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Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

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Start dynamic personal coaching right on your wrist, complete with on-screen guidance during every move and routines that adapt based on your feedback. Built-in GPS with GLONASS lets you see pace, distance and other key stats on display, while also recording elevation climbed, split times & a map of your route.



Introducing Fitbit Ionic – the watch designed for your life. Find the guidance to reach your goals with dynamic personal coaching, built-in GPS and continuous heart rate. Stay motivated by storing and playing 300+ songs and get inspired by a global fitness community. Plus, get convenient access to popular apps, payments on your wrist and a battery life of 4+ days.* *Battery life varies with use & other factors

ALL-DAY ACTIVITY TRACKING: Track all-day activity like steps, distance, floors climbed, active minutes and calories burned to see how every part of your day adds up.

WIRELESS SYNC: Automatically syncs to computers and 200+ Android, iPhone & Windows devices, to show your stats, trends and progress on your Fitbit dashboard.

SEAMLESS SMART EXPERIENCES: Fitbit Ionic seamlessly delivers the best watch features with key notifications, access to your favorite apps, onboard music and built-in payments.

BUILT-IN GPS: Built-in GPS with GLONASS lets you see pace, distance and other key stats on display, while alsorecording elevation climbed, split times & a map of your route.

WATER-RESISTANT + SWIM TRACKING: Built water-resistant to 50 meters, you can wear Fitbit Ionic in the pool, rain or during swim workouts to track laps, duration and calories burned.

STORES & PLAYS MUSIC: With Fitbit Ionic, you can store and play 300+ songs right from your wrist?giving you the motivation you need at a moment?s notice.

PUREPULSE CONTINUOUS HEART RATE: Use PurePulse® continuous heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during workouts, and measure your health and fitness over time.

NFC-ENABLED: Fitbit Ionic includes a built-in NFC chip, which lets you securely store and use your credit cards right on the watch with the push of a button.

SLEEP TRACKING ? OVERALL: Get a better understanding of your sleep quality by seeing your total time asleep, your time spent in different sleep stages as well as time awake.

MULTI-DAY BATTERY LIFE: A day lasts 24 hours. So should your watch. With a multi-day battery life of 4+ days, Fitbit Ionic tracks your morning, night & everything in between. (Varies with use & other factors).


Product TypeSmart watch
Integrated ComponentsHeart rate sensor, navigation
Supported Host Device OSiOS, Android, Windows Phone
Tracking DataDistance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate, steps taken, floors climbed, pace, sleep stages, swim laps, active time
Wearing StyleWatch style
Set GoalsYes
ColorCharcoal, smoke gray

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3.5 overall

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  1. Robbi

    Good at what it does. Once you get past the initial setup(it takes a while) you get a watch with great features for workouts, and an acceptable level of features for a smart watch(could be better though). There is room for improvement, especially on the smartwatch side but remember it’s a work out aid first.


  2. dm5141

    Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch Review. I had the Fitbit Blaze for 2 months and gladly returned it. Was a hassel taking out of frame to charge every 3 days, incomplete sleep readings etc. so I tried the Fitbit Ionic. Was I glad I changed. Magnetic charger cable is nice. Fits better on wrist and no issues with any readings. Battery life is unreal. I go 11 days on a single charge. I love this watch..


  3. Hello

    I don’t know how to feel about this product yet. I can’t wait to use it but I’m having difficulty pairing it to my phone. My phone is compatible. I have tried many times turning the blue tooth off and back on again. I tried restarting the phone and the watch. I have made sure no other blue tooth devices were in range. I don’t know what else to do. Did anyone else have this problem at first? What did you do to fix it?


  4. BTD

    Three thumbs up. The screen is so big and clear. You get the ability to have all of the health benefits of a normal fitbit, combined with powers of a smartwatch. What is not to love? The screen is clear and it is easy enough to navigate through.
    I wrote this review for a contest


  5. John H

    I am enjoying this watch and I am liking the service of Jet. It is fairly easy to use. Comes with various setting from your heart rate, to help you monitor your calorie intake, to how well you’re sleeping. Comes also with three excercises.

    John H

  6. masuza

    Buyer Beware. Similar to others, I loved my Ionic for about 18 months. Then, it suddenly died…completely…no life signs. Browsing through the Fitbit community forums you will see the scenario play out over and over. Fibit has not admitted to the fault in their devices, nor do they offer to fully replace them (only a discount). Apple products have their faults, but at least they’re reliable and the customer service is excellent.


  7. DB

    Not built to last. The screen fell off my Ionic a few months after it was out of warranty. I contacted Fitbit and was offered a 25% discount on a new device. Too expensive to fall apart!


  8. Sonia

    Fitbit Ionic. The Fitbit is perfect Band new comes with Original packaging and works great no complaints
    The features are great


  9. chocolate2

    NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS. watch gave me trouble from the start. I would have to charge it every night so I was un able to use the sleep tracker option. GPS would not turn on WIFI would not turn on. blue tooth worked on and off. I was hopeful that if I turned it off and then back on the functions would work. It never would turn back on. I have owned this tracker for 30 days.


  10. Mike

    Outstanding Device. Have been using the ionic for about 4yrs. The first one developed problems and required replacement twice. Fitbit promptly replaced with no problems as far away as Dubai. The second tournament performed with no problems for several years … until it didn’t. Bought a mew one … no problems so far. Primary exercise is swimming and it works well for that. The water proofing has not failed. Overall, the statistics are quite useful to keep me thinking about fitness and exercise. I will but another when this one dies if it lasts as well as three last one.