Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Purifying Connected Tower Fan, White

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  • The latest Dyson purifying fan. It senses pollution and allergens, captures them in a sealed HEPA activated carbon filter, and projects purified air around the room
  • Connected: Wi Fi connected. See real time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson Link app
  • Senses: Automatically senses & reports air quality levels on LCD display on air purifier, including ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • Captures: The sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97 percent of allergens as small as 0.3 microns makes this an ideal air purifier for allergies, pets, dust, pollen and mold spores
  • Projects: Projects purified air throughout the whole room. Air Multiplier technology delivers over 77 gallons per second of smooth, yet powerful airflow. Upto 350 degree of oscillation directs airflow where you need it
  • Multi functionality: Tower Fan. And HEPA Air Purifier. In one. Backward airflow mode purifies without cooling or heating you
  • ALEXA Enabled: Voice control using Alexa to turn on/off, turn on auto mode, and update you on the indoor air quality
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The Dyson Pure Cool, TP04 – The only purifying fan to clean a whole room properly. We design our purifying fans to go beyond test chamber conditions and focus on real home conditions andndash; this is more than just having an efficient filter.andsup1; Dyson engineers and research concluded that to clean an entire room properly, you need to sense pollution events automatically; capture ultrafine pollutants; and project cleaner air around the room using Air Multiplier technology. Only the Dyson purifying fan is designed and tested to do all of this.andsup2;


  • MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY: Tower Fan. And HEPA Air Purifier. In one. Backward airflow mode purifies without cooling or heating you
  • CONNECTED: Wi-Fi connected. See real time reports, remotely control your machine and create schedules around your day using the Dyson Link app
  • SENSES: Automatically senses andamp; reports air quality levels on LCD display on air purifier, including ultrafine particles (PM 2.5), allergens (PM10), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) andamp; Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
  • CAPTURES: The sealed HEPA filter captures 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns makes this an ideal air purifier for allergies, pets, dust, pollen and mold spores
  • PROJECTS: Projects purified air throughout the whole room. Air Multiplier technology delivers over 77 gallons per second of smooth, yet powerful airflow. Up to 350anddeg; of oscillation directs airflow where you need it
  • ALEXA ENABLED: Voice control using Alexa to turn on/off, turn on auto-mode, and update you on the indoor air quality
  • ASTHMA AND ALLERGY FRIENDLY: Certified asthma and allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. 90% of allergy sufferers surveyed would recommend a Dyson Purifier.
  • QUIET OPERATING: Awarded Quiet Mark certification for noise reduction among purifiers.
  • NIGHT-TIME MODE: Night-time mode monitors and purifies using quiet settings, with a dimmed display.
  • Other product listings for non-authorized 3rd party sellers are not covered by official Dyson warranty
  • Warning andndash; unauthorized replacement filters are not tested or verified to perform at HEPA standard. Only authentic Dyson filters are recommended to ensure a sealed system and proper functioning of the machine. The official Dyson replacement filter can be found by searching “B07HJFXFNL” on Amazon.
  • andsup1;The AHAM AC1-2015 standard sets out how air cleaner manufacturers can define their performance by andldquo;the relative reduction of particulate matter suspended in the air in a specified test chamberandrdquo; andndash; this means their performance is based on cleaning efficiency rates only.
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  1. Sanpete

    This is a stylish modestly powered oscillating room fan with a fancy but small air purification capacity. It isn’t an air conditioner, meaning it doesn’t refrigerate the air it blows out. And it isn’t nearly as much of an air purifier as regular purifiers of similar cost, ones that aren’t also room fans.I like the concept, a combination of style, fan and purifier. I was disappointed with the power, and I wish the filters could be bypassed so you could cool yourself without running air through the filters when they aren’t needed, which could increase air flow. (You could run it with the filters removed, but it appears it would void your warranty–more on that below.)It has great style and some nice features, so for people with different priorities, this may still be a fine choice.Fan powerThe Dyson website and the box say this model, TP04, delivers an air flow of over 77 gallons per second, which is equivalent to 618 cubic feet per minute (cfm). Dyson customer service claims a higher number, 361 liters per second, which works out to 765 cfm.Either way, this isn’t a powerful fan compared to, say, a $50 16″ oscillating pedestal fan, which might deliver up to twice as much air flow. My old $20 15″ table fan is a lot more powerful. (Not that I would trade this one for it!)Purifier powerIt appears this has only a fraction of the filtering capacity of comparably-priced purifiers, and a little over half the capacity of a much cheaper purifier rated for the room size Dyson seems to think this fan is adequate for, 290 square feet. (I’ll show the details at the end of the review.)It appears Dyson thinks the fact that it has a fan to circulate the air better helps with the filtering, which is probably true. But it’s not nearly enough to make up for the much smaller filtering capacity. If it was, they’d submit it for CADR certification (which is a pretty fair and widely recognized standard for comparing purifiers). You could use a regular pedestal or table fan with a regular purifier and get a similar air circulation effect with much better purification, though it wouldn’t look as nice.In practice what this means is that for the same money you could get a much larger space purified to the same standard, purify the same amount of space to a much higher standard, or operate a normal purifier at a lower, quieter setting to get the same amount of purification as you would with the Dyson at full power.On the other hand, many of us don’t need high levels of air purification, so a smaller amount will do.NoiseDyson customer service claims this fan has peak noise of 42.3 dB, which I knew was way off as soon as I turned it on. My Blueair 121 purifier, which pumps about two thirds as much air as this fan and is distinctly quieter, is rated to top out at 56. I’d say this one tops out at over 60 dB, which isn’t bad at all, a lot better than my 15″ table fan. The sound is a pleasant-enough white noise.Of course the lower settings are what you normally use, and those are quieter. The lowest ones are very quiet, barely audible in a quiet room.StyleI think this is the coolest looking fan on the market.Oscillation350 degrees of oscillation, almost full circle, is more than most by a lot. The rotation is smooth, quiet, adjustable, and looks good. (You can supposedly customize it with the app, but I see no way to do that, and customer service can’t explain it either.)Fancy stuffThis has sensors that purport to tell you how much of various kinds pollutants are in the air, plus temperature and humidity. A composite air quality level shows by default on the 1-1/2″ auto-bright LED screen on front, with a flurry of more particular graphics if some particular pollutant gets out of line. You can also check each pollutant level manually with the remote, or track them with the app and see them graphed over time. (I’m particularly proud of my NO2.)Besides the graphics, the usefulness of the sensors is that when set to auto the fan adjusts the airflow to fit the amount of pollution.The little display automatically dims in low light, but you can make it even dimmer/go off (depending on amount of ambient light) with night mode, which doesn’t show the air quality graphics and limits auto mode to the lower fan speeds. You can use the app to manually select a higher fan speed in night mode.Another nice feature is that you can reverse the air flow when you don’t want it blowing toward you while the purifying is going on. Seems to work fine, you can hear the baffle shifting position when you switch.Set upEasy. The quick start guide is easy to follow, took less than five minutes to unpack and get going. Setting up the app requires name, email, when you purchased (to start the warranty), wifi password to connect to your wifi, nothing too invasive.Customer serviceThey answered several email questions pretty fast, in under an hour to under a day. They didn’t always give accurate information, though.Using the fan without the filtersThe manual says “If the machine has been used without a filter in place or the filters have not been changed when prompted, blockages may occur.” Then they show how to clean a blockage. If you’re willing to risk it you could probably run it just as a very pricey fan without a filter, or with an improvised screen filter to help prevent blockage.However, the warranty says, “Dyson shall not be liable for … use not in accordance with the Dyson Operating Manual,” which of course specifies use with filters.Other pointsFilters are nonwashable and are expected to be replaced about every six months. The machine lets you know when it’s time to change, and you can check on the app to see a percentage of life left. I don’t see them listed at the Dyson website yet, but that’s normal for a new machine.The electrical cord is almost 78″ including the connectors, so over six feet long. The safety warnings in the manual say an extension cord isn’t recommended (but if you get one that can handle the current I think you’ll be fine).I don’t see any restrictions on how far it needs to be from walls or other objects, so it’s not hard to find a place for.WarrantyTwo years free repairs.Made in Malysia.Purification power detailsThis has a true HEPA particle filter, which is more than plenty fine for most household applications.It also has a carbon filter to remove some kinds of noxious fumes and odors.The Dyson website mysteriously says this fan circulates purified air through “the whole room,” with a note that says, “Tested to Dyson internal method TM-003711 in a 290ft2 room and DTM801.” I can’t find any information on what that means, but it seems to mean Dyson thinks its purification is adequate for a 290-square-foot room.As mentioned above, Dyson doesn’t submit its machines for CADR certification. They’re very sketchy about purifying power in other ways too, so customers are reduced to estimates based on what we do know.One rough way to estimate the purification power of true HEPA filters is their size, since they meet the same HEPA standards per unit of surface area. The HEPA filter in this fan has “60% more HEPA medium” than previous Dyson models, which is encouraging. It’s still a relatively small filter, though.According to my measurements, including counting those pleats on the filters, the surface area of the TP04 HEPA filters total about:10 square feetThat may seem like a lot, but other similarly-priced or cheaper air purifiers (Austin HealthMate Plus Junior, Blueair 405) have 30 and 38.5 square feet.The HEPA filter for a much cheaper purifier rated for a 280-square-foot room (Blueair 205) has 18.5 square feet of HEPA surface area. I doubt 10 square feet will purify to the same level, even with the fan to circulate the air better.For the carbon filter, it has “3x more carbon” than in previous Dyson models. Dyson doesn’t say how much that is, but each of the two carbon filters weighs just over a half pound including the plastic frame, so the total weight of carbon in the two together is at most:1 poundThe comparably-priced purifiers mentioned above have 2.2 and 6.5 pounds.The cheaper purifier rated for 280 square feet has 1.8 pounds.Purification power is also closely tied to the amount of air filtered. Dyson doesn’t say and its customer service won’t tell how much air is filtered. It’s not nearly the air flow mentioned above because of what Dyson calls the Air Multiplier, which seems to mean in simple words that as with other fans the air stream coming from the fan isn’t only air pushed directly by the fan blades but also air that gets sucked along or “entrained” with the pushed air. (For the previous model of this fan, it appeared from tests that only a small portion of the advertised air flow was being filtered.)


  2. Mary

    Loved this “silent” fan for the first 35 days, but on the 36th day I was awoken by a terrible “high pitched” whir that fades in and out every 30 seconds or so. I am nervous about calling customer support from Dyson after reading some other horror stories on here, but if I get a successful resolution, I will update this review. Either way, this should not be the outcome for a $500 fan! Be warned…


  3. Amazon Customer

    Up until about 2 weeks ago, I would have told you that my experience with the Dyson TP04 was positive. I bought the device in early May and despite some wonky controls and the device experiencing a couple “faults” in the middle of the night that caused me to unplug/replug the device, the device was exactly what I wanted: a quiet fan that makes an appreciable difference in the air quality. About two weeks ago, however, all of that started to crumble…CLICKING NOISE – About two weeks ago, the device began to make a fairly loud clicking noise when oscillating through a certain range of motion. This would come and go, but would ultimately get louder and more persistent. The noise was somewhat akin to a water sprinkler “chk-chk-chk” noise. I keep the device in my living room and it was loud enough to hear the fan (at setting 4/10) and over my TV despite being about 8 ft away.WHINING NOISE – About a week ago, the device began making a high-pitched whining noise. This noise is similar to the motor whine of a power drill only much louder. Again, this was loud enough to hear 8 feet away and with my TV on. I also want to stress that the device makes this noise simply by being plugged into the wall, not just when oscillating or being powered on; if it’s plugged into the wall, it’s screaming at me. Not exactly a “set it and forget it” device anymore.DEAD IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS – The device completely failed this morning. Plugged it into the outlet this morning and I was shocked to hear no whining noise. Turns out it wasn’t because my device had miraculously healed itself; nope, the device is completely dead now.NO WARRANTY – I contacted Dyson earlier this week about the whining noise and I got the impression that support immediately was familiar with the issue. However, despite my device showing in warranty on Dyson’s own website; they are refusing to honor it because of the Amazon seller I bought the device through. When I purchased the device, I paid full retail price ($549) and purchased the device “New” from a reputable Amazon seller. According to Dyson, this voids the warranty because the device could have been “improperly stored” prior to my purchase among other arbitrary reasons they think that I am somehow responsible for. They did let me know that they would be happy to charge me to repair their defective product.In summary, great device until it wasn’t. I am deeply disappointed at the quality of the device and even more disappointed that a company like Dyson has such little regard for their consumer. I got about 45 good days out of the device and 15 fair ones before it became a statuesque reminder of the worst purchase I made this year.

    Amazon Customer

  4. Chase

    Do you even know what you’re breathing in? I didn’t. I feel so stupid for not buying this thing much much earlier. I’ve been so knowledgeable about my air quality since I got this air purifier. It lets me know the quality of my air immediately. I literally started buying different brands of candles because it freaking taught me that the candles I was burning before were so bad that it advised me to get the hell out of the room. Something I WOULD OF NEVER KNOWN had I not bought this thing. Now I buy only hand-poured/soy candles that are healthier and cleaner for you and the air. Besides being fancy with my candles, it does SUCH A GOOD JOB of keeping my air clean. No annoying noises. No breakdown. The filters can last more than year. AND its connects to my phone!!! This is the best part!!! I can literally see a graph of my air quality which keeps me constantly updated on how things are going.Just buy this thing, you will not regret it.


  5. Joe

    Have to reset multiple times! The thing turns off on it’s own during the night at times and the scheduling does not work. Fan is loud. And doesn’t blow very hard even at max setting. Very disappointed. FYI- all those reviewers who gave this 5 stars received it for FREE! Look at the reviews of people who actually paid for it for an honest unbiased review. Unbiased reviews of free products are not feasible with high price items like Dyson products.


  6. Max

    I purchased this item to clean up the air in my house due to the large forest fires that we experience on an almost annual basis in Alberta/British Columbia. The product works great. You get 10 speed settings on the fan for cooling or heating. The carbon filter absorbs odors and organic compounds while the HEPA filter takes care of anything else. It also measures you air quality and responds accordingly. The only drawback would be to consider the cost associated with a new filter as they are quite pricey, though they do last a while. The unit effectively removed all smoke issues from the fires, any strong cooking odors and allergens. I purchased through the vendor QRC on Amazon. The item arrived quite late (probably because there was so many other people wanting it for the fires). QRC was excellent. They gave me a little money back due to the delay and made me feel like a valued customer. I’d definitely order from them again.


  7. Shirwan

    Excellent service perfect