Por esta misma situación he decidido mejor antes de pasar la aspiradora pasar la jerga rápidamente por el piso para que este se humedezca y al pasar la aspiradora pueda remover mejor la suciedad.Un dia se inundo una de las habitaciones por una fuga y con ayuda de la aspiradora seque inmediatamente, ya me habia pasado alguna vez en otro cuarto por tener mucha presion en la tuberia y para limpiar todo me llevo una hora aproximadamente pero en esta ocasion con ayuda de la aspiradora secar me llevo unos 15 minutos.Por ultimo cabe mencionar que la aspiradora no es capaz de aspirar mas que polvo, pelos de animales cuando mucho, pues si por ejemplo hay un grano maíz palomero este no sera aspirado, por lo que antes de pasar la aspiradora debe pasar la escoba. Después que se acabo el limpiador liquido que viene en el paquete utilicé fabuloso con agua y me funciono muy bien.

    Marco Beta

  6. Erwin

    Very easy to use and its almost fun now in washing floors. The 2 tank water system is really a great feature as it does not have one pushing old dirty water on the floor trying to clean a dirty floor. I am very happy with it.Now to be honest if your floor has ground in dirt or scuff marks you will probably still have to get on your hands and knees and use say a Brillo pad and some Dutch Cleanser and scrub it out as this machine will not do that to such super tough dirt.However on a basic dirty floor this will do a great job. So if one washes the floor regularly, this machine will keep it super clean and no mess as in water on the floor that one can not walk on or have to towel dry the floor.. I feel sorry for those who use a mop and a pail as was done in 1955 or so.


  7. EastCoastGal

    Bought this machine to clean our main floor which is covered in slate and ceramic tiles. We are very sensitive to cleaning chemicals so I was previously just using a steamer mop. The steamer mop was good for light cleaning but over time I felt the floors were not clean enough. The first time I used the FloorMate I was amazed at how much dirt it picked up. AND IT’S SO EASY TO USE! This is my new best frend for cleaning. Now I can’t imagine what I ever did without it.The machine will clean a large room before needing refilling. The dirt cannister is easy to remove and clean out. I don’t use the cleaning fluid they provided but instead use a more environment/human-friendly cleaner from DownEast. Overall this was a great buy and I wish I had bought one sooner!


  8. Danielle

    This does all the jobs it advertises. Like other reviews, I find you have to go very slowly to ensure a thorough clean. I find myself wondering if the extra time and horrible smell from the dirty water tray are worth the all-in-one floor washing design. Jury is still out on this one as I still use it over a mop and bucket.


  9. Chalsie

    I am liking this vaccum. It is a bit heavy, and it tends to leave puddles of water, and there is a bit of a learning curve to it. I have two toddlers and it is awesome to use around their highchairs after dinner. I like the fact the floor is clean and dry soon after using it.


  10. Holly

    I just used the Hoover deluxe floor cleaner. My floors are very dirty from 4 toddlers eating and playing.Easy set up. Easy to use. Cleans well. I hope it continues to perform well.Edit: a little trouble getting the clean water tank to “click” in to place. Clips that hold the lid for dirty water tank are flimsy. Be careful and gentle with this machine so as not to break parts.


  11. Marino Velarde

    La verdad es que esa máquina hace un buen trabajo y para limpieza en general del piso funciona muy bien. En mi caso la quería especialmente para mantener el junteador limpio ya que el que tengo es blanco, y la verdad es que no lo limpiará mejor que tallarlo a mano pero como mantenimiento es mejor que el trapeador.Sugiero usar agua con jabón para trastes una vez que se termine el limpiador que viene en la caja, funciona bien.

    Marino Velarde

  12. Amazon Customer

    REALLY gets my laminate floors clean without streaking at all! It’s a little heavy and somewhat difficult to maneuver around furniture. But overall I’m very pleased.

    Amazon Customer

  13. kevin borquez

    duro 3 meses, luego dejo de funcionar, el uso que se le dio fue domestico no hubo motivo por el cual fallara, al ser la compra en mexico no aplica la garantia porque es directamente en USA y no encontre manera de mandarla

    kevin borquez

  14. Brittany MacLellan

    This is a great floor cleaner. Nothing was cleaning out floors well and this thing rolls in and cleaned them so well. Great customer service as well. Highly recommend.

    Brittany MacLellan

  15. Capibobin

    It does really a good job, picked up a lot of dusts but just too heavy to clean often. It would need a lot of courage to use it next time. Because it picks up dust very well, cleaning brush and tank took time.I would give 5 stars for delivery. I got next day by choosing standard service!