Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven – Silver

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Hamilton Beach


  • Easy access to food and countertop: the Roll Top Door moves up and out of the way so you can have safe, easy access to your food before, during and after cooking
  • Easy to keep clean: door is up and out of the way of messy spills and drips
  • Bake, broil & toast: 2 rack positions and included bake pan makes it easy to get started on cooking a variety of foods
  • Fits 6 slices of toast, 12 inches pizza and 9 inches X11 inches bake pan: spacious interior gives you room for cooking everything from snacks to side dishes
  • Easy to use contoured knobs: not only is this new design easier to maneuver, but they’re safer too




You won’t find a design Like the Hamilton Beach 6 slice easy reach toaster oven with Roll-Top Door anywhere else. Its unique and large opening make food easy to reach. And since the door opens above the oven, It frees up your countertop space in front. Best of all, it’s easy to keep clean Because food can’t spill on the door.

With a 6 slice toast capacity and three cooking settings, you can enjoy everything from crispy toast, broiled fish and mouthwatering roasted vegetables.

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  1. Becky

    This toaster does not in any way fit 6 slices of toast. It is ridiculously small compared to the picture they show. You may fit 4 slices of normal bread in there. 6 are not happening.


  2. elaine mcgraw

    Simply the best model possible,, previously owned a convection toaster oven with traditional pull down door, worked ok except for the few times my arm hit the door when removing food. The roll top door on this oven is fantastic,,just got it & I’ve toasted, baked, broiled in it already,,to perfection I might add. This countertop version is as good or better than my reg stove oven.

    elaine mcgraw

  3. pinkquartz

    This little oven is so easy to use and to keep clean! I love the roll-top door that makes it safe and simple to take out hot things without burning myself. No bells and whistles, no convection option. It just toasts, warms, bakes and broils. Perfect for someone cooking for one or two!


  4. Maria C. Cruz

    I waited a few days to write a review. I wanted to put the toaster oven through a number of its functions to make sure everything worked properly. So far, I’m very happy with it. It toasts well and uniformly. I used it to bake a small pizza and it did an excellent job. I’ve used it to reheat leftovers and been very pleased with that too. It’s an attractive design and the door swinging up out of the way, instead of forward, is such an ingenious design feature I can’t help wondering why nobody ever thought of it before. Overall, I highly recommend it!

    Maria C. Cruz

  5. nitnop

    I really like this toaster oven. It took me a long time to get used to the having all the space in front of it for a dish and jam jars and whatever else you need while toasting, which was my main reason for getting it. Very nice. It toasts very well too. The lifting hatch takes some getting used to and I’ve had some minor burns from not paying attention, but otherwise, I’m very happy. Strange note in the instructions calls for unplugging the oven after every use. Seriously? I’m such a worry wort that I bought an outlet switch so I wouldn’t have to do that.


  6. Charlie 3

    Excellent toaster oven, we use it everyday for toasting bagels, muffins and reheating leftovers without using our full size oven.The audible ticking timer is a little annoying but this toaster oven gets the job done.

    Charlie 3

  7. Arizona Cats

    Just under one year and the timer stopped working this morning without warning. It still cooks and toasts, so far, but you have to turn the knob to “off” manually. I’ve started pulling the plug between uses, as I don’t trust the “off/timer” knob. This oven is not even used daily. It had replaced a different Hamilton Beach model that was still working when I replaced it after 8 years. So, I had high hopes this unit would last several years more before starting to malfunction.

    Arizona Cats

  8. V

    Bought this as a gift for my parents. They love it and use it everyday. I checked quite a few reviews before making my choice. The door is great and avoids burns like other models.


  9. Maria

    Elegí este tamaño porque en casa nos gusta mucho hacer mini pizzas, me encantó el resultado y es muy buen precio para hacer aumebntado el tamapo del horno que yo solía usar.


  10. Adriana Ce.

    Es muy fácil de usar y linda, como se abre hacia arriba es más fácil meter y sacar las charolas.

    Adriana Ce.

  11. Liz

    Its easy to use with lots of versatility with options available such as toast, broil, bake etc


  12. Gabriel V.

    Tuesta los planes mas rápido que mi horno anterior. El calor no es completamente uniforme, por lo que algunos pedazos de pan quedaran mas dorados que otros.

    Gabriel V.

  13. Danny Rico

    Me gustó mucho, que la puerta se abra hacia arriba, eso hace más sencillo el sacar las cosas calientes, solo un detalle es como para 4 rebanadas.

    Danny Rico

  14. Amazon Customer

    Love it!

    Amazon Customer

  15. Amazon Customer

    Great toaster oven.

    Amazon Customer